Camaraderie, Conversation, and Contention

Libertarian Party of California: Convention 2023

By Zack Kincaid


Another convention has come and gone, and though I sit here typing a little more than twenty-four hours since its conclusion, I can't help but echo the sentiment of one of my fellow Libertarians: "it feels like the convention was several months or lifetimes ago." In my experience over the last few cycles however, while we gather it's as though no time has passed. Our friends and colleagues from email, Zoom, and social media are all eager to embrace or shake hands and share their journeys and stories, celebrate each other's victories, and learn from each other's mistakes.

It wouldn't be a Libertarian convention without controversy, almost always in the form of some awkward and obsessive adherence to parliamentary procedure (there's a reason it's called the cult of RONR), and Sacramento did not disappoint. The venue was found to be unsuitable and under construction and, though a replacement was procured, the change came less than one hundred and twenty days prior, so it was decided that calling the meeting to order in the original location and adjourning to the new venue would satisfy our bylaw requirements. In what can only be described as a miracle, in a room packed full of argumentative individuals engaged in a standoff, the Libertarians of California were able to act normal and allow the process to take less than one minute.

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New LPCA State Bylaws & 2023 Convention Minutes
By Chris Edgar, LPCA Secretary

I have posted the LPCA Bylaws and Convention Rules as amended at the 2023 Convention on the LPCA web site.

The link to this document can be found here:

The 2023 LPCA State Convention Meeting Minutes can be found at this link: 

Kelly Carden, Rosamond Municipal Advisory Council

Congratulations to Kelly Carden, of Libertarian Party of Kern County, who was sworn in January 19, 2023, as Director, Rosamond Municipal Advisory Council, is the alternate rep for the East Kern Economic Council and will be given 2 full time regional seat, plus elected Secretary.

Kelly Carden is featured in the green plaid shirt.

Tara Young, Planning Commissioner, City of Norco

As Libertarians active in a political organization, one of our main goals is to get more people in elected seats or in city appointed commissions. We have had some successes along the way, but we need to look at ways that we can increase our odds of getting into local positions so that we work smarter and not harder.

On January 14 of 2023, I was appointed by my city council to be the next planning commissioner for the City of Norco. This came as a huge shock to me, not because I doubted my strengths and talents, but because I was interviewing along with some incredibly experienced people who were well known in my community. I went in with the attitude that I would give it my best, and regardless of the outcome, I would continue to serve the community I live in with love. During my interview I felt calm and relaxed, and though all eyes in the room were on me, I felt like I was talking amongst friends.

So how does one go up against other extremely qualified candidates and still get the job?


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Committee Elections

By Elizabeth Stump


At the April 1st, 2023 LPCA First Quarter Executive Committee meeting, held in San Diego, as part of the agenda, new people were elected to various Committees.  No one has legacy seats, and everyone who was previously on a committee had to reapply if they wished to continue being on a particular committee. 

Some of the Committees still have vacancies.  If you still wish to apply for a vacancy, send an informal resume, stating your experience and/or reason why you would make a good candidate for the Committee you are applying for to: 



Affiliate Support Committee (ASC): 2 vacancies remain open

  • Northern Area Coordinator: Ms. Elizabeth Stump
  • Central Area Coordinator: Mr. Matthew Butts
  • Southern Area Coordinator: Mr. Garrison Ham
  • Mr. Adrian F Malagon
  • Dr. Kathryn McElroy

Budget Committee

  • Treasurer: Mr. Jason Regehr
  • Ms. Trendalyn Hallesy
  • Mr. Matthew Hartwig
  • Mr. Adrian F Malafon
  • Dr. Kathryn McElroy

Bylaws Committee: 1 vacancy remains open

  • Mr. Gary Alvstad
  • Mr. Graham Brown
  • Mr. Chris Edgar
  • Ms. Trendayln Hallesy

Candidate Support Committee (CSC)

  • Chair: Mr. Adrian F Malagon
  • Treasurer - not appointed yet by Chair at the deadline of publication of this newsletter
  • Mr. Alberto Alvarez
  • Mr. Matthew Butts
  • Mr. Tom Nicols
  • Mr. Craig Strachan

Communications & Media Committee (CMC): 2 vacancies remain open

  • Mr. Alberto Alvarez
  • Ms. Carrier Eiler
  • Mr. Patrick Nicholson
  • Mr. Viktor Srivastava: elected CMC Vice Chair during April 4th meeting
  • Ms. Elizabeth Stump: elected CMC Chair during April 4th meeting

Financial Standards Committee (FSC)

  • Vice Chair: Mr. Gary Alvstad
  • Ms. Trendalyn Hallesy
  • Mr. Kirk Sullivan

Historical Preservation Committee (HPC): 1 vacancy remains open

  • Mr. Graham Brown
  • Mr. Joe Dehn
  • Ms. Gail Lightfoot
  • Mr. Patrick Nicholson

Legislative Committee: 3 vacancies remain open

  • Mr. Alberto Alvarez
  • Ms. Carrie Eiler
  • Ms. Meredith Hays
  • Mr. Zack Kincaid

Membership Committee

  • Chair: Mr. Adrian F Malagon
  • Northern Area Coordinator: Ms. Elizabeth Stump
  • Central Area Coordinator: Mr. Matthew Butts
  • Southern Area Coordinator: Mr. Garrison Ham
  • Mx. Alex Bielanski
  • Mr. Mark Hinkle
  • Mr. Kyle Thom
  • Mr. Alex Trujillo

Program Committee: 1 vacancy remains open

  • Mr. Marc Joffe
  • Mr. Zach Kincaid
  • Mr. Shawn Osborne
  • Dr. Marybeth Yuskavage

Recruitment Committee new committee: 2 vacancies remain open

  • Chair: Mr. Adrian F Malagon
  • Mr. Gary Alvstad
  • Mr. Graham Brown
  • Mr. Chris Kula
  • Mr. Kyle Thom

Strategic Planning Committee (SPC): 2 vacancies remain open

  • Mr. Graham Brown
  • Mr. John Due
  • Ms. Carrie Eiler

Website & Information Technology Committee (WITCom) new committee: 3 vacancies remain open

  • Mr. Theodore Gercken
  • Mr. Sunil Chhabra
Recent County Organization Elections
Here are the county organizations that have had their Executive Committee elections since the January issue of The Beacon, with date of election listed.  If your county organization has an election coming up, please be sure to notify your county membership and the LPCA Secretary, Chris Edgar,, at least 30 days in advance of the election, per state bylaws.  After your election, please be sure to inform your Regional Area Coordinator and State Secretary, Mr. Edgar, of the election results.

L-to-R: Wendy Hewitt, Matt Gunnell, Loren Dean, Josh Clark. Tara Young not included.

Riverside County: January 14, 2023

Chair: Loren Dean
Vice Chair: Matt Gunnell
Vice Chair: Tara Young
Treasurer: Joshua Clark
Secretary: Wendy Hewitt


San Bernadino County: January 14, 2023

Chair: Shane Kiss 
Vice Chair: Jason Brown 
Treasurer: Kirk Sullivan II
Secretary: Luis Avilez 
At-Large: Michael Lua

Santa Clara County: January 14, 2023

Chair: Joe Dehn

Vice Chair: Mark Hinkle
Secretary: Katie Hingle
Treasurer: Alan Kaiser
Activities Chair: Bob Goodwyn
Campaigns Chair: Brian Holtz
Fundraising Chair: Mary Gingell
Membership Chair: Sal Robles
Newsletter Chair: Joe Dehn
Publicity Chair: Elizabeth Brierly
(This set of officers also makes up our Executive Committee.)

The following were elected to serve as the county Judicial Committee:
Jim Bertonis
John Inks
Bill White

San Francisco County: January 14, 2023

Chair: Starchild 
Vice Chair: vacant
Secretary: Jay Anthony
Treasurer: Chris Mendes

Santa Cruz County: January 17, 2023

Chair: Mr. Paul Lazaga
Vice Chair: Ms. Kathleen Purcell
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Mr. James Keeler

Tulare County: January 20, 2023

Chair: Paige Hawkins
Vice Chair/Treasurer: Julian Sprague
Secretary: Ahmed Bahar

Ventura County: January 26, 2023

Chair: Craig Strachan
Vice-chair: Austin Jackson
Secretary: Emma Schwartz
Treasurer: Susan Aquino

Kern County: January 28, 2023

Chair: Rickey Bird.

Vice Chair: Anthony Strauss. 

Secretary: Arik Haydn. 

Treasurer: Anthony Strauss. 

Member-At-Large: Teri Kahn. 

Solano County: February 21, 2023

Chair: Robert Demadura
Vice Chair/Secretary: Kai Lawson 
Treasurer: Kirsten Steen 
At-Large: Jason Quintero

Left photo: L to R: Michael Lua(At-Large), Kirk Sullivan II(Treasurer), Jason Brown Sr.(Vice Chair), Shane Kiss(Chair), Luis Avilez(Secretary)

Top middle photo: L to R: Paige Hawkins, Julian Sprague

Top right photo: Ahmed Bahar

Lower right photo: L to R: Kai Lawson, Jason Quintero, Kristen Steen, Robert Demadura

2024 LPCA State Convention Location Bids
The LPCA Executive Committee will be reviewing bids for locations for the 2024 LPCA State Convention during an online Zoom meeting in May, exact date to be determined later, at the time of publication of this newsletter.  

Locations for the 2024 event should be conveniently close to a major airport, as this is a presidential election year and candidates for the Presidential and Vice Presidential ticket will be flying in from all over.  Ideal dates for best pricing would be in early February, instead of the usual President’s Day Weekend.  Consider that in 2024, since it is a presidential election year, attendance will be higher in the 175-225 range, as listed in item #6 below.

Below is included a checklist of requirements of the hotel, should you seek to get a quote for a bid.  You may email your bids to by April 28th, 2023.


Convention Venue Recommendations

1. A contract for 40-50 rooms per night (90-100 total for a 2-day convention, 120-150 total for a 3-day convention) with attrition of no more than 80% and a special room rate. We should also include in the contract that shoulder dates (i.e., a day before or after Convention) will be offered at the same rate and will count toward our room/night minimum. The cost to the membership isn’t a concern as long as the room quality reflects the cost.

2. The inclusion of parking at no additional cost (or a reduced cost if the former isn’t possible).

3. For a 2-day Convention a food and beverage minimum contract of $14,000, but no more than $16,000, and for a 3-day event no more than $20,000. (This should include revenue from any cash bars.)

4. An ask that the meeting room rental be waived. (This is more likely if we have a higher than usual food and beverage minimum, or there are extenuating circumstances like venue renovations or construction).

5. Free wi-fi connections and a free (or discounted) 10mb internet hardwire to make live-streaming more reliable, otherwise wi-fi will suffice.

6. For meeting space (business), 150 - 200 classroom seating (a space of about 4,500 square feet). Larger Conventions, about 175 -225 (a space of 5,500 to 6,000 square feet).

7. A space for the Friday Night Reception that can hold around 100 people (minimum)with lounge space, 8 or so high cocktail tables and a cash bar.

8. A meal room for breakfasts and lunches that can hold around 100 people, plus a buffet layout, and speaker accommodations.

9. An additional speaker room (if necessary) with theater seating that can hold between 50-75.

10. A space for the Saturday Night Gala for a plated dinner, with rounds of 8 for between 80 - 100 people. Room for a cash bar is also necessary.

11. We stipulate that the Party provides its own A/V with no additional hotel fees. (Assuming James Schumacher’s services, or another third-party vendor’s services are used.)

Get Ready to Run for Partisan Office in 2024!
By Joe Dehn

Did you join the Libertarian Party because you want to see libertarian principles clearly represented in the political arena?

Do you support "bold messaging" on issues like ending the welfare state, ending the war on drugs, moving education and health care from government control and funding to the free market, liberating our economy from the twin burdens of high taxation and government control of money, and stopping the endless cycle of foreign intervention and war?

If so, you should give very serious consideration to being a candidate for partisan office next year.


Partisan vs. Non-Partisan Offices – The Basics

In this article, the term "partisan office" refers to an office where candidates run with a party label, such as "Democrat" or "Libertarian". It often comes as a surprise to people new to politics, especially those who grew up in other states, that there are very few offices in California where you can actually run "as a Libertarian", because in many other states many more positions are elected on a partisan basis. So we often hear mention in the national media of situations like a Republican challenging a Democrat for mayor of a city like New York.

But not here in California. The only offices in California where you can run "as a Libertarian" are Congress (Senate and House), the state legislature (Senate and Assembly), statewide offices like Governor, and the state Board of Equalization. That's it. You can't run for school board as a Libertarian. You can't run for mayor as a Libertarian. You can't even run for county supervisor as a Libertarian.

Every office in California at the county level and below – including city offices, school boards, and the directors of special districts like those concerned with water or parks – is "non-partisan". Even though most candidates for such offices are registered with a political party, California election law does not allow them to have that party affiliation listed on the ballot, or even mention it in their statement in the official voter guide.

Click here to read the full article.

Rage Against the War Machine Wrap-Up
By Rob Yates - Communications Director, Libertarian Party of North Carolina


This February, the Libertarian Party organized the "Rage Against the War Machine Rally" in Washington D.C. Hundreds of people gathered at the National Mall to protest the government's endless wars and military interventions overseas.

I attended the "Rage Against the War Machine Rally," and I am sharing my experience hoping to inspire increased activism against the war machine and the military industrial complex from coast-to-coast.

The rally opened on the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial, with Lincoln’s 19 foot marble statue the backdrop, and the Reflecting Pool the centerpiece for the audience facing the stage, as the Washington Monument towered in the distance. D.C. is a beautiful city, a shiny veneer covering the corruption it hides within, and the blustery wind of the late-winter weather formed a stark contrast with the energy of the audience who gathered for the speakers before marching to the White House.

The list of speakers was a venerable who’s who of activists from across the political spectrum, all fighting to end the incredible death, destruction, and suffering that is an inevitable consequence of military conflict between nations. Among the notables who took the podium were Jimmy Dore, Scott Horton, Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney, and Roger Waters (on video).

As speakers took to the stage, the crowd listened with rapt attention to insight around the root causes of war and violence, and the ways in which the United States has played a central role in perpetuating these conflicts. The speakers called for an end to the never-ending wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, and for the United States to redirect its resources towards addressing the urgent domestic issues that are currently facing our country.

An Army veteran spoke of his own experiences on the front lines and how they led him to question the legitimacy of the wars he was fighting. 

Click here to read the full article. 

Coordinated Efforts
By Joshua D. Glawson


“The philosophy commonly called individualism is a philosophy of social cooperation and the progressive intensification of the social nexus.” -Ludwig Von Mises


In 2024, we will have another election year, and Libertarians of California and the National Libertarian Party will put forth their selected candidates for local, state, and national elections. Year after year, election after election, we make incremental gains as the third largest political party in the United States. Yet, we tend to fall short compared to the two-headed beast of Democrats and Republicans.

Our shortfallings have not been because our ideas are not good. In fact, most of our core ideas are blatantly far superior to that of the current coercive political machine. Our ideas include individual liberty, freedom, peace, respect for life, true property rights, economic prosperity, choices, personal development, progress, charity and love, honesty, integrity, and more. Most people would benefit from the values and ideals of Libertarianism, and I believe the vast majority of Americans are at their core liberty-minded.

So, why are Libertarians not winning as much as we know we could with our better ideas and solutions?

It comes down to coordinated efforts. When we look at politics, history, and philosophy, those who win and make significant changes do so by coordinating their efforts across regions, platforms, and political aisles. They do so by having leaders who inspire others to accomplish great things in the face of difficulty and have a coordinated network of other leaders that attest to those victories and affirm their leadership. No matter if those goals were for good or evil, we can see that the winners tend to be those that have best demonstrated the ability to lead with coordinated efforts.Click here to read the full article. 

Click here to read the full article. 

UPDATED: Affiliate Support Handbook

The Affiliate Support Committee has been updating the Affiliate Support Handbook ASH) with additional information.  People newly elected to the various LPCA Committees will be added soon.  County Executive Committee Members should use the ASH as a reference for how to run their local affiliate.  If there is an answer you cannot find in the ASH, contact your Regional Coordinator for further guidance.  For the link to the handbook online, if you do not already have it, contact your Regional Coordinator.


Regional Coordinators:
Northern: Ms. Elizabeth Stump

Central: Mr. Matthew Butts

Southern: Mr. Garrison Ham
☝🏼 Affiliate Tip of the Month:

When doing outreach with a booth at a local event in your county, you should have these items:

  • One 10’ x 10’ pop-up gazebo tent (optional for inside events).
  • At least one 6’ folding table (folding makes it easier for transport via cars that aren’t vans), two is better.
  • Folding chairs, minimum two.
  • Skirted table cloth for each table, or stretch version that goes to the floor (no one wants to see your boxes stored underneath).
  • Banner with your county name and either county or state logo.
  • LP literature, AKA “Affiliate in a Box."
  • Brochure containing information about your county organization, including when and where you meet, if you meet at the same place on the same day every month (i.e. Every 2nd Tuesday at 7pm at Joe’s Craft Brew Worx, YourCity, CA), email, web site and all social media account: Facebook/MeWe/Twitter/Instagram/etc
  • Literature holder: contact geographically close affiliates to see if they have one to loan.  If not, use a rubber band/binder clips to bundle each type, and weigh down with a rock or paperweight to prevent blowing away at outdoor events, or use clipboards to contain.
  • A laminated Nolan Political Survey chart with colored sticker dots and an easel/tripod to display the chart. (Contact Ms. Emily Tilford or the Advocates on their website for assistance.)
  • Printed out versions of the Nolan Political Survey for people to take. (Contact Ms. Tilford or the Advocates on their website for assistance.) 
  • Pens & clipboards for people to use while taking the test, minimum four clipboards and a dozen pens recommended.
  • Buttons or stickers to give out as “prizes” for taking the Nolan Political Survey or engaging you in meaningful discussion. Examples of popular libertarian catch phrases your buttons or stickers can display include, “Make Orwell Fiction Again,” “Stop Electing Assholes,” “Am I Being Detained?” “Come Back With A Warrant,” “My Governor Is An Idiot,” etc. You can also make some which support Libertarians running in local elections that say “#VoteGold” or that have their specific name or campaign slogan on them. Avoid giving away buttons using suggestive topics or swear words at family friendly events, like “I don’t need sex. I’m getting fucked by my government every day.”
  • A clip board with a sign up sheet to take down names and contact information for people interested in learning more about your organization.
  • A makeshift “boothing kit,’ which should at the very least include: rope, twine, duct tape, painter’s tape, scotch tape, zip ties, scissors, rubber bands and pens.
  • Optional: Offering a t-shirt with Libertarian slogan or phrase up for raffle.  Include printed out entry forms and a container to place entries.  List on the info flier when you will have the drawing.  Require email on entry form for contact in case of winning for shipping and shirt size.  Emails collected can be added to your monthly newsletter distribution list.
  • Optional: Flags/banners like the rainbow Gadsden that says “Don’t Tread On Anyone” or the rainbow U.S. flag that says “We the People Means Everyone.”

Here is an example of a fully equipped booth, by the Libertarian Party of Alameda County Booth at the 2023 Dublin St. Patrick’s Day Festival

NOTICE: The Beacon begins including classifieds and advertising in July issue
A few months ago, a poll on Facebook was conducted to gauge members’ feelings about The Beacon to begin including advertising and a classified section.  Many were open to the idea, some gave support in comments, citing it as a way to help offset publishing costs of The Beacon and possibly help bring some small amount of revenue to the LPCA.  No one had given any negative feedback, at the time.

So beginning in July, when the next issue of The Beacon publishes, we will have advertising and include a Classified section.  Pricing and other issues have not been ironed out at the time of publication of this April issue, but if you are interested in either advertising or having a classified submission, please contact the editor of The Beacon at  

The Beacon editorial staff will have the ability to refuse any advertising or classified submissions from non-Libertarian political parties, deemed to be spam, or that promotes hate, violence or anything else antithetical to Libertarian Party principles.
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