Brian Holtz

Director, Purissima Hills Water District Board (Los Altos Hills, CA)

Brian Holtz received a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Southern Mississippi Honors College (1987), and an M.S. in Software Engineering from the University of Michigan (1990). Since 1990 he has been a software engineer in Silicon Valley, working at Sun Microsystems, Yahoo, Kabam, and Walmart. He has been principal inventor on seven software patents, three involving computer security. As secretary of the 2008 Libertarian Party Platform Committee, he was the primary author of the current generation of the LP platform. He believes that water pricing should reflect its costs and scarcity, and is the best way to achieve water conservation. He believes that PHWD customers should be free to do whatever they want with the water they buy, as long as they impose no nuisance on their neighbors and no problems on PHWD infrastructure.

Brian’s wife Melisse has an MBA from Stanford and works in portfolio planning at Genentech. They moved to Los Altos Hills in 2006 with their three daughters.

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