California Candidate Updates

By Betz Stump, LPC, September 2020

The Beacon readers met many of our candidates in our May issue. In this issue, we’d like to introduce you to additional candidates that you haven’t met and update you on the ones you met before.


Kalish Morrow: Hanford City Council District B

I am an activist, ran my own downtown business, and am a voice in the community. I listen to my fellow citizens and find ways to make things happen without increasing fees and regulations. The people come first, not the government.

I want to reinvigorate the local economy, preserve Hanford’s historic downtown, see to it that Hidden Valley park remains a park, and protect the livelihood of Hanford’s first responders.

Costly fees and heavy restrictions have hampered the creation and retention of successful businesses and economic growth in our beloved city. During this COVID-19 pandemic small businesses are having an especially difficult time and as we come out of this economic downturn I want to make sure existing businesses and new businesses in Hanford will have the best chances of succeeding.

I am looking for additional volunteers to help with my campaign. More about my campaign can be found at or on Facebook at


Bob Karwin: Menifee City Council District 1

I am running for City Council in Menifee, CA – District 1. I have a Republican challenger, so I would welcome any help I can get dropping flyers at the 13,000 homes of registered voters in the district. If you live near Riverside County, California, and are able to spend an afternoon dropping flyers on doorsteps, it would really increase our chances of winning. Please contact Bob Karwin at


Azadeh Weber: Saratoga Union School Board

My name is Azadeh Weber and I am running for Saratoga Union School Board. So far my campaign has reached around 9,000 people in the SUSD district through canvassing flyers, phone calls, personal letters, and social media ads. This outreach was made possible through honorable volunteers. We still have a few thousand households to reach through canvassing and/or with a direct mailer. 

Please contact me at or 650-722-4900 if you can volunteer time to canvass my district or donate money to help cover the cost of a direct mailer. Also, if you can post a yard sign or refer me to someone who can post a yard sign in the Saratoga Union district that would be an immense help too! Learn more about my campaign: 

Thank you for your time and consideration! 


Michael Noguera: Atwater City Council District 1

“For the People, not government”

I am Michael Noguera, and I am running for the Atwater city council, District 1.  I am a sixteen-year Atwater resident, husband, father of three, and a homeowner.  My children attend elementary school in Atwater as I did.  After graduating from high school, I attended California State University Stanislaus. From there, I went to law school at the University of La Verne College of Law. I became an attorney, and I currently practice in criminal defense.

I want to join the city council to help the members of my community.  If elected, my focus would be on reducing or preventing high taxes on the residents, cutting red tape for businesses, and promoting activities for our youth to participate in to prevent unhealthy or negative life choices. My solution would be to market the city for more businesses to come to our area. More business means more revenue to help pay for services provided by the city, rather than continually seeking to raise taxes on the residents. People are tired of the government wanting to raise taxes on them.   

I would also focus on preserving the downtown area, like other small communities. This would help make the downtown attractive for visitors to stop and shop at the little mom-and-pop stores in our area.  Making sure businesses succeed, leads to the creation of more jobs or preserving existing jobs, which in turn helps our local economy.

Atwater is my home. It is my community. I want to see it thrive.

Ph: 209-683-9824


Kate O’Brien: Director, Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District

I am hereby announcing my intention to run for re-election to the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District Board of Directors in November.

It has been an honor and a privilege to be serving on this Board for as long as I have. Not to mention the fact that you have all re-elected me several times.

There is no question we have had some challenges recently. The Woolsey Fire impacted our District severely; both the fire and the subsequent mudflows. And we were still picking up the pieces from the Woolsey Fire when the pandemic hit us and we had to regroup yet again.  

Even in this demanding environment, however, we continue to improve and provide services to the community:

  • We sold our old facility, and are renovating our new (to us, anyway) Guardian Street building. And we are debt-free, having just paid off the loan on this purchase.
  • We are completing the lagoon renovation in Oak Park, which was seriously impacted by the Woolsey Fire.
  • We are completing the Rancho Santa Susanna Park and have already completed the new skate park in Simi Valley.
  • And we continue to provide maintenance and upgrades on over 50 community and neighborhood parks.

Now, obviously, no one person can take credit for these accomplishments.  We are fortunate to be blessed with highly competent and dedicated staff.  We are an experienced and dedicated Board of Directors that works unusually well together.  We have a supportive, involved constituency who love their parks and their community.

So! I am asking for your support and your vote in November, so that I may continue to serve the community.

Thank you for your time.


James Just: Assembly District 7

Hello, from the James Just campaign! The campaign has been going well up in State Assembly District 7. Due to the shutdowns, James has been using his talents to host regular and short streams throughout the week to keep on top of developing issues and stay in touch with constituents. He has also had the opportunity to speak at a recent event, help some of his constituents with a problem they had, and may be setting up another event soon!

James had the opportunity to speak at the Oakland stop of the Spike Cohen Vice Presidential bus tour last week. The event attracted around 150 attendees. James spoke about the toxic nature of our political system and how Libertarians can lead the way in setting a new example of love and civility in politics by putting people over politics. At a time when it is all too clear that the political class cares more about themselves than the people they are supposed to serve, we have the opportunity to show them that we not only have solutions but that we care about them.

James also had the opportunity to help a constituent recently with some issues they were having with their local water district. After doing some research into the problem and the district, James used one of his streams to discuss the problems they were having. This got back to the General Manager of the district who reached out to James personally to help provide the information the constituents were looking for as well as providing some transparency on how to best navigate the website and submit inquiries moving forward.

As a gig worker himself, James Just knows firsthand the damage that AB-5 has done to many industries and the larger independent contracting force of California. Recently, a group of people from the rideshare industry reached out to him to ask him questions and to see if the campaign would be willing to work with their group to put on a rally in favor of worker freedom. We are hoping to set this up in the next couple of weeks if the air quality improves.

We hope that you are doing well and staying safe! If you would like to join us in campaigning for more liberty, livability, worker freedom, and government accountability and transparency, please like us on Facebook (, visit the website (, and donate to the campaign at (


Jamie Dluzak: State Senate District 9

Headshot of Libertarian Candidate amie Dluzak

Dear fellow Libertarians:

I am a Libertarian, a 3rd party candidate. In the US Congress, Libertarian Justin Amash represents Michigan. The ‘Party of Principle’ is our slogan. The primary Libertarian principle is ‘Do No Harm.’ We emphasize voluntary exchange, free choice. Authorities do not rule, authorities manage rules. I enter politics to ensure your freedom to seek a happy life. 

Do nothing and get stuff is a serpent tale. I know difficulty. As an adult educator, I worked in Berkeley, Oakland, Hayward school districts. Teaching jobs disappeared during the recession, so I studied. I worked in physical jobs. I created a book company. I collaborate with prison writers. I am an entrepreneur in distributing wealth. (

Senators propose and vote on laws – that’s it. I will do extra work: weekly I will communicate the actions of Sacramento, I will lift laypeople to power in city politics, I will shape young leaders, I will walk low-income communities. You will know me. I will know you. I am a safe bet, exciting, and insurance against concentrated police power. I am intelligent. I speak Spanish. I graduated from UC Berkeley. I know a life of work. I know a life of study. I love people. I pray.

I am an environmentalist. I affirm the right to choose. I understand government assistance is necessary today. I will fight for clean and improved streets, public safety, less regulation of small business, housing now.

Post Covid-19 survival requires a safe revolution: Vote Jamie Dluzak!

Check out the website! It is the best Libertarian candidate website out since Vermin Supreme.  Vermin’s was all sauce. Mine has both sauce and beef!


Starchild: California Assembly District 17

As a member of the State Assembly, I would seek to defend for liberty and justice for all, while being more compassionate than the Democrats and more fiscally responsible than the Republicans. My issues and priorities include:

  • Decriminalizing Victimless “Crimes”
  • Fighting Government Greed 
  • Standing Up for Immigrants. 
  • Human Rights in Prison 
  • Defund or Abolish Police
  • Keeping Families Together
  • Legalizing Housing
  • Political Self-Determination for All
  • Guaranteeing Educational Choice. 
  • A Consent-Based Society

About the Candidate

I’m a companion (erotic service provider), pansexual, veg*n, freedom activist and aspiring novelist based in San Francisco, with a BA in journalism from San Francisco State University, 

I generally support the national and state platforms of the Libertarian Party, and will be voting for Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen for president/vice-president in 2020.


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