Message from the Chair 9-12-16 – 55 Electors Needed for Johnson/Weld Ticket – Will You Be One Of Them?

The Johnson/Weld ticket is receiving unprecedented levels of media coverage and public interest. I will talk about that in a moment. But right now, we need 55 California Libertarians to sign up to be electors for Johnson and Weld in California.
California has 55 electoral votes. Whichever presidential candidate wins the popular vote in California will receive all 55 electoral votes (out of 538 total). That means that if Libertarian candidate Gov. Gary Johnson carries the Golden State, his 55 electors get to go to Sacramento in December to cast their ballots for the Johnson/Weld ticket.
Would you like to be one of California’s 55 electors? Well, now is the time to put in your request.
We are looking for office holders, party officers, party activists, and party contributors to be our electors. The necessary qualifications are:
· Registered Libertarian voter in California
· Dues-paying member of the Libertarian Party of California
· Pledge to vote for Gary Johnson and Bill Weld in the Electoral College vote
The Libertarian Party of California Executive Committee will soon select the 55 electors. Please send me an e-mail ( if you want to be considered.
We are also suggesting a contribution of $55.00 or more to the Libertarian Party of California to aid state party activities in this busy election season. But, remember that a contribution is not required to be considered as an elector. If you decide to contribute, please send me an e-mail to make a pledge, or go to:


Now for the great news about the Johnson/Weld campaign. This week the ticket qualified in Rhode Island, meaning they are on the ballot in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This hasn’t happened since 1996, and we can be proud of the ballot access efforts of the Libertarian National Committee. Thanks, LNC!
As you probably know, the immediate goal is for Gary Johnson to qualify for the presidential debates. The first debate is on September 26, so Gary’s polling numbers need to get up to the arbitrary figure of 15% set by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) by that date, unless the members have a change of heart.
Regarding debate inclusion, there are so many polls that it’s hard to know which, if any, are accurate. The CPD has chosen 5 polling organizations to use for averaging purposes. So far, those polls put Gary in the 10% range, certainly within striking distance. The campaign has started to run radio ads across the country to boost support.
In fact, Gary Johnson is polling at 15% or more in 15 states. Most people polled want Gary Johnson to be in the debates. The key is for them to tell pollsters that they are supporting Johnson. They can always change their minds after the debate. We have to get to that 15% threshold.
For more information on the Johnson/Weld campaign, go to:

There are also five California Libertarians on the ballot for the state legislature in the November election. They are looking for support as well. Please check them out:
Honor “Mimi” Robson for State Senator, 33rd District (Long Beach area);
Baron Bruno for State Assembly, 62nd District (Venice, Marina del Rey, LAX):
Ken Anton for State Assembly, 2nd District (North Coast):
Donn Coenen for State Assembly, 1st District (rural northeast California):
Mike Everling for State Assembly, 51st District (parts of Los Angeles);
To join the Libertarian Party of California as a dues-paying member, please go to:


For liberty,
Ted Brown
Chair, Libertarian Party of California