Libertarian Party of California 2021 Convention Resolution

Resolution of the Libertarian Party of California, adopted by the membership at the Party’s 2021 Convention

Whereas the WHO, CDC, NIH, FDA, and other unelected bodies and bureaucrats, have major conflicts of interest, have put politics and their own interests above science and common sense, actively opposing existing treatments for disease in favor of delayed, new, expensive, and unproven remedies, and

Whereas the international free market of medical and research professionals, and data analysts rapidly found and developed treatments that have substantially prevented, resolved illness, and wiped out disease in whole countries, without waiting for permission, despite threats and opposition, did so quickly, cheaply, safely, effectively, and without refrigeration, and

Whereas doctors who face sick and dying patients and their families, and are willing to risk their reputation and government licenses to speak and act for their benefit, and based on scientific and observational data, are substantially more aligned with the needs of those they treat:

Therefore be it Resolved that The Libertarian Party of California does hereby applaud and uphold the efforts of frontline critical care professionals and the many volunteer data analysts, teachers, researchers, and study participants, who have, and are, contributing to lives saved, and health restored, and calls upon local, county, and state health authorities, and hospital administrators, to take personal responsibility, and to follow the data, to consult these experienced and knowledgeable professionals, and to ignore advice from dysfunctional and corrupted bodies having conflicts of interest.

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