California 2022 Midterm Election Wrap-Up

 The midterm and gubernatorial elections are over and we have the results.  As it may take up to a full month for a county to tally all votes, these election results are based on the latest results gathered before the publication deadline of November 11, 2022, 11:59pm.  Results will have a timestamp of when data was collected for this newsletter. 

Candidate and California Proposition 11/8/22 Election Results
By Patrick Nicholson

Endorsed Libertarian Candidates Running for Office

All reported election results were based on the latest information as of 5 pm Friday November 11, 2022.


Deborah Brandon was elected to the John Swett Unified School District Board in Contra Costa County.  She was to top vote getter with 42.15% of the vote.

Rodgir Cohen obtained 9.28% of the vote for Redlands City Council, District 1 in San Bernardino County.  Unfortunately, he was not elected.

Jeff Hewitt - the incumbent - received 45.77% of the vote in a tight race for Riverside County Supervisor, District 5.  As a County Supervisor, Jeff held the highest office of any elected Libertarian in California.  His loss is truly a disappointment.

Michael Lema received 6.17 % of the vote in his run for the Hayward City Council - At Large - in Alameda County.  Regrettably, he was not elected.

Terry Miller received 12.41% of the vote for Cypress City Council, Orange County in an extremely tight race. We are sorry to say that he came up just shy of being elected.

Tom Nichols ran for State Assembly, District 8 which spread across Calaveras, Toulemne, Mariposa, Madera, Fresno, Inyo, and Mono Counties.  He received 25.7% of the vote but was not elected.

Francisco “Frank” Ramirez received 47.06% of the vote in a tight race for Hanford City Council, District D, in Kings County.  Regrettably, he was not elected.

Lawrence Samuels received 10.69% of the vote for the Carmel Unified School District in Monterey County. Alas, he was not elected.

Amanda Saltray received 30.03% of the vote for Hanford City Council, District A, in Kings County.  She was not elected, unfortunately.

Jeffery Schwartz received 5.4% of the vote for Thousand Oaks City Council, At Large, in Ventura County. Jeff was regrettably not elected.

Cheyne Strawn received 46.02% of the vote for the Hanford City Council, District E, in Kings County.  This race was a real squeaker but unfortunately Cheyne was not elected.

Anthony Angelini received 15.39% of the vote for the Conejo Recreation and Parks District, in Ventura County.  This was a very close race but unfortunately Anthony was not elected.

Jesse Nestor received 8.30% of the vote for Mayor of Santa Ana, in Orange County.  Regrettably Jesse was not elected.


California State Propositions

The Libertarian Party of California Executive Committee endorsed the following ‘No’ positions on these propositions.


Proposition 26

Allows in-person roulette, dice games, sports wagering on tribal lands. The LP endorsed a no vote because this law further regulates and taxes an activity that the government has no business being involved in.  This proposition went down to defeat with a 70.1% no vote.

Proposition 27

Allows online and mobile sports wagering outside tribal lands. The LP endorsed a no vote. Although the Libertarian Party of California supports the right of consenting adults to wager bets on sporting events, we do not believe the State has the right to regulate or tax such activities.  This proposition went down to defeat with an 83.4% no vote.

Proposition 28

Provides additional funding for arts and music education in public schools. The LP endorsed a no vote because the state should fund students and not institutions. Furthermore, the funding of curriculums should be made by the schools and not legislators.  This proposition passed with an 61.8% yes vote.

Proposition 29

Requires on-site licensed medical professionals at kidney dialysis clinics and establishes other state requirements. The LP endorsed a no vote because government involvement in healthcare will always result in poorer and costlier outcomes for patients.  This proposition went down to defeat with an 69.9% no vote.

Proposition 30

Provides funding for programs to reduce air pollution and prevent wildfires by increasing tax on personal income over $2 million. The LP endorsed a no vote because the State of California has demonstrated time and again its inability to properly manage public money. All surplus taxes should be returned to taxpayers. Sustainable clean energy solutions can only come from a free market.  This proposition went down to defeat with an 59.2% no vote.

Proposition 31

A referendum on the 2020 law that would prohibit the retail sale of certain flavored tobacco products. The LP endorsed a no vote because this is a violation of personal autonomy and choice.  This proposition passed with an 62.2% yes vote.



County Measures Results
By Elizabeth Stump

There were a plethora of measures on the ballot in many counties.  We will only cover the counties in which recommendations (bolded & underlined) were given by the LPCA state or that county affiliate.  Time and date stamps are either when data was collected from the page or listing last data update from the county Registrar of Voter Office web page.


Alameda County - Website, Election Results 

Contra Costa County - Website, Election Results



Kings County - Facebook Page, Election Results

Los Angeles County - Website, Election Results

Merced County - Facebook Page, Election Results

Monterey County - Website, Election Results

Placer County - Website, Election Results

Riverside County - Website, Election Results

Sacramento County - Facebook Page, Election Results

San Bernadino CountyFacebook Page, Election Results

San Diego County - Website, Election Results

San Francisco County - Website, Election Results

San Luis Obispo County Facebook Page, Election Results

San Mateo County - Facebook Page, Election Results

Santa Clara County - Website, Election Results

Santa Cruz County - Meetup Page, Election Results

Stanislaus County Facebook Page, Election Results

Tulare County Facebook Page, Election Results

Ventura County - Website, Election Results

4th Quarter December ExCom Meeting & Fundraiser
By Betz Stump

The Libertarian Party of California will be holding its 4th Quarter Executive Committee meeting on Saturday, December 10th, 2022, 10am to 5pm.  The meeting will be followed by a fundraiser that evening, 6pm to 10pm, in the Redwood Room (Located on the lower level next to the California Ballroom), hosted by the Candidate Support Committee (CSC).


The meeting and fundraiser will be held at DoubleTree by Hilton Sacramento, 2001 Point West Way, Sacramento, CA 95815.  This is the same hotel the 2023 State Convention will be held at, February, President’s Day weekend.

To book a room, click this link here. After you select the dates (whether Friday night 12/9/22 & Saturday night 12/10/22 or just one of those nights) and click “Update,” it should take you to a page in which you can select a Two-Queen or King bed room.


The prices are subject to change based on availability, so it is recommended you book sooner rather than later to get these rates. 

CSC Fundraiser:

Join us for light refreshments and an evening program featuring a Libertarian Independent Film Festival, UFC 282, as well as a silent and live auction!


The entry fee will be: $30 for a single ticket or two tickets for $50. 



The program will kick off with an Independent Film Festival featuring films from some of our most talented Libertarian filmmakers:


The Edited, by Adam Choit (15 min approx run time)

Power Day, by Chris Edgar (15 min approx run time)

Free State Project Documentary Extended Trailer + New Scene, by Reinita Susman (15 min approx run time combined)

There will be a short Q & A after with all three filmmakers.


The program will continue with a live stream of UFC 282 happening in Las Vegas during which there will be a silent auction. The Fight Card can be found here.


The evening will conclude with a live auction.


Space is limited, so register now to reserve your spot!

2023 LPCA State Convention Preview
By Jessica Tewksbury

As the year 2022 comes to an end, we at The Beacon remind you that we are getting ready for a new LPCA year. The 2023 LPCA Convention planning is well underway, and it's time to plan your weekend!


The 2023 LPCA Convention will be held on February 17-19, at The DoubleTree by Hilton Sacramento, located at:

2001 Point West Way

Sacramento, CA 95815

Don't forget to book your room at the convention hotel under the room rate here.


Friday, February 17th, there will be a VIP reception, as well as being an opportunity to meet with friends you only see once a year.


The Business portion takes place on both Saturday and Sunday: voting on possible Bylaws changes, elections for many seats on the Executive Committee that have terms expiring at convention, and as any event where Libertarians gather, plenty of debate and discussion on how we would like our party to run. Register for business, (always free), as early as you can, giving time for the Credentials Committee to prepare your badge and lanyard. This is sometimes used for voting, and it will make your daily check-ins much smoother for yourself as well as for them, and everyone in line behind you.


In addition to the discussions and motions and voting, (the Business portion), there are always great speakers to see as you enjoy your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and other sessions, on Saturday and Sunday. This year we have quite an impressive lineup, covering various Libertarian interests:


  • Connor Boyack, known best for his "Tuttle Twins" books for kids, that have swept the nation in liberty circles.
  • Joe Quirk, another author, authority on seasteading and how to sail away from government.
  • Lou Perez, well known libertarian comedian, and Matt Miller, an artist.
  • We are also honored to have Former Congressman Justin Amash return
  • Former LP Vice Presidential Nominee Spike Cohen, and his lovely wife Tasha Cohen will return as well.
Other guest speakers are planned, check for updates and purchase your tickets to see them here. Rumor has it, the likely top candidates for the 2024 Libertarian National Convention's Presidential Nominee will also be doing some sort of event together, so you can start thinking of who you would like to support when the time comes.
Last but not least, Saturday night there will be The Annual Convention Gala. This event typically includes a meal, wonderful speakers, and an auction for the LPCA. It also includes lots of fun and memories. Gala tickets can be purchased as part of a package, or on its own.
***In order to be a credentialed delegate (eligible to vote) at the 2023 LPCA Convention, one must either be a renewing and current LPCA dues paying member by convention, or join as a new dues paying member soon- the deadline is just a few days away, November 19th 2022. Join or renew here today.
You may also join or renew with a joint membership with National here, which helps retain region benefits to The LPCA.
Post-Election Analysis of Measures in Fresno County
By Kat McElroy
Fresno City faced a potential 3.9% increase in sales tax on this November’s ballot, and none of them passed! Measure Z passed during the June primary to extend a 0.1% sales tax for another 15 years, keeping our current rate at 8.35% unless the 0.5% Measure C sales tax is allowed to expire in 2027. So, a Measure C extension was put on the ballot for the general election this year. But, that was not enough for the tax-grabbers in Fresno County and the Fresno City Hall: Another county-wide measure for a 0.2% increase (Measure E), and a city-wide measure for 0.125% increase (Measure M) were also placed on the ballot. All three taxes would be in place for another 20-30 years!
As part of the statewide initiative spearheaded by LPCA Chair, Mimi Robson, LP Fresno placed arguments against these three sales taxes (and an additional five school bond measures) in the Fresno County Voter Guide. In the case of Measure M and all of the school bond measures, had we not submitted our arguments, then there would have been NO ARGUMENTS AGAINST put in front of voters.
As our arguments against these measures makes clear: the system is rigged to get the taxes and bonds passed.
Robin Hood is Not a Libertarian Hero
By Joshua D. Glawson
Robin Hood is a well-known figure in American culture, and Western culture in general. Robin Hood is presented in films, theatre, and cartoons where he is often portrayed as a noble character. An average man that cares for the poor. He befriends other good people, no matter their status. He also fights anyone who is portrayed as bad people no matter their status. Many people on the American political right, conservatives, conservatarians, and libertarians love sharing memes of Robin Hood being a definitive liberty-loving hero for the common person.
When we look back at even the evolution of Robin Hood since the 1973 version by Disney, we can clearly see differences in the stories told. This is because Robin Hood is more important as a figure than as an actual person to have existed. Because of this, his stories have changed throughout the ages.
Whereas the Disney film may have the ideas of stealing from the rich to give to the poor, or taking back the stolen money, i.e. taxes, and giving it to the citizens, this is not definitive as to who Robin Hood was. Of course, neither is Pyle’s.
So, the many memes we enjoy and share about Robin Hood being a libertarian champion for the commoner, is not entirely true.
☝🏼 Affiliate Tip of the Month: Scholarship Program


If your affiliate has the money to spare, or if you can find members who are willing to donate the cash to fund the prizes, your affiliate can create a scholarship program.


Scholarship programs are an excellent way to reach out to the high school youth in your local area, and introduce them to Libertarian concepts by having to answer a question requiring Libertarian solutions.


Alameda County launched a scholarship program earlier this year and awarded first and second place winners in an essay contest.  The topic was “How should a Libertarian government respond to a local or state political controversy of your choosing?”


The amount of money to award will be based on how much you can raise or afford to donate.  You should allow at least three or more months for submissions to be accepted, from the launch.  It is recommended you keep submissions to students who reside within your county, to avoid having to complicate matters with FPPC rules of dealing with other counties.


Elizabeth Stump, founder of the Alameda County scholarship program, is detailing how to run a scholarship program to be included in the LPCA Affiliate Support Handbook, in a near future revision.  If you are interested in launching a scholarship program of your own in your county immediately, you can also reach out to Elizabeth for further details.  You can reach her at

 The Libertarian Youth Caucus

By Teddy Gercken, Chair of the Libertarian Youth Caucus

The Libertarian Youth Caucus, the only partisan Libertarian student organization in the country, will be relaunching next year as a quasi-official youth wing of the party with a California State Affiliate! 


However, to be able to successfully relaunch, they need about $70 more in monthly recurring donations to fund email blasts and a website to reach as many people as possible (especially in California, where they hope to focus many of our efforts). 


Please consider making a monthly recurring donation (or anything you can) at to help support the future of our party in California! 


For more information, you can find a donor information sheet at

 Committee Updates

By Garrison Ham



The Affiliate Support Committee added additional content to their 60 page handbook to complement their growing catalogue of recorded seminars. Reach out to Theodore Gerken for access!


The 2022 Midterms are finally over, but the regime in Sacramento abhors transparency so we will have to wait until December 10th for the final numbers. Every election with a Libertarian candidate is a win for our party regardless of outcome. Though we strive to win as many offices as we can, each campaign highlights our message and vision. After the vote has been certified, the Candidate Support Committee will give an update.



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Dave Smith: Part of the Problem

Dave Smith is quite the talk in Libertarian circles, even with the chatter he might run in 2024, but let’s not forget he started out as a humble podcaster and comic.  


Dave Smith uses wry humor to deliver truths that are self-evident: That government sucks.  Check out his YouTube channel.

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