The 2023 Libertarian Party of California Convention | February 17-19

Friday evening starts with a VIP reception, and a social gathering to meet with Libertarians from across the state. Business starts at 8:30am Saturday, and goes through Sunday evening, for credentialed delegates.The Agenda, as always, includes voting on Bylaws changes, elections for Executive Committee seats, Officer Reports, and an opportunity for resolutions and candidate endorsements. Last but not least, what would a gathering of Libertarians be without lots of debate and discussion!

In addition to Friday night’s VIP event, there are breakfast and lunch packages available, where listeners will learn from our guest speakers as they inform on their varied topics as they relate to Liberty. There will also be the Saturday night Gala, which includes dinner, speakers, awards, and an auction. Tickets can be purchased for just breakfast, breakfast and lunch, both plus the gala, just the gala, or just the VIP event.

Register for business, (always free), now, so the Credentials Committee will have your delegate badge ready and waiting for you, which not only serves as a name tag, but will likely be used for some of the voting. Book your hotel room at The Embassy Suites with the LPCA group rate while rooms are still available.

To read the Sacramento Local Guide and all details of the California Convention, click here. 


Executive Committee Elections

Picture 1: Left to Right - Tom Caldwell, Kat McElroy, Marybeth Yuskavage, Tom Nichols, Matthew Hartwig
Picture 2: Left to Right -
Graham Brown, Spencer Von Glahn, Theodore Gercken, Elizabeth Stump, Christopher Kula, Calvin Lu.

Fresno County held its Executive Committee Officer Election on December 14, 2022.  The newly elected Executive Committee is:

Kat MeElroy: Chair

Tom Nichols: Vice Chair

Matthew Hartwig: Treasurer

Tom Caldwell: Secretary

Marybeth Yuskavage: At-large

Alameda County held its annual election of officers on January 12, 2023 . The newly elected Executive Committee is:

Elizabeth Stump: Chair

Christopher Kula: Vice Chair

Graham Brown: Treasurer

Theodore Gercken: Secretary

Calvin Lu: At-Large

Spencer Von Glahn: At-Large

Committee Updates
By Garrison Ham

With the approach of the 2023 California Convention, membership in the state committees is set to expire. If you are interested in growing your involvement in the party, please find the complete of committees here [ ]. The LPC’s future success depends on the work of its volunteers and would like to thank all committee members for you hard work over the last year.


As the 2022 Midterm election ended, many volunteers have taken a much-needed break. While most committees will not have any updates until after the convention in February, the Convention Committee would like to update the location for convention. Please find information regarding the change here. []

Affiliate Support Committee Projects

Hi Guys,

I am Anthony Strauss with the Affiliate Support Committee, along with the updates of the Affiliate Support Handbook. 

The A.S.C has two on going projects on that Committee I will be undertaking:

Creation of “Libertarian Owned or Libertarian Support Businesses Directory” and the second being, a “Libertarian Talent List,” meaning Celebrities, Artists, Comedians. Musicians, Podcasters, etc..

If you are a business owner or provide services or goods and would like to be listed, please contact me to be included in our “Libertarian Business Directory.”  If you know of businesses friendly to Libertarians, please recommend them so I may contact them for inclusion in our Directory.

Please contact the Affiliate Support Committee with any information that would help continue the support of LPCA.

Anthony Strauss (Kern Treasure/Affiliate Support Committee)

Liberty Youth Caucus
We are excited to announce the relaunch of the Libertarian Youth Caucus (LYC), the new youth wing of the Libertarian Party. The LYC is dedicated to getting young Americans involved in the Libertarian Party and investing in the next generation of liberty-minded individuals.

The LYC is organized to start chapters at high schools and colleges across the country to spread the message of liberty to the next generation and provide young people with the tools and resources they need to become active and engaged members of the Libertarian Party. As the only partisanly Libertarian youth organization in the United States, the LYC doesn’t just spread awareness, but actively gets students involved with critical efforts like campaigns, legislative initiatives, and ballot access drives. You can learn more about the LYC at!

The LYC will offer a range of opportunities for young people to get involved, including starting an affiliate at their high school or college, volunteering for campaigns in their community, and participating in online discussions and debates. We encourage you to join the LYC and invite any young people you know who are interested in liberty and the Libertarian Party to join as well. Visit and fill out the form to have an LYC leader reach out to you!

You can also join the online LYC community at or follow them at,, and

Additionally, in order to continue their efforts to promote liberty and bring new people into the Libertarian Party, the LYC needs your support. Donations to the LYC (made at help cover the costs of reaching out to and supporting as many young people interested in liberty as possible, such as funding the website and newsletter. We ask that you consider making a small-dollar monthly donation to the LYC, as recurring donations allow them to budget for the future!

Thank you for your support, and we hope to see you at an LYC event soon!

Post Political California
(A Libertarian Perspective)
By Patrick Nicholson
During his second term inauguration, California Governor Gavin Newsom said, "California is the true freedom state. Protecting liberty from a rising tide of oppression taking root in statehouses. Weakness, masquerading as strength. Small men in big offices. Freedom is who we are - anyone from anywhere can accomplish anything here."
This is nothing more than insolent Orwellian Newspeak from the lock-downer-in-chief. Newsom tries to give new meaning to words like ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ to cover for his devastating policies, mask his ideological contradictions, and gaslight Californians. But we’ll have none of it.
In the past, California led the nation with one of the strongest economies in the world, but times are changing. Anti-business policies and strangling regulation have repelled talented workers and caused businesses to exit. It is estimated that well over two hundred businesses have relocated their headquarters out of California in the last three years.
California was the land of opportunity. People were lured here by the wonderful climate, natural beauty, and most of all - economic opportunities. From 1850 to 2010 California’s population grew at least ten percent every decade. Not anymore. For the first time in recorded history California’s population decreased. From 2000 to 2020, California had a net loss of over two million people to other U.S. states and lost a congressional seat.

This article will examine how we arrived at this point, what are the consequences of the disastrous policies that caused this outcome, and - more importantly - what can be done about it.

Gold at Heart
By Joshua D. Glawson

“California presented to people a new model for the American dream—one where the emphasis was on the ability to take risks, the willingness to gamble on the future." -Historian H.W. Brands

In the 1840s masses of miners began expanding westward into California in search of gold initiating what would soon become known as “The Gold Rush.” By 1850 California became a state, and a little over 100 years later “Eureka” was made the official state motto and the state was nicknamed The Golden State. It was the hope for a new life, hard work in pursuit of wealth, property rights, and expansion into the wild unknown that enticed and encouraged these brave explorers and prospectors. Through their individual and collaborative efforts gold was struck, and with it came improvements, inventions, investments, and incentives.

Gold has been widely used as a commodity since around 1500 BCE. What makes gold special is that it is relatively scarce, it cannot be replicated, fire purifies it instead of destroying it, does not tarnish or rust, is malleable, is good for electrical conduction, and most people find gold to be an attractive metal. For many of these reasons, and more, gold was not only highly valued globally but it was also the backing behind most currencies, which is known as the Gold Standard.


There may be a long period of time before we can return to a Gold Standard in currency, but there are actions we can take today to promote the Golden Rule and remind the country what makes California “The Golden State” and why gold is the color of the Libertarian Party.

☝🏼 Affiliate Tip of the Month:

Once you have elected your new county Executive Committee for the year, get permanent name badges printed or engraved at an online or local print shop. Include name, position and your county logo. Wear them to Business Meetings so that visitors and members who do not know your face can identify you. You can also wear them to city hall, board and county meetings, especially if you get up to address the council or board.

The Biden Administration initially proposed the idea of possibly banning gas stoves.  The backlash has been severe enough for the Biden Administration, at the time of this newsletter’s publication, to claim it wasn’t going to suggest such a thing.
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