The Libertarian Party of California plans an aggressive campaign for Hewitt in the Newsom recall election

SACRAMENTO, CA (May 24, 2021) – At the state convention from May 14-16, The Libertarian Party of California endorsed Jeff Hewitt for Governor. A Libertarian and current Riverside County Supervisor, Hewitt brings over 17 years of successful public office experience to his run for governor. Before he became a county supervisor he was the mayor of Calimesa, CA as well as a successful businessman. 

“With my gubernatorial campaign in full swing, we are pulling out all the stops because we know we have an excellent shot at winning this race given the current state of politics in California,” said Hewitt.

Last month, the California Secretary of State’s office confirmed that enough validated signatures had been gathered to force a recall election, which will likely take place in November. You can learn more about Hewitt’s plans for governor in his op-ed.

“Rather than hiding behind a host of top-dollar consultants, I will instead take responsibility for the difficult decisions and confer with experts when necessary,” said Hewitt. “Not only that, my first task upon attaining office would be to restore accountability to the state’s government at all levels by rooting out and eliminating the buck-passing mechanisms that have meticulously cultivated into the state’s policies and procedures.”

Hewitt believes that the Republican party’s attachment to Trump is a liability for them, giving the Libertarian candidate a better chance of garnering conservative votes. Hewitt is also fluent in Spanish, which gives him access to nearly half of all Californians – an advantage that other candidates may not have. Finally, he fought to open businesses and get drive-up church services allowed during the pandemic, winning him points with conservatives and evangelicals alike.

The Jeff Hewitt for California Governor website can be found here:

CONTACT:  Pete Moulds 

Communications and Marketing Committee Chair

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