Libertarian State Candidates

All of the following candidates were endorsed by the Libertarian Party of California Executive Committee.

Joe Dehn

Congressional District 17

Joe Dehn is a resident of Sunnyvale. He was born in New York, graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, worked in the computer industry, and lived in Connecticut, Oregon, and Colorado before moving to California in 1993.

He has been a member of the Libertarian Party for 35 years and has run for public office several times previously. He served as a member of the Libertarian National Committee for many years, including two terms as National Secretary. He created the Libertarian Party’s web site, the first of any political party, in 1994. He is currently the County Chair for Santa Clara County as well as a member of various committees at the state and national level.

He is running for Congress this year to offer a radically different alternative to the failed policies of the Republicans and Democrats. Under both of those parties the government has grown to monstrous proportions, come to dominate every aspect of American life, and continues to meddle in the affairs of other nations — none of which are good for us as citizens or taxpayers. He proposes the exact opposite platform: drastic cuts in the size of the federal government and taxes; ending U.S. military involvement in disputes between and within other countries, and an end to all the domestic “wars” as well, including the war on drugs, the war on guns, and the war on immigrants.

Outside of politics, his main activities relate to square dancing. He is a caller/instructor for several local clubs, has been named a “Top Ten Caller” several times by the Santa Clara Valley Square Dancers Association, and is active in several committees of CALLERLAB, the International Association of Square Dance Callers. He enjoys dancing all programs of modern square dancing from Basic through C-4, and also volunteers as an officer of several square dance organizations and serves as webmaster for the California Square Dance Council.

Kennita Watson

Assembly District 24

Kennita Watson has been a member of the Libertarian Party since 1982, and has run for public office many times, most prominently for California Secretary of State in 1990. She is currently running for State Assembly, District 24.

Kennita was born and raised in East Cleveland, Ohio. She graduated from Laurel School in 1977 and earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from MIT in 1981. After university, she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, where she currently lives. Kennita earned her Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Stanford in 1989 and has worked at a number of Bay Area firms, including IBM, Informix, and Sun Microsystems – from which she retired in 2003.

Nickolas Wildstar

Fresno City Mayor

Nickolas Wildstar is a human rights activist who has turned his passion for change in the community from being a protesting demonstrator to being a protesting politician. He’s run for Governor of California, twice, gaining traction towards a more liberated and prosperous society each time. Now the resilient freedom fighter is seeking election as City Mayor of Fresno. On March 3, 2020, voters in the city will have the chance to reset the course of their local government by electing Nickolas Wildstar to lead the way back to liberty.

Kalish Morrow

Hanford City Council District B

Kalish Morrow is a former business owner who is a now full time Interior Designer working out of her home while raising her two young homeschooled sons. Her husband is a Weapons Systems Officer in the US Navy and has served 3 combat tours over the course of their marriage.

Before becoming active with the Party, she was on the Hanford Main Street Board of Directors (2015-2018) and founded a 501 (c)3 called Heart of Hanford with the purpose of helping to protect and preserve Hanford’s historic downtown. As a business owner she began advocating for small businesses in her town which steered her to run for Hanford City Council in 2016. Her campaign led her to the then newly established Libertarian Party of Kings County. From there she became their Treasurer in 2017, the Vice Chair in 2018, and is the now current Chair for the LP of Kings County. In the state party, she acquired a spot on the LPC Social Media Committee and was elected as one of the LPC At-Large Representatives during the LPC State Convention in 2019.

This next year marks exciting things as she will be running again for Hanford City Council District B in 2020. She believes that a strong plan moving forward is with a grassroots movement of getting Libertarians elected at local levels as they’re winnable and have a great impact on bringing about change and building the Party’s resume.

Azadeh Weber

Saratoga Union School District Board of Trustees

Azadeh Weber holds a doctorate in clinical psychology. Across 3 years of her clinical training, she served as a counselor for children ages 4-19 within the California public school system. Next, she completed a post-doctoral position, where she assisted with psychiatric evaluations for Workers’ Compensation and Subsequent Injury Benefits Trust Fund applicants. Currently, Azadeh is a consultant for Islamic psychology and the 2020 Chairperson-elect for the Consulting and Industrial/Organizational Psychology division of California Psychological Association. She also has volunteer experience lobbying as a constituent of the California Psychological Association and providing fun clubs for children with terminal illness and their families at Ronald McDonald House at Stanford.

Prior to starting a career as a psychologist, Azadeh worked in a sales capacity for technology companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Bob Karwin

Menifee City Council District 1