Elected Officials

Jeffrey Hewitt

District 5 Riverside County Board of Supervisors

Council Term:  2014 – 2018
Mayor of Calimesa from 2010-2018


Susan Marie Weber

Palm Desert Mayor

City Council since 2012

Council Term:  2016 – 2020

Former Mayor of Palm Desert

Brian Holtz

Purissima Hills Water District Board President


Jonathan D Hall

Tehachapi Cummings Water District Board

Wallace Stewart

Vista Fire Control District Board

Arman Ghorbani

West Los Angeles-Sawtelle Neighborhood Council

Arman Ghorbani is the youngest elected member of the West Los Angeles-Sawtelle Neighborhood Council. He graduated from UCLA in 2013, where he studied Neuroscience while also advocating strongly for personal freedom. While at UCLA, he founded the Bruin Libertarians, which participated in many debates to help introduce libertarian philosophy into the mainstream discussion on campus. Since then, he has gone on to receive a masters degree to focus his career on improving the U.S. healthcare system. Arman has dedicated his time to defending individual liberty and ensuring government remains small and effective.

Scott “Kent” Fowler

Director, Feather River Recreation and Park District

Reelected for a term from 12-7-2018 through 12/2/2022.

Originally elected 2014.

Jack Hickey

Sequoia Healthcare District Board

James Guadagni

Liberty Elementary School Governing Board

John Camera

Van Nuys Neighborhood Council

John Harrington

San Gabriel City Council

John Rajcic

Ramona Unified School District

Kate O Brien

Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District Board

Linda Strom

Lakeside Community Planning District

Phillip Leavitt

Carlotta Community Services District Board

Robert Dickson

Timber Cove Fire Protection District Board

Vern Dahl

Lucia Mar Unified School District Board

Scott Wooden

Del Mar Union School District Board