Libertarian Party of California Program

1. Defend the Guard

Each state maintains a reserve military force of part-time Soldiers and Airmen to serve during emergencies such as natural disasters and riots.  Known as the National Guard, these troops are also used to augment the active duty military when the nation is at war.
Though not having declared war since 1942, the US military has become increasingly engaged in overseas combat operations without clear goals or definitions of success, resulting in several prolonged operations that have cost millions of lives and trillions of dollars.
Since the attacks on New York City, the Pentagon and Flight 93 in 2001, Congress has authorized several unaccountable military operations absent a formal declaration of war that have resulted in the deployment of state National Guard troops to augment combat operations.  Many Guardsmen have served on several deployments in short time spans that have disrupted their families, careers, and lives beyond the reasonable burden of part-time service in conflicts that have objectively produced more risk than benefit to American interests.
By using National Guard forces outside of a formally declared war, Congress is enabling the Executive Branch to engage in prolonged, unsustainable imperial wars that are destabilizing entire geographic regions around the world and further endangering American lives.

The Libertarian Party of California supports:

• Calling on state lawmakers to pass legislation barring the deployment of state National Guard in support of combat operations overseas absent a formal declaration of war from the United States Congress.


• Calling on California’s elected Congress and state representatives, as well as the Governor, to insist that the National Guard troops cannot be deployed without a formal declaration of war or proper use of the War Powers Resolution of 1973.

2. Mandates

The Governor and State of California, along with Local and Federal government agencies, have gone far beyond overstepping their bounds in their intervention into the lives, prosperity, and civil liberties of the people of California.

Privacy, choice, self-ownership and bodily autonomy are fundamental and indisputable rights with universal inheritance.  Dismantling the War on Covid and returning humanity to the residents of California has been one of the greatest challenges facing every neighborhood and every single resident.

While the people of California have moved on, the State of Emergency is still in effect while state and local agencies and bodies continue to abuse their authority and neglect their responsibilities to the people they are supposed to represent.

Elected Libertarians, the Libertarian Party of California, and its Local Affiliates, have and will continue to fight against the remaining discrimination, segregation, coercion, and complete mismanagement of the pandemic by State and County Officials and to stop this dangerous and destructive encroachment from ever happening again.

The Libertarian Party of California:

• Supports Preventing the Children’s Covid Vaccine Mandate

• Supports Preventing Local and State School Indoor/Outdoor Masking Mandates

• Supports Preventing Local and State Vaccine/Testing Mandates

• Supports Initiatives Like Medical Freedom LA to Overturn Mandates

• Advocates Libertarian Principles and Opinions to the Public and the Legislature


3. School Choice

The education of a child is the responsibility of the parents, yet the government monopoly of the education system has attempted to standardize education for all children.  Handing the power of forming the thinking patterns of children to an organization whose pattern to abuse its power does not bode well for the state or local communities to flourish.  Its funding through tax dollars stolen from those communities reduces resources that might be used to create choices for parents, and parallel systems to the current public/government education system.
The responses of school districts to the Covid situation have merely highlighted for parents the fact that not all children learn the same way.  Distance learning coopted the education system during the pandemic, showing parents the often low quality of the education their children are receiving, that it wastes time, and is filled with incorrect, inappropriate, and politically charged information that they don’t want being forced onto their child.
Parents express concerns over where their tax dollars have been going, to produce what they deem inadequate preparation for college or other post-secondary school pursuits.  This has led to a surge in parents pulling their children from government schools and filing Private School Affidavits.
The Libertarian Party of California:
• Supports Families forming individual or group homeschool co-ops
• Supports Families and individuals forming private and charter schools
• Supports Non-Conventional Options in a growing and diverse education market

• Supports School Choice movements, such as The Educational Freedom Act Initiative 


4. COVID Fallout

Response to the pandemic by Governments at all levels have created instability throughout all markets causing inflation, distortion in the housing market, a supply chain crisis, and closure of Small Businesses at a large scale, in favor of connected corporations.  The strictest policies and worst discrimination and segregation have come from City, County, and State Officials, sowing division and destroying livelihoods.
Lockdowns, mandates, and distance learning have been more damaging to the people of California than the pandemic itself, and Elected Libertarians and members of Local Affiliates have and will continue to fight and win against the War on Covid.
The Libertarian Party of California:
• Supports Ending Current, and Preventing Future, Mandates and Lockdowns
• Supports Ending Reckless Emergency Spending and Other Inflationary Policies
• Supports Ending or Relaxing Zoning, Licensing, and Other Harmful Regulations
• Supports Entrepreneurship and the Development of Independent and Competitive Systems


5. Counties, Regions and Municipalities

Just as individual communities drive the culture and body politics of California, County Affiliates are the backbone of the Libertarian Party.  Libertarians in smaller local offices and local ballot initiatives have the most direct impact into the lives and freedoms of California residents.
As the State flexes its stolen powers under the guise of emergency, brave Libertarian County Supervisors, City Council Members, School Board Trustees, and Local Party Members have and will stand strong in defense of their respective constituents and their families, children, and businesses.
The Libertarian Party of California:
• Supports and Promotes County Affiliates and Their Work Towards Liberty
• Supports and Promotes Local and Statewide Candidates Seeking Liberty
• Supports and Promotes Elected Libertarians and Their Fight For Liberty
• Supports and Promotes Local and Statewide Ballot Initiatives Seeking Liberty