Loren Dean

Southern Area Coordinator

Loren B. Dean grew up in Riverside and has always called it his hometown. Being naturally suspicious of established authority, he cast his very first presidential vote for Ross Perot in 1992. From 2005-2019, he lived outside California, discovering libertarianism around 2013 in Oklahoma. He returned to what he calls “the land of my people,” California’s Inland Empire, in late 2019 to remarry and resettle, only to watch in astonished disappointment as California crashed into lockdown hysteria. Primed to get active for freedom, he has done so, and plans, in his own words, “to keep going until they throw me in a camp.” 

Mr. Dean works in the online education space, and holds a M.A. in History from Grand Canyon University. Arguably a compulsive communicator, he contemplates the intersection of life, liberty, and faith at https://lorendean.substack.com/

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