Matthew Hartwig

At Large Member

Matthew Hartwig discovered libertarian ideas during the 2016 when searching for alternatives to the duopoly, and soon was devouring information from sources such as the Tenth Amendment Center, Ron Paul, Tom Woods, and the Mises Institute. Previously having been registered with ‘No Party Preference’, he joined the Libertarian Party following the 2020 election. He started attending Fresno County affiliate meetings in 2022, and within a couple of months somehow found himself throwing his hat into the ring as Treasurer for the Nichols for Assembly District 8 campaign, followed by becoming Fresno County Treasurer in 2023, and County Chair in 2024. Mr. Hartwig is passionate about Austrian economics and nullification, and one of his greatest dreams is for the San Joaquin Valley to split from California to form the new state of East California.
Mr. Hartwig was born and raised in rural Fresno County where he works as an agricultural Pest Control Adviser, is active in his church, and enjoys gardening as well as playing the piano and organ.

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