Call for Volunteers!

These committees are always looking for volunteers. If you have a passion for liberty and a skill that you feel could be useful to any of the efforts listed below, please consider volunteering.

Bylaws Mandated Committees

Operations Committee

Chairperson – Mimi Robson

Members – Boomer Shannon, K Brent Olsen, Jillian Olsen and Rachel Nyx

Contact Email –

Judicial Committee

Chairperson – David Bowers

Members – Kevin Shaw, Chuck Hamm, Bob Weber, Alicia Mattson, and David Bowers

Contact Email –

Financial Standards Committee

Members – Alicia Mattson, Dawn Brosius, James Aragon

Contact Email –

Bylaws Committee

Chair – Rachel Nyx
Members – John David Ward, Brandon Nelson, James Aragon, Kenneth Brent Olsen

Contact Email –

Platform Committee

Members pending.

Note:  Committee members will be updated as the State receives the appointments from each county.

Contact Email –

Style Committee

Chairperson – Joe Dehn

Members – Matyas Homer, Paul Vallandigham

Contact Email –

Candidate Support Committee

Chair – Mimi Robson

Treasurer – Emily Tilford

Secretary – Jillian Olsen

Members – Tim Ferreira, John Ferrero,  Brandon Nelson and Brent Olsen

Contact Email –

Program Committee

Members – Dawn Brosius, Richard Fast, Mimi Robson, Lance Zimmerman, Jon Prosser

Contact Email –

LPC Created Committees

Affiliate Support Committee

Chair – David Naranjo

Members – Kenneth Brent Olsen, Eduardo Flores, William MacElroy, Brandon Nelson, Jon Prosser, Wendy Hewitt

Contact Email –

Budget Committee

Chairperson – Steven Haug

Members – Wendy Hewitt, Brent Olsen, Jillian Olsen and Kalish Morrow

Contact Email –

Communications and Marketing Committee

Chairperson – Peter Moulds

Members – Marvin Byrd, Justin Emsoff, Elizabeth Stump

Contact Email –

Credentials Committee

Members pending.

Contact Email –

Historical Preservation Committee

Chairperson – Joe Dehn

Members – Gail Lightfoot and Kevin Shaw

Contact Email –

Membership Committee

Chairperson – George Reis

Members – Steve Haug, Kenneth Brent Olsen, David Schrader and Joshua Smith

Contact Email –

Contact Phone – (916) 446-1776×22  

Social Media Committee

Chairperson – Angela McArdle

Members –  John Ferrero, Kai Lawson, Rachel Nyx  and Elizabeth Stump

Contact Email –

Volunteer Committee

Chairperson – Paul Vallandigham

Members – Wendy Hewitt and Kevin Moore

Contact Email –