Calling Volunteers!
The Libertarian Party of California only works because volunteers step up and get the work done to help the Party advance to achieve its goals!  If you have unique skills that would help advance our Party please complete the application in this link (and upload your resume). Volunteer today to join (or work with) one of the Party’s many Committees (detailed below)!
List of Committees:
Membership Committee – Works to manage the LPC’s programs to promote membership.
Credentials Committee – Works to assist the Secretary in credentialing delegates at the annual Convention.
Candidate Support Committee – Works to raise money to support qualified Libertarian candidates in California and/or support campaign publicity not specifically promoting an individual candidacy.
Historical Preservation Committee – To be responsible for directing the preservation and publication of Party historical documents.
Social Media Committee – To be responsible for managing the creation of original content and maintaining and improving social media reach of Libertarian Party of California social media assets.
Communications and Marketing Committee – To be responsible for developing and promoting official communications from the Party and original content from the Party for use on the website, press releases, and other forms of mass communications.
Awards Committee – To establish awards to be given at the convention, set the manage the nomination process, select the award winners by committee vote, secure the awards, and present the awards at the convention.
Convention Oversight Committee – To plan and manage the Party’s upcoming convention.
Financial Standards Committee – To audit the financial records of the Party for the fiscal year.
Affiliate Support Committee – To be responsible for providing the county affiliates support in growing and developing a sustainable process and also in providing the appointed Chair Pro Teams support in organizing their affiliates, and the Area Coordinators support in finding suitable candidates to be appointed Chair Pro Tem.
State Fair Committee – To assist with organizing and managing the booth at the California State Fair.
Bylaws Committee – To recommend changes in the Bylaws and Convention Rules.
Budget Committee – To adopt a budget by which the operations of the Party shall be bound.

Program Committee – To develop the Party Program.

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