Coupal: Californians readier than ever for solutions to taxation

How to organize a Libertarian protest for tax day this April

Three LP staff members demonstrating a Tax Protest sign waving event outside LP headquarters (color photo)
L-R: LNC staff members Tyler Harris, Mat Thexton, and Jess Mears demonstrating a sign-wave outside LP headquarters (Alexandria, March 29, 2019)

LPC 2019 convention speaker Jon Coupal, president of Sacramento-based Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, had an op-ed published in the Orange County Register on March 31, explaining findings from a recent poll by the Public Policy Institute of California that “‘taxuration’ may have finally arrived in California, if it hasn’t been here already.

Coupal wrote, “The phenomenon of “taxuration” occurs when taxpayers are so saturated with new tax-hike proposals that they start to rebel.” He pointed out that “every day seems to bring a new big tax-hike proposal emanating from the state Capitol,” such as “higher income tax rates, a water tax, a soda tax, sales tax on services and a so-called carbon intensity tax.”

Luckily, April is the perfect time to reach out to these drowning California voters and taxpayers. Building on the success of the LNC’s role as a hub for the national park clean-up effort by Libertarians nationwide during the federal government shutdown, the LNC is once again providing a matchmaking service to help LP affiliates coordinate Libertarian anti-tax demonstrations for the weekend prior to the dreaded April 15 IRS filing deadline. The following is an April 1 article with all the info, from the LP headquarters’ Jess Mears.

Organize a #LPTaxProtest

by Jess Mears

It’s that time of year when my friends send me a text message while filing their taxes, to say, “I’ve had it. I’m joining the Libertarian Party.”

Tax season provides Libertarians with an extra-opportune time to share the benefits of cutting taxes, such as:

  • Putting more money in the family budgets of the people who earned it,
  • Forcing politicians to cut government waste,
  • Creating jobs,
  • People producing more at work, because they have more incentive when they can keep more of what they earn, and
  • Making businesses more profitable, returning more money to shareholders and owners, and making America more prosperous.

LPC tote bag with handles- solid chartreuse with blue LPC logo of lady libery silhouette in circle (color photo)
Carry your tax-day leaflets in an LP California official logo tote bag, available in four colors at the LPC shop.

If you would like to express your indignation at your hard-earned dollars being stolen from you, I  invite you to join local Libertarians all over the country for a tax-weekend “sign wave.”

LP affiliates may be planning an event near you as you are reading this.  Click here to find a #LPTaxProtest near you. You can check back to see if a local event has popped up; you can contact your county affiliate to see if efforts are underway;* or you can become the organizer of a #LPTaxProtest yourself.  Or if you would like to organize a sign wave in your area, visit

Order literature and apparel from either the national LP Store (by April 4 to ensure delivery before tax day), or from the LP California shop.

Libertarians support any initiative to reduce or abolish any tax, and we oppose any increase on any tax for any reason.

I invite you to spread this message by participating in a #LPTaxProtest sign wave.

Jess Mears is membership manager for the Libertarian National Committee.

Read Jon Coupal’s full article at the Orange County Register.

Coupal will be a guest speaker at the LPC annual convention, which kicks off this Friday in Concord. Visit the convention web page at

* At press time, LP San Francisco has signed up to organize a demonstration on Saturday, April 13 at one o’clock at Civic Center, in front of City Hall.