Message from the Chair 2020 Bylaws Committee Report

The Libertarian Party of California’s Bylaws have completed their work for proposals that will be made at the 2020 Convention in Los Angeles over the President’s Day weekend, February 14-17, 2020. Per the Bylaws the report is required to be completed 70 days prior to the convention and posted to the State’s website 60 days prior to the convention. You can view the completed report at

Any State Central Committee member, in good standing, may also submit Bylaw Amendment proposals with advanced notice, and those proposals would require the same vote threshold requirements as those submitted as part of the Bylaws Committee’s report. Proposals from State Central Committee members can be made from the convention floor following the conclusion of the Bylaws Committee Report if time permits.

If you would like to submit proposals they are required to be posted to the State’s website 60 days prior to the convention, so all submissions received by both the State Chair and Secretary no later than December 15, 2019 will be posted on December 16, 2019 and will meet the advanced notice provision. Please email these proposals to and

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly via email.