February 23, 2024 - February 25, 2024
Orange County, CA

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Welcome to the Libertarian Party of California!

The Libertarian Party is powered by people like you, who will never allow corrupt politicians to violate our fundamental rights. Together we will put an end to tyranny. Join us in our mission to restore American freedom.

We’re fighting to expand your liberty in the most oppressive of these United States by growing a network of activists across California to reclaim the promise of freedom in the Golden State.

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    Libertarian Party of California Joins Growing Democracy Reform Coalition

    The Libertarian Party of California has joined ProRep Coalition, a new nonprofit advocating for major electoral reform in...

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    Assault of Civil Liberties Rebuked

    SACRAMENTO, California – The Libertarian Party of California condemns Governor Newsom’s proposal to add a 28th Amendment to...

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    Anti-War Resolution

    SACRAMENTO, California – At the prompting of Santa Clara County central committee member Ed Wimmers, the Libertarian Party...

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    What We Stand For

    Libertarians believe the only purpose of government is the protection of life, liberty, and property. We stand for peace and freedom.

    We come together every two years at national conventions to refine this presentation of our core principles. Every day we strive to integrate these precepts in the United States of America to provide liberty and justice for all.

    To learn more read our National Party Platform and State Party Program to find out what the Libertarian Party of California is fighting for.