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Two Things That Can Rescue the World When the COVID-19 Pandemic is Over
By Vincent A. Puccio, LPC, April 2020

It is difficult to know what the fallout of the COVID-19 crisis is going to be, especially since the toll in human life is, at this point, unknowable.

The response has generally been to quarantine people at home and bring their daily lives, including work, to a dead stop. To mitigate the economic pain this will cause, the US government has passed a relief bill with a price tag of war-like proportions. However, ceasing economic activity has dire consequences.


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A Voice of Reason: The Power of Touch
By Kalish Morrow, LPC, May 2020

Professionals in the salon industry are greatly suffering as California mandates have not only closed their doors but have so far denied them unemployment benefits. 


Nancy Pereira of Swankd Hair Salon in Hanford California states: 

"I have zero source of income right now, have sold out of retail products and am only able to provide mini hair coloring kits for my clientele. Although my clients continue to support me through words of encouragement, tips and purchasing gift cards… that's not their job alone to help small businesses. Where are our local leaders to stand up for our small town before it's too late?...There's no resources for me, there's no help on paying my $500 a month private health insurance etc. Our Governor is implementing the same quarantine rules for Hanford as he does LA? It makes no sense and what works for one city may not work for another small town, we have different demographics & different populations."


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Meme of the Month
 Article from LP News
Are you a Libertarian, or are you a Republican? 
By Bob Johnston, LNC Staff, March 2020

A month ago, a former Maryland Libertarian Party candidate called to let me know that he is going to run for the same race in 2020 as a Republican. I thanked him for having the courtesy to let me know and asked him why he was planning on running as a Republican. He replied that he wanted to win. I asked him why not run as a Democrat for that seat.

He sputtered incredulously, "Why would I do that?" I said, "Because a Democrat has won that seat the last three elections, the last two by double digits."  After a pause, he replied, "Well, I have a better chance of getting elected to the seat as a Republican than as a Libertarian". "True, but you still have much better shot getting elected as a Democrat". Nonetheless, he still couldn't fathom running as a Democrat. The supposed affinity with the Republican Party is a problem the Libertarian Party has had for most of its history. Part of the fault is on the Libertarian Party.

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Podcast of the Month
Federalism vs. Federal Power in a Pandemic
The Cato Institute, April 2020
What prevents a federally ordered national lockdown as a response to COVID-19? Federalism, for one. Walter Olson explains. 
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Meet Your California Candidates
Betz Stump, LPC, May 2020
We have several Libertarian candidates that will be on the November ballot who made it through the March 3rd California Primary, some who won through a write-in campaign. Meet some of these candidates in their own words, and learn more about them through this month’s profile.
  • State Senate District 9: Jamie Dluzak
  • State Assembly District 7: James Just
  • Saratoga Union School District Board of Trustees: Azadeh Weber
  • Menifee City Council District 1: Bob Karwin
  • Mayor of Menifee: Ricky Estrada
  • Rancho Simi Recreation and Parks District Board of Directors: Kate O'Brien
Click here to read the candidate statements 
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