LPCA Committee Members

Call for Volunteers!

These committees are always looking for volunteers. If you have a passion for liberty and a skill that you feel could be useful to any of the efforts listed below, please consider volunteering.

Bylaws Mandated Committees

Operations Committee

Chairperson – Adrian F Malagon

Members – Gary Alvstad, Chris Edgar, Trendalyn Hallesy, Elizabeth Stump

Contact Emailopscom@ca.lp.org

Judicial Committee

Chairperson – Mimi Robson

Members – David Bowers, Wendy Hewitt, Christopher Kula, Avens O’Brien

Alternates – Calvin Lu

Contact Emailjudicial@ca.lp.org

Financial Standards Committee

Members – Pending

Contact Emailstandards@ca.lp.org

Bylaws Committee

Members – Gary Alvstad, Trendalyn Hallesy, Greg Tucker

Contact Emailbylaws@ca.lp.org

Candidate Support Committee

Chair –  Adrian F Malagon

Members – Kelly Carden, John Ferrero, Matthew Hartwig, Thomas Nichols, Craig Strachan

Contact Emailcsc@ca.lp.org

Program Committee

Members – Loren Dean, Shawn Osborne

Contact Emailprogram@ca.lp.org

LPC Created Committees

Affiliate Support Committee

Members – Rachel Wilie-Gonzalez

Contact Emailaffiliates@ca.lp.org

Awards Committee

Chair – Pending

Members – Pending

Contact Emailawards@ca.lp.org

Budget Committee

Members – Adrian F Malagon, Kirk Sullivan

Contact Emailbudget@ca.lp.org

Communications and Media Committee

Members – Tim Hopkins, Viktor Srivastava, Elizabeth Stump

Contact Emailscmc@ca.lp.org and media@ca.lp.org

Convention Committee

Chair – Jia Christopher

Members – Chris Minoletti, Cheyne Strawn, Ben Weir

Contact Emailconvention@ca.lp.org

Credentials Committee

Chair – Pending

Members – Pending

Contact Emailcredentials@ca.lp.org

Historical Preservation Committee

Members – Pending

Contact Emailhistorical@ca.lp.org

Legislative Committee

Members – Francisco Alanis, Brian Gonzalez, Craig Strachan, Greg Tucker, Marybeth Yuskavage

Contact Emaillegislative@ca.lp.org

Membership Committee

Members – Pending 

Recruitment Committee

Members – Gary Alvstad, Graham Brown, Aaron Senter

Contact Emailrecruitment@ca.lp.org

Strategic Planning Committee

Members – Carrie Eiler, Michael Forbes, Tim Hopkins, Adrian F Malagon, Greg Tucker

Website & Information Technology Committee

Members – Tyler Collins, Nathaniel Moore