2021 LPC Convention

2021 LPC Convention

May 14-16, 2021

Visalia Marriott at the Convention Center

300 South Court Visalia, California 93291

The 2021 convention is approaching faster than you think! The Libertarian Party of California Convention will be held on May 14-16, 2021 at the Visalia Marriott at the Convention Center. Book your room and purchase tickets now to guarantee your spot at this year’s event!

Note: Please note the new dates and location of the 2021 convention. The original date and location have changed due to the uncertainty and government restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Call for Volunteers

We need passionate, dependable volunteers to make our convention a success. If you’re able to help in any way, please use this form and a member of the convention planning committee will reach out to you.


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Never has the opportunity to spread the Libertarian message been so powerful. Now is the perfect time to get involved.


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Discover Libertarian principles and strategies for the most urgent political topics.


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Connect with other Libertarians who share your viewpoint. Make new friends, or collaborate on making a difference!



Date May 14-16, 2021

Visalia Marriott at the Convention Center Discounted rates starting at $119/night

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There is free on-premises parking for anyone staying at the hotel, as well as free parking across from the convention center. For attendees not staying at the hotel, parking is $7.

Location 48.3 miles from Fresno Air Terminal View Map
Table Reservations Tables will be available for purchase for organizations, groups, and candidates. For further information on purchasing a table at the convention, please send an email to vicechair@ca.lp.org.
Contact convention@ca.lp.org
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Spike Cohen
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Our host hotel this year is the Visalia Marriott at the Convention Center

  • Discounted rates starting at $119/night
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We’d like to give our greatest thanks to the following individuals and groups that have sponsored this year’s convention


Judge Gray


Chris Rufer


Spanning three days and covering dozens of exciting topics, our speakers will keep you engaged, educated, and inspired. This schedule is tentative and is subject to change. Speakers will be added to the schedule once it’s been finalized.
Jo Jorgensen

Jo Jorgensen

2020 Lookback for a Better 2024

Bold, fearless, and gracious. That’s Dr. Jo Jorgensen. Through stories and patient explanation, she makes the case for why Libertarian solutions are the cure for what ails America.

Jo Jorgensen has the skills, drive, and experience to bring the messages of economic prosperity, health freedom, peace, and meaningful criminal justice reform to elections.

The 2020 Campaign had the 2nd highest vote totals and percentages in our party’s history, all without watering down or hiding a single one of our party policy positions or platform planks. And that was done while spending money wisely, spending less per vote than any other presidential campaign since 1980, the first year we were on the ballot in all 50 states.

Jo Jorgensen is dedicated to continuing the work to make individual freedom in America a major issue in every election. Please join us in helping her make it happen!

Spike Cohen

Spike Cohen

How to Build a Culture of Winning

Spike Cohen is a business owner and activist, the host of My Fellow Americans and the Muddied Waters of Freedom, and the 2020 Libertarian candidate for Vice President.

Spike loves this Party and this movement, and he is using his 20+ years of experience in leadership and communication to build a Culture of Winning in the LP. He is working with state and local LP affiliates to grow our party at the grassroots level, so that we can win elections, topple the Republicrats and put the power back in the hands of the people.

Joe Bishop-Henchman

Joe Bishop-Henchman

Respect, Action, Win, Repeat

Joe Bishop-Henchman was elected the 20th Chair of the Libertarian National Committee in July 2020, after serving as an at-large member of the National Committee and Chair of the DC Libertarian Party. He is a lawyer and policy analyst who has lived in Washington, DC after moving from California in 2004, and is Vice President of Tax Policy & Litigation at the National Taxpayers Union Foundation. He has testified in 36 states and his work has been cited in hundreds of media interviews and twice by the U.S. Supreme Court. He previously worked at a large law firm, as a non-profit executive, and many years earlier, as an assistant at a daycare center for 2- and 3-year-olds. He lives in northeast Washington with his husband Ethan and their dog Magic.
Apollo Pazell

Apollo Pazell

Apollo Pazell is a political consultant working with the Libertarian National Committee. Apollo is a former City Councilor and served on the Unified Police Department board in Salt Lake County. Starting his career at a young age, Apollo has worked on dozens of successful political campaigns at all levels of American politics and in three political parties. Apollo is currently the only political consultant, and possibly the first, to have run campaigns that elected Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians to state legislatures. In 2017 Apollo founded the Libertarian Frontier Project focusing on utilizing limited resources in the most effective ways. In 2018 this project was tested and resulted in five record-breaking campaigns that launched the political careers of three current officeholders and nearly knocked the Republican Majority Leader out of office with Bethany Baldes coming within 53 votes of unseating him. In 2020 Apollo made history with the Libertarian Party again by electing Representative Marshall Burt to the Wyoming State Legislature.
Marshall Burt

Marshall Burt

Legislating as a Libertarian

My name is Marshall Burt, and I was elected to represent Green River and Rock Springs in the Wyoming House of Representatives. I am driven by a sense of service to my wife and children, to my country, and my community, and I am committed to bringing that dedication to Cheyenne. I was born in Minnesota, where my parents taught me the value of service, work ethic, and respect for others, principles that I carry with me today.

Francisco Ramirez

Francisco Ramirez was born and raised in Hanford, California, where he resides with his wife of 20 years and their two daughters. In December 2019, he was elected vice mayor and currently serves as Mayor. Aside from his role in city council, Francisco has been a Business Consultant and Marketer for 15+ years, working to help businesses in the Hanford and surrounding areas. In addition, he is an active motivational speaker, and creator of the anti-bullying seminar, “ The Invisible Kid; Courage to Succeed, and Level Up, a seminar about life and business. Starting as a young adult, Francisco has had special interest in community involvement and leadership, In that part, he has devoted countless hours to his community throughout the years, because he believes we should all work together to create a quality environment for safer neighborhoods . Furthermore, he plans to focus on bringing more emphasis on engaging our children, and also the elderly that have been lacking attention for decades.

Dr. K. Brent Olsen

Dr. Olsen became a Libertarian in 1996, the same year he ran for Salt Lake County Commissioner as a Libertarian. While he is a licensed clinical psychologist, his real passion lies in politics. He organized the Libertarian Party of Kings County in 2016 and was elected Northern Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of California in 2017. He has also served on the LNC. He currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of California and the Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Kings County. He was the Campaign Manager for Kalish Morrow for Hanford City Council District B in 2020, running a successful winning campaign. He is currently the Campaign Manager for Cheyne Strawn for Hanford City Council District E 2022 and Francisco Ramirez for Hanford City Council District D 2022.
Wendy Hewitt headshot

Wendy Hewitt

I’m a recently elected City Council women for the City of Calimesa. I have been the Southern Area Coordinator for the Libertarian Party of California for the past 2 years. I have also been involved with my local County affiliate. I have sat on the Board of Directors with the Calimesa Chamber of Commerce for 5 years and have been very involved with my local community. I have been married to Jeff Hewitt for 30 years and we have raised 6 children together. My husband and myself are proud to call ourselves Libertarians.
Bob Karwin Headshot

Bob Karwin

Bob Karwin is a practicing trial attorney who was recently elected to the City Council in Menifee, California (pop. 105,000). In 2008, he made national news when he was asked by the LP to draft and file a federal court injunction against a Presidential Forum at California’s Saddleback Church, which excluded LP candidate, Bob Barr. Learn more.

Prior to his election to City Council, Bob served as a Planning Commissioner in Menifee for 5 years. To those who don’t care about politics, he is known at the “Voice of the Wildcats” when he is behind the public address microphone for Paloma Valley High School football games.

Kalish Morrow Headshot

Kalish Morrow

Kalish Morrow is the newly elected City Councilwoman in Hanford, CA for District B. Her win inspired the Mayor of Hanford and a Hanford Parks and Rec Commissioner to reregister to the Libertarian Party and become dues paying, active members of Kings County.

She is a former business owner who is now working part time with a Political Consulting company while raising her two young homeschooled sons. Her husband is a Weapons Systems Officer in the US Navy and has served 3 combat tours over the course of their marriage.

She began serving in her community shortly after opening her boutique, The Soaking Tub in Downtown Hanford, when she was elected to serve on the Board of Directors with Main Street Hanford (2015-2018), she co-founded a 501(c)3 called Heart of Hanford with the purpose of helping to protect and preserve Hanford’s historic downtown. Her leadership experience includes serving as Chair of the LP of Kings County where she has organized different events in and around her city. She also serves on the Executive Committee for the Libertarian Party of California as an At-Large Representative. As a business owner she began advocating for small businesses in her town which steered her to be an activist leader and her recently winning her seat on City Council

 Council Member Nils Nehrenheim

Nils Nehrenheim

Redondo Beach District 1 Council Member Nils Nehrenheim was sworn into office on June 6, 2017 for his first term, and re-elected in March for a second term through March of 2025. Nehrenheim’s public activism within community groups he both founded and participated in, focusing on land-use, resonates resoundingly with the voting Redondo Beach majority. As an activist, Nehrenheim co-wrote a citizen’s initiative for zoning in King Harbor, Redondo Beach, that qualified as a ballot measure and won by an overwhelming margin in March 2017. That measure was certified by the California Coastal Commission, without any changes, a first in California history! True to his word, Nehrenheim continues to bring change and much-needed reform as an elected official. He has staunchly advocated for increased transparency within City government across all disciplines, including but not limited to financial, managerial and process improvement. And most notably, he has successfully defended a personal lawsuit inflicted by developer-funded, court labeled “shills,” setting California election law precedence. That he runs an Internet-host company and is a County Lifeguard adds to his well-rounded expertise and effectiveness in serving his City and constituents.
Larry Sharpe headshot

Larry Sharpe

Larry Sharpe is an American business consultant and political activist. He was a Libertarian candidate for Vice President in 2016. He is founder and Managing Director at NeoSage. He ran for Governor of New York state in 2018.
Mike Sertic headshot

Mike Sertic

Mike Sertic is President of the Advocates for Self-Government, home of the famous World’s Smallest Political Quiz and Operation Politically Homeless, one of the libertarian movement’s most effective outreach and recruiting resources.

While earning a BA in economics at CSU, Sacramento, he was introduced to libertarianism and Austrian economics. Inspired by these ideas, he formed a Students for Liberty club on campus to bring libertarian students together. The Advocates provided Quiz cards and the Operation Politically Homeless, which he used to recruit numerous libertarians to the club.

Before joining The Advocates in 2017, he worked at The Morning Star Company’s Self-Management Institute, which effectively took principles of self-government and applied them within business organizations. He also works with the Foundation for Harmony and Prosperity, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting a social philosophy based on Human Respect and voluntary relationships.

Mike is a native of Sacramento now living in rural Placer County, CA. In addition to advocating for self-government, he enjoys spending time with his Australian cattle dog, DIY projects, and studying cryptocurrencies and their potential for decentralized finance and a more libertarian world.

Ken Moellman headshot

Ken Moellman

Ken Moellman is an IT Professional who currently serves as the National Vice-Chair. Having officially joined the party in 1999, and becoming active in 2006, Ken has served the party at multiple levels and in many capacities; as a leader, campaign manager, candidate, and member. His focus is primarily operational efficiency and party growth. A father of three and married to his wife Jaime for over 25 years, he lives in Kentucky with his wife and two younger children.


Early registration is open from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm for pre-registered attendees to obtain badges, meals packages and ask questions.

Private, ticked pre-reception begins at 6:00 pm

General Reception from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm




Continental Breakfast will be served from 7:00 am to 9:00 am for attendees that purchased Basic, Platinum or Premium Packages
    Ballroom Granite Or Luncheon Room Mt. Whitney
8:00 AM -9:00 AM Keynote – Marshall Burt    
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Business    
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM   Luncheon – Jo Jorgensen  
1:30 PM – 4:00 PM Business    
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM     Affiliate Support Committee Event
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM     Campaign Training Panel
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM     Elected Officials Panel
7:00 PM – 10:00 PM   Dinner Gala – Apollo Pazell, Joe Bishop-Henchman, Marshall Burt, Spike Cohen, Jo Jorgensen  


Continental Breakfast will be served from 7:00 am to 9:00 am for attendees that purchased Basic, Platinum or Premium Packages
Sunday 2/16/2020 Ballroom Granite Mt. Whitney
8:00 AM – 9:00 AM Keynote – Joe Bishop-Henchman    
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Business    
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM   Luncheon – Spike Cohen  
1:30 PM – 5:00 PM Business    
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM   Executive Committee Meeting  

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