Tom Nichols

At Large Member

Originally influenced by Dr. Ron Paul’s message of personal liberty, limited government, and sound economics/currency, Tom became involved with the Libertarian Party of California due to the government’s response to COVID in 2020. He has been involved with resisting Fresno County’s ban on cannabis cultivation since 2009, has an advocate for the homeless since 2014, and is currently the Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Fresno County. Tom ran as a Libertarian for California State Assembly in 2022, and became a Lifetime Member of the LPCA on February 19, 2023.
A Southern California native, Tom has had a varied career path that includes carpenter, general building contractor, engineer, and project managerial work in Washington, California, Arizona, and Texas. He graduated in 1990 from Cal Poly Pomona with a B.S. in Engineering Technology, and currently works in telecommunications rolling out Internet Protocol Aggregation Gateway switching. In his spare time he works to leave a freer state for his children and grandchildren.

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