2020 Karl J. Bray Award Nominations

Dear Libertarian!

The Libertarian Party of California is excited to announce that we will begin giving out awards again starting at the 2020 convention. We will be honoring someone chosen by you, our members, with the Karl J. Bray Award for conspicuous and meritorious activism furthering the goals of the Libertarian Party of California. The 2020 Libertarian Party of California Awards Committee asks you, its membership, to submit nominations for this award. To qualify, nominations must be made in the following format:

1) All nominations must be for individuals who are currently registered to vote as Libertarians and are members in good standing of the Libertarian Party of California.

2) All nominations should include a brief explanation of why the person deserves the award. This explanation should be 250 words or less.

3) Email all nominations to awards@ca.lp.org no later than January 14, 2020.

Once all of the nominations are received, the Awards Committee will send out an survey to the members of the Party using SurveyMonkey allowing them to vote for the nominee of their choice to win this prestigious award. Each member will have one vote. All votes must be submitted by January 21, 2020.

We look forward to seeing you at the convention. Also, please remember to pick up your convention packages now and reserve your room (must be done no later than January 24, 2020)! Make your reservations today at https://ca.lp.org/convention/!