Hannah Henriksen

Hannah Henriksen serves as the President of Respect America. By a twist of fate, she joined the liberty movement in 2021 and she hasn’t looked back. Since joining, she has trained with premier organizations in the movement and has been afforded the rare opportunity to meet with groups all over the world who actively fight for the cause of liberty. Through these formative experiences, she’s built a strong network and a deep understanding of what it takes to create measurable change. She’s a strong defender of the Philosophy of Human Respect and firmly believes that people are inherently good… we just need to be reminded of the rules we learned on the playground about how to interact with others.

Hannah has her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Kinesiology from Texas Tech University and her Master of Business Administration in Management from William Jessup University.

Although she was raised in Bakersfield, she now resides in Sacramento, California. In her spare time, she runs with her dogs, reads, and plays video games with her boyfriend, Bradley

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