California State Memberships Rise

As of the end of January, our statewide count of central committee members has reached 1,175 which is most likely a record for the past decade! That’s up 12% from a year earlier, and 23% from two years ago.

The graph to the left shows membership growth since 2017. The darker blue line represents central committee members (CCM).

Central committee members are registered Libertarians who are current with payment of their minimum $25.00 annual membership dues. Technically, there are several other ways for an individual to be a central committee member, but this isn’t important for our discussion here. The green line represents all contributors (donors) including individuals who are not registered Libertarians. The difference is that the CCM count includes only people who signed the LP non-aggression principle and who are not registered with another party.
The lighter blue line shows the number of dues-paying national members who are registered Libertarians in California. This has also been trending upward over the past couple of years. Note that while in California state and county membership are combined – a single dues payment qualifies you for both – national LP membership is separate.

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