Assault of Civil Liberties Rebuked

SACRAMENTO, California – The Libertarian Party of California condemns Governor Newsom’s proposal to add a 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution for the sole purpose to rescind natural rights embedded in the fabric of our nation and as a foundation of American Liberty. Resolution:

WHEREAS the Libertarian Party of California condemns the addition of any Constitutional Amendment that is designed to infringe on Life and Liberty

WHEREAS the purpose of infringements upon civil liberties are undoubtedly precursors to future oppression and the degradation of human life;

THEREFORE, BE IT NOW RESOLVED THAT the Libertarian Party of California calls for the mass condemnation of Gavin Newsom’s proposed 28th Amendment;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT we support the abolition of all laws that infringe on the individual liberties of peaceful people.

Adrian F Malagon, Chair of the Libertarian Party of California said, “The unrelenting assault on our civil rights by Democrats and Republicans is failing in the courts. Governor Newsom knows that his policies are unconstitutional, so his last resort is to change the law. This is a hallmark of authoritarians leaders.’”

The Libertarian Party of California is a stalwart defender of individual liberty and civil rights. Any attempt to change the legal framework to alter constitutionally mandated rights in order to serve a political agenda is an abhorrent rebuke of popular sovereignty by a body of free citizens.

While we have come to expect that Democrats and Republicans will continue to chip away at your freedom, the Libertarian Party will never compromise on civil rights.

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