Bylaws Mandated Committees

Operations Committee

Chairperson –  Mimi Robson

Members – Kenneth Brent Olsen, Brandon Nelson, Boomer Shannon and Josh Smith

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Judicial Committee

Chairperson – Joe Dehn

Members – Matthew Pautz, Jill Pyeatt, Bob Weber and Susan Marie Weber

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Financial Standards Committee

Chairperson – Tim Ferreira

Members – Susan Aquino and Terry Floyd

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Bylaws Committee

Chairperson –  Brandon Nelson

Members – Rick Dawson, Chuck Hamm, Brent Olsen and Jillian Olsen

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Platform Committee

LPC Coordinator – John David Ward

Members – Richard Fast (Alameda), Trevor Carr (Fresno), Tyler Braaten (Kings), David Ahrens (Placer), Robert Fraas (San Diego), Allen Sherzer (San Francisco), Harland Harrison (San Mateo), Ed Wimmers (Santa Clara), Matyas Homer (Solano),  Jon Prosser (Tulare)

Note:  Committee members will be updated as the State receives the appointments from each county.

Alternates – Joey Joslin (Kings), Jia Christopher (Placer), Mark Hinkle (1st Alternate-Santa Clara), Kennita Watson (2nd Alternate-Santa Clara)

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Style Committee

Chairperson – Joe Dehn

Members – Matyas Homer, Paul Vallandigham

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Candidate Support Committee

Chair – Mimi Robson

Treasurer – Emily Tilford

Secretary – Jillian Olsen

Members – Tim Ferreira, John Ferrero,  Brandon Nelson and Brent Olsen

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Program Committee

Chair –  Pending Election

Members – Rick Dawson, Bruce Dovner, Gail Lightfoot and Jason Quintero

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LPC Created Committees

2020 Convention Oversight Committee

Chairperson – Brent Olsen

Members – Don DeAngelo, Justin Emsoff, Angela McArdle,  O Wesley Martin Jr., Thom Taylor, James Schumacher

Alternate – Joseph DePaul

Contact Email –

Affiliate Support Committee

Chairperson – David Naranjo

Members – Eduardo Flores, Bill MacElroy, Wendy Hewitt, Brandon Nelson, Kenneth Brent Olsen and Jonathan Prosser

Contact Email –

Budget Committee

Chairperson – Steve Haug

Members – Chuck Hamm, Wendy Hewitt, Kristin Marzec and Boomer Shannon

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Communications and Marketing Committee

Chairperson – Peter Moulds

Members – Marvin Byrd, Justin Emsoff, Kalish Morrow, Elizabeth Stump

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Credentials Committee

Chairperson – Not yet elected

Members – Susan Aquino, Matyas Homer, Kristin Marzec, Jillian Olsen

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Historical Preservation Committee

Chairperson – Joe Dehn

Members – Gail Lightfoot, Jonathan Prosser and Kevin Shaw

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Membership Committee

Chairperson – George Reis

Members – Steve Haug, Kenneth Brent Olsen, David Schrader and Joshua Smith

Contact Email –

Contact Phone – (916) 446-1776×22  

Social Media Committee

Chairperson – John Ferrero

Members – Rachel Johnson, Kalish Morrow, Angela McArdle, Justin Quigley, Jason Qunitero and Elizabeth Stump

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Volunteer Committee

Chairperson – Paul Vallandigham

Members – Wendy Hewitt and Kevin Moore

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