2018 California Libertarian candidates: U.S. Senate

The California Libertarian Activist invites Libertarian candidates in California to provide statements about their candidacy for our members and subscribers. In 2018, the LP of California has one candidate for U.S. Senate, who provides the following statement.*

Derrick Michael Reid

Derrick Michael Reid portrait, wearing dark suit and tie, glasses (black and white photo)
Derrick Michael Reid, 2018 Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate in California

I am a Californian for all Californians, a moderate and a problem solver, seeking to unite multipartisan factions for solving major problems, primarily including immigration, imprisonment, and corruption. Second-class people live in the shadows. Prisons are overpopulated. Political and monetary corruption permeates government functions. With 50 million hungry, 100 million unemployed, and 20 trillion in debt, the two major pandering political machines have failed the nation and have concentrated totalitarian power in D.C.

As an Engineer, Lawyer, and Military, Market, and Geopolitical Analyst, system analysis offers a comprehensive solution set to many problems facing California and the country. Many problems flow from insufficient negative feedback controls. I seek to bring together in compromise opposing factions to find common ground solutions and promote domestic tranquility. Other problems particular to California include indebtedness, poverty, homelessness, taxation, infrastructure, and pollution, which can be addressed in the federal context for solving like problems nationwide. The problems are enumerable and the rancor is undignified.

Economic stagnation is viewed by corporate revenues and labor participation. The prospects of higher interest rates could implode the bond market, and with it, the equity markets and the economy. Integrated solutions are ready when collapse occurs. Congress should have at least one senator who knows how to recover quickly, with a debt jubilee, a monetary reset, and government reforms to restore real money, honest markets, the Constitution, and the Republic for long term prosperity with maximum liberty.

Campaign web site: www.DerrickMReid.com

* Candidate statements have not been edited.