Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Speaking At Libertarian Party of California Annual Convention

RFK Jr. to participate in POTUS Candidate Panel and as Guest Speaker

SACRAMENTO, California, January 9, 2024  – The Libertarian Party of California (LPCA) announced that Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will be a guest speaker at the Libertarian Party of California’s annual convention, and will also be participating in the POTUS Candidate Panel alongside Libertarian Party presidential candidates Dr. Michael Rectenwald and Mike ter Maat. California will be the first Libertarian Party state affiliate in the country to give Libertarian POTUS candidates the opportunity to engage in dialogue with a presidential candidate outside of the Libertarian Party.

The LPCA Annual Presidential Convention will be held between February 23-25, 2024 at The Hilton Costa Mesa, 3050 Bristol St., Costa Mesa, CA 92626.  Mr. Kennedy will be one of many notable speakers at the convention, which will include economist, physicist, legal scholar, author, and anarcho-capitalist theorist Dr. David Friedman, son of the renowned Nobel Prize-winning Dr. Milton Friedman, as well as Libertarian National Committee Chair Angela McArdle, Founder and Chairman of Bring Our Troops Home Dan McKnight, and Black Guns Matter Founder and activist Maj Toure, as well as many others.  

Adrian F Malagon, Chair of the Libertarian Party of California, said, “The legacy parties are too intimidated to give any voices that don’t fit their narrative a platform, which is why the Democrats have cancelled their debates. The Libertarian Party is not afraid of hearing from those with whom we don’t always agree. In fact, Libertarians welcome free-flowing discourse with individuals who hold any number of dissimilar views. As such, we welcome the opportunity to have a conversation with and hear from RFK Jr.” 

Mr. Kennedy will be the featured Saturday Luncheon Guest Speaker.  To attend his speech, purchase the “Single Speaker Lunch (Saturday)” ticket. To attend the candidate discussion panel featuring Mr. Kennedy, Dr. Rectenwald, and Mr. ter Maat purchase the “POTUS Candidate Panel (Saturday Evening)” ticket. All tickets and full packages (including Mr. Kennedy and other guests) are available for purchase on the LPCA Convention website at:

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