Ted Brown

Ted Brown | (626) 429-1661

Ted Brown was elected chair in May 2015 for a two year term.  He has been active in the LP since 1979.  He is an insurance claims adjuster and small business owner who lives in Pasadena with his wife Laura.  They have an adult daughter named Katie.  Ted has recruited Libertarian candidates for many years and has run 15 times himself.  He has also written ballot arguments, and has served as Executive Committee member, newsletter editor, platform chair, county chair, local chair — and previously as state chair in 1988-1989.

Northern Vice-Chairman


Brian Thiemer | (650) 867-3657

Brian lives in Fairfield, CA. He served as an At-Large representative for the LP CA last year. He is currently the chair protem for Solano county LP, and was a candidate for Fairfield City Council in 2014. He writes a column for two local papers.

Brian works as a supply chain analyst for an aerospace company.

Southern Vice-Chairman


Jonathan Jaech | 213-929-2530

Mr. Jaech used to work as a mechanical engineer, but now he works as a patent attorney. He is a father of two, and is stepfather to two. He enjoys gardening and writing about natural law.

Jonathan is also the current chairman of the Central Los Angeles Region and is Treasurer of LPLAC.


Honor Mimi' Robson

Mimi Robson | (562) 746-1885

Honor “Mimi” Robson has been a registered Libertarian for over 3 decades and ran as the Libertarian Candidate for the 33rd District California State Senate in the 2016 General Election.  In that election, with very little time or campaign funds she was able to attract support in her community ultimately garnering almost 50,000 votes.  She is planning on running for State Assembly in 2018 and will continue to grow support over the next two years.

Honor grew up in Southern California and has been a resident of Long Beach for the past 26 years.  She is a Licensed Professional Civil Engineer and has been working at a small Structural Engineering Consulting firm since 1994.  She has been involved with many charitable organizations over the years and has been involved in animal rescue at every level for many years which is one of her passions.  In the past year she has gotten more involved in homeless outreach to help both the people in need and their pets which include getting spay and neuter services for their dogs. 



Gale Morgan | (916) 941-5547

Gale Morgan has served on the LP CA Ex Com as Secretary 2009 – 11, At-Large 2011 – 13 and as Northern Vice-Chair 2013 – 15. Has run the LPC Party office 2013 – present.

SHRA Commission 2008 to present

  • Commission chair 2011
  • Libertarian Party of California Candidate Support Committee, Treasurer (2011 – 2016)
  • LP Sac vice chair 2003- 2013
  • Ran for Congress when Robert Matsui died (2005)
  • Ran for State Assembly; District 9 (2004)
  • Ran for SMUD board (2002)
  • Board Treasurer, Sacramento Senior Citizens Club 2014 to present
  • Board Treasurer, Sacramento Resident Advisory Board
  • Vice President, Participants In Progress (2006 – 2008)

At-Large Members


Boomer Shannon | (909) 641-7675

Boomer Shannon has been a stalwart Libertarian organizer and campaign strategist since 2005. He has been active in the San Bernardino, Los Angeles, and Riverside Counties serving in leadership roles successfully growing membership, encouraging participation and promoting activism. He has also served the Libertarian Party of California on the Executive Committee several times before this as well as Southern Vice Chair from 2011 to 2013.

As a campaign strategist Boomer served in major field leadership roles for TRC 2010, Proposition 19, Regulate Marijuana Like Wine and a number of local initiatives. He is noted as having worked tirelessly for local, state and federal LP Candidates in Southern California, including as Campaign Manager for the several high profile Steve Collett for Congress campaigns.

Boomer is an evangelist for the ALIVE FREE HAPPY style of political activism that specifically promotes the better world the Libertarians philosophy offers, and eschews fear mongering as a statist tactic. Currently Boomer is pursuing a program to establish an activism center to serve Southern California as an education and outreach headquarters in conjunction with his appointment as chair of the California LPs Membership committee.


Jeff Hewitt | (909) 709-9807

Jeff Hewitt is currently on the city council of Calimesa, a city in Riverside County.  Beside serving on the LPC Executive Committee, he also represents California on the Libertarian National Committee.


Eric Vaughnes | (858) 442-5174

Eric Vaughnes was born in Monterey, CA, and has called San Bernardino his home on and off since March 1969. The son of an Air Force brat, Eric himself served a 4-year stint in the United States Air Force as an F-8 & F-16 mechanic on the flight lines of Texas and Arizona. Most of his adult working-life has been immersed in the entertainment industry, first working at the premier record retail outlets in Southern California, then at radio, and finally landing a position in Catalog Development & Promotions at Warner Bros. Records in Burbank, CA. These days he works as an independent contractor, doing Voiceover work for a myriad of companies.

Galvanizing speeches and interactions from the likes of Kevin Takenaga, Nicholas Sarwark, Ray Fostore, Judge Jim Gray and Gary Johnson intrigued Eric tremendously, and he suddenly found himself happily immersed in the party four years ago. Eric currently serves as Vice-Chair for the San Bernardino County LP, and prides himself on being a workhorse for change.


Jason Wu | (626) 262-1553

Jason Wu is a student at Cal Poly Pomona and serves as the Treasurer and College Liaison for the San Bernardino County chapter. He has worked on Steve Collett’s political campaign, the Regulate Marijuana Like Wine initiative, and does tabling and outreach in Los Angeles and San Bernardino County. His goals with the party include member outreach and education.


Dave Bowers | (213) 952-9995

I have run for Congress and City Council in the past. I have always been a Libertarian when registered to vote every since I was eighteen. I am the Secretary of LPLAC and the Chair of Region 65. I am employed as a Business Analyst with over 25 years of experience in the print, copy, and mail management industry. I am married. My wife and I have two sons. One who just graduated from Cal Poly Pomona. The younger one has just finished two Associates degrees, at East LA College, one in Logistics.

alexapplebyAlex Appleby | (209) 730-6696

Alex believes that we can find real, personal, and financial freedom by taking things back to the principled framework that the founding fathers provided for us in the Constitution. Just like the dedicated soldier who enlisted as a minor into the armed forces, Alex would be honored to fight for you in the U.S. Congress. Among others, his platforms biggest push is going to be for reform of the Veteran Affairs system, and to establish a three term limit on incumbents currently occupying Congressional seats.

billhajduBill Hajdu | (510) 999-1303

Bill lives in Berkeley. He’s currently the Vice-Chair for the LP of Alameda County. He’s been an alternate Excom rep and secretary of the Orange County LP, served on the National Platform Committee and chaired the California LP Platform Committee in Los Angeles.

susan_marie_weberSusan Marie Weber | (760) 831-5416

Susan Marie is a member of the Palm Desert City Council. She served as Mayor in 2015.

wendyWendy Hewitt | (909) 709-8519

Jeff and I have been married for 26 years. I have 3 children, 3 step children and 5 grandchildren. I was a medical assistant for a while but I have been a stay at home mom and I help take care of our business Champagne Pools.

I am the secretary for the Riverside County Libertarian Party and am on the Board of Directors for the Calimesa Chamber of Commerce.





baronbrunoBaron Bruno | (424) 465-3225

Baron Bruno was most recently the 2016 Libertarian candidate for State Assembly in the 62nd Assembly District, and he is a resident of Marina del Rey in Los Angeles County. He earned an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management, where he has been asked to serve on several Boards, serving the interests of future international students and alumni around the world. His professional career has included being a bond trader, institutional equity sales-trader, environmental consultant, training & development coach, commercial and residential real estate agent and acquisitions director. His commitment to the communities he serves and philanthropic fundraising have included: Cystic Fibrosis, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Boys & Girls Clubs, and the Scottsdale Active 20/30 Club.





At-Large Alternates

starchildStarchild | (415) 625-FREE

Starchild is a San Francisco-based Libertarian activist and erotic service provider who seeks to put the cause of freedom ahead of narrow organizational interests, and to ensure that the Libertarian Party stays true to that cause by championing strong libertarian principles, with the Non-Aggression Principle front-and-center, and by operating in a transparent and bottom-up manner so that power remains in the hands of grassroots party members.

Gail LightfootGail Lightfoot | (805) 481-3434

Gail Lightfoot, a retired nurse, is a longtime Libertarian activist and recent candidate for U. S. Senate.  She is chair pro tem of the Libertarian Party of San Luis Obispo County and resides in Arroyo Grande.