Call for Volunteers!

These committees are always looking for volunteers. If you have a passion for liberty, a skill that you feel could be useful to any of the efforts listed below, and a willingness to serve, please email the Executive Committee at:

Bylaws Mandated Committees

Operations Committee

Chairperson - Mimi Robson

Members - Chris Edgar, Chris Minoletti, Cheyne Strawn, Adrian F Malagon

Contact Email -

Judicial Committee

Chairperson - David Bowers

Members - Susan Aquino, Loren Dean, Elisheva Levin, and Loren Springer

Alternates - Matt Hartley, Tom Nichols

Contact Email -


Financial Standards Committee

Chair - Jason Regehr

Members - Jennifer Coykendall and Joanna Crombie

Contact Email -

Bylaws Committee

Chair - Jessica Tewksbury

Secretary  - Chris Edgar

Members - Gary Alvstad, Graham Brown, Cheyne Strawn

Contact Email -

Candidate Support Committee

Chair - Mimi Robson

Treasurer - Emily Tilford

Secretary - Theodore Gercken

Members - Matthew Butts, John Ferrero, Wendy Hewitt, Chris Minoletti

Contact Email -


Program Committee

Chair - Zack Kincaid

Secretary - Garrison Ham

Members - Shawn Osborne, Robert Spina, Sunil Chhabra

Contact Email -


LPCA Created Committees

Affiliate Support Committee

Chair - Theodore Gercken

Members - Matthew Butts, Ryan Cathey,  Richard Stafford, Anthony Strauss, Tara Young, Elizabeth Stump

Contact Email -


Awards Committee

Chair - Pending

Members - Matthew Hartwig, Meredith Hays, Victoria Lapacek, Michael Lema, Marybeth Yuskavage

Contact Email -

Budget Committee

Chair - Paul Vallandigham

Members - Kathryn McElroy,  Jason Regehr, Craig Strachen, Adrian F Malagon

Contact Email -


Communications and Media Committee

Chair - Elizabeth Stump,

Members - Garrison Ham, Patrick Nicholson, Rachel Nyx, Viktor Strivastava, Jessica Tewksbury, Gabriel Rajkovic

Contact Emails - and

Convention Committee

Chair - Jia Christopher

Members - Cheyne Strawn, Ben Weir, Adrian F Malagon, Alex Tran

Contact Email -

Credentials Committee

Chair - Pending

Members - Gary Alvstad, Joshua Clark, Loren Dean, Chris Ganiere, Kathryn McElroy

Contact Email -


Historical Preservation Committee

Chair - Joe Dehn

Members - Kathryn McElroy, Patrick Nicholson, Renita Susman, Graham Brown

Contact Email -

Legislative Committee

Chair - Zach Kincaid

Members - David Cassano, Tyler Collins, Meredith Hays, Elishiva Levin, Drew Shorkey, Ben Weir

Membership Committee

Chairs - Mark Hinkle

Members - Matthew Butts, Joshua Clark, Trevor Bodi, Aaron Clark

Contact Email -

Contact Phone - (916) 446-1776x22 

Strategic Planning Committee

Chair - Angela McArdle
Members - Matthew Butts, Adrian F Malagon,  Dave Schrader, Tara Young