Liberty Party of California at the State Fair
By Elizabeth Stump


By the publishing of this issue of The Beacon, the California State Fair will have kicked off and be underway. The fair is located at 1600 Exposition Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95815 and runs until Sunday, July 31st. The hours are:

  • Monday to Thursday: 11am – 10pm
  • Friday to Sunday: 10am – 10pm


James Just & Mark Hinkle, the coordination heads of the State Fair project, will arrange for tickets into the fair for volunteers, and they will be at the Will Call booth at the main gate.  Regarding possible reimbursement for parking, which is $15, please contact Mark Hinkle. 


If you haven’t signed up to volunteer, you can still help by donating to support the cost of the fair by going to and kick in what you’d spend on an iced drink at your local Starbucks, between $5 and $10, and wake up the population that they have a choice beyond the duopoly when it comes to elected representatives in the local, state and federal government.


The sign-up web site for volunteers can be found at this link here: 


LPCA’s booth will be in Building D, booth 582, but at the time of publishing this newsletter, the LPCA booth may be moving to a different booth location within D Building, or possibly to C Building.  Please watch social media for updates.

Click here for more info and to see the map, click here.
Liberty Unmasked | The 2022 Libertarian National Convention
By Patrick Nicholson

Delegate Allocations by State (Source LPedia)

The biennial Libertarian National Convention was held in Reno, Nevada from May 26 to 29, 2022. Every state in the Union sent delegates. The map below shows the delegate allocation by state. California had the largest number of delegates with one-hundred and three.


Prior to the commencement of the convention Tom Woods spoke at the breakfast meeting.


Friday May 27

The official proceeding began on Friday May 27 with National Chair Whitney Bilyeu presiding. In the afternoon, the Credentials Committee announced that a total of 1,119 delegates and alternates were registered, with a "voting population" of 1,004. Angela McArdle and Steve Dashbach received 544 and 101 tokens respectively signifying that they would be facing off later in the Chair debate. A motion to strike the Pennsylvania delegation was defeated. And Massachusetts withdrew their motion to increase their delegation by six. After these preliminary skirmishes the Credentials Committee report was adopted without objection.


Within two hours of the meeting commencement a motion to remove the Chair and have the Vice-Chair run the meeting was defeated. Click here to read the full story.


Candidate Support Committee Donation Drive
By Elizabeth Stump
Liberty is sweeter than candy.  Yes, we all have our favorite treat that satisfies our sweet tooth, but craving for more liberty and freedom is why many of us have joined the Libertarian Party.  
The LPCA Candidate Support Committee is dedicated to financially supporting Libertarian candidates running in elections across the state.  Regular monthly donations help fund those candidates so they can purchase door hangers, postcard mailers, yard signs, advertising, t-shirts, pay for filing fees, fees to include a statement in the voter’s guide, and many of the other costs associated with running a campaign.
The average cost of a candy bar is now $1.50.  For less than a Three Musketeers a week, you can help support California Libertarian candidates fight the duopoly.  We need a minimum of 50 donors for a $5/month donation.  Help bring more sweet liberty to California and donate $5 a month (or more) to the Candidate Support Fund at  


Post Primary Election Results

# will be on November ballot

* CD-17: Joe Dehn: 1833 votes, 1.6%, placed 5/5

* AD-06: Janice Bonser: 11931 votes, 1.9%, placed 5/5

# AD-08: Tom Nichols [write-in]: 5 votes, 0.0%, placed 1/1 write-in, 2/2 overall

* AD-27: Randall Pellissier [write-in]: 0 votes, 0.0%, placed 5/5 overall

* AD-50: Rodjir Cohen: 1577 votes, 3.4%, placed 3/3

* AD-59: David Naranjo [write-in]: 51 votes, 0.1%, 2/2 write-in, 3/3 overall

* Kern County Supervisor 2: Kelly Carden: 4962 votes, 22.08%, placed 2/3

# Riverside County Supervisor 5: Jeff Hewitt: 18292 votes, 31.76%, placed 2/4

* Orange County Board of Education 2: Christopher Ganiere: 11850 votes, 9.29%, 3/3


Candidate Spotlight for the November Ballot
California State Race
Riverside County Race
Cypress City Council
Hanford City Council
Hayward City Council
Redondo Beach City Council
Thousand Oaks City Council
Rosamond Municipal Advisory Council
Candidate Filing Information Starts this Week
By Gail Lightfoot

Candidate filing for offices, up for election in the November 8, 2022 Statewide General Election, will begin on Monday, July 18, 2022.

All candidates for school and special district offices can obtain candidacy documents through the Candidate Filing Portal via the Registrar of Voters website.

Candidates nominated during the Primary Election for the General Election ballot may refile or update their ballot designation and candidate statement.

Candidates for city offices must pick up and file declaration of candidacy documents from their City Clerk.

To learn more, visit

Recent Affiliate Elections
Merced County:

The Merced County Libertarian Party held its annual convention Saturday, June 25, 2022. Here are the elected members of the Executive Committee.

Santa Barbara County:
The Libertarian Party of Santa Barbara held its annual convention Saturday, July 2, 2022. The elected members of the Executive Committee are Cameron Clark, Chair; Elijah Mack, Vice Chair (voted in via email on 7/13/22); Angela Ji, Secretary; and Kylee Murray, Treasurer.

Cameron, Angela and Kylee go to Santa Barbara University and Elijah is in high school. Their goal is to create a Libertarian Student Organization on their campuses. No photo available at this time.

Scott Mandell Wins Vice Chair Spot on Studio City Neighborhood Council
By Kathleen Purcell

LA City has a level of government called Neighborhood Councils (NC). These advisory boards are the closest form of government to the people. They have annual budgets funded by the taxpayers and the officials on the board are elected by their communi>es. They are considered City Officials, however their time is volunteered and the positions are nonpartisan.


In 2021, Studio City resident and Libertarian Party member Scott Mandell decided to run for Vice President of the Studio City NC. In June of 2021, he was seated on the board. In early 2022, ScoH decided to challenge the siLng President for his seat, as Scott felt he was not fulfilling his duties. In a special meeting, the runoff ended in a tie. However, Scott had overwhelming support from the constituents and a few other board members that were not present. Due to this, the sitting president conceded and Scott officially won the seat.


Scott authored a Community Impact Statement opposing the City Council's motion to increase gun control and regulation.


You can see it here:


We need more LA Libertarians looking to win positions on these boards. There are a total of 99 NC’s throughout Los Angeles City.

The Future is Local: The Four Kinds of People Who Run for School Board
A handy guide for separating the wheat from the chaff

By Loren Dean

As you start paying attention to your local political scene, one of the things you need to be watching is your local school board. Attention has been paid by too many people for far too long to events and ideas that are simply too distant (you can’t influence anything at the federal level, and only about half the things at the state level) and this has allowed local government agencies to rot. Because nobody’s paying attention to government at the county level and below, it’s easy for some specific kinds of people to end up populating those offices. Their presence (and typical lack of leadership skill or will) ends up empowering the bureaucracy of your local government in ways that never should have been allowed. You’re waking up to that, which is good. Now know your enemy.  


The School Board is the easiest window to use to explore these archetypes (or, if you prefer, stereotypes). These kinds of people also inhabit City Councils and County Boards (and charity boards and other elected offices), but the distinctions are clearest on the School Board, so that’s where we’ll focus today. Watch out for these four kinds of people. 


1. The Country Club Hobbyist


The Hobbyist is probably an older wealthy housewife or widow (or near-widow, like her husband is retired and just putters around the golf course now). There’s a good chance she never worked a 9-5 job in her adult life, since she’s married to a professor or engineer or dentist or something. She may have a side hustle, like “design” (bonus points if she sells “art,” which could include teaching piano or voice), but the fact is she’s not connected to blue collar living at all; her life revolves around a set of pet projects. She’s on the board because it’s her pet project, and she’s got the country-club-crowd connections (League of Women Voters, Eastern Star, Friends of the Library, PTA, etc.) to make her someone palatable to the bureaucracy. 


Click here to read about the Four Kinds of People who Run for School Board.

By: Zack Kincaid

There is a piece of the American spirit drawn towards liberty in the way a person drowning is drawn to the air at the water's surface. Though subdued in modernity, it sits smoldering under the ashes, waiting for the winds to reignite the brushfires of the passionate yearning to be free. This desire exists in all of humanity, but it is openly celebrated as the primary cultural value in one place: here.


The posterity has retained some of its inherited revolutionary essence, albeit partially conflated with convenience and luxury and often only paid partial lip service. What is freedom without security or comfort, they ask while sacrificing liberties for the predictability of a defined order. The potential dangers of a tumultuous and spontaneous existence, the original promise of a nation with no King, are decried as oppression, while red, white, and blue chains of tyranny, forged in the name of the common good, are proudly displayed.


The symbols have been simplified and commercialized, and some, like the mortars exploding around me, are criminalized and demonized. Promises enshrined on parchment are neglected, our principal demands left unmet, and yet we pause our lives in a nearly religious experience to pay our respects. This honor that belongs to the memory of those brave enough to stand in defiance and their defining moment, which not only birthed a nation but also an entire new outlook on the world, is instead centered on a regime whose grievances rival those in our founding pronouncement.


What, then, is the purpose of the festivity? Flags and holidays may be appropriated, meanings altered, and allegiances shifted, but the underlying hunger remains. It is a naive and arrogant notion to lament our current dire predicament, but no more so than to ignore it.


Click here to read the full featured article.

"...And Justice For All"
By Joshua D. Glawson
The ongoing scandals surrounding the laptop and cloud-stored data of Hunter Biden have remained in the media spotlight for over two years now, and those tales vary wildly in their accusations. These seedy dealings include an exhausting list of undeclared foreign lobbying, drugs, prostitution, tax evasion, back taxes, money laundering, Chinese money, Ukrainian money, Russian ties, foreign trade issues, oil companies, energy companies, tied to his father’s personal interests and benefits off them, accusations of disinformation, etc.
Most of the arguments and charges being brought against Hunter are in relation to Joe Biden and his 1994 Crime Bill, as if the best way to get to Joe is through Hunter. The only missing bits from this sensational case are the usual D.C. shady activities of human trafficking, Clinton murder mysteries, and necking with Epstein’s inner circle.
Click here to read the full featured article.
Committee Updates
By Garrison Ham

Q2 was a busy period for the Libertarian Party of California. The Program Committee completed a Defend the Guard plank that was adopted by the Excom. With one of the largest National Guard contingents in the United States, California can greatly influence US foreign policy by implementing DFG policies within the state.


The Affiliate Support Committee released a handbook to help support libertarians throughout the state. This will help county affiliates develop effective programs that will help support the Liberty Movement in the state that needs it the most.


The Communications and Media Committee has been busy! From press releases to candidate support, the CMC has been hard at work spreading the message of liberty. If you would like to help write op-eds or any other public facing communications for the party, please email


Lastly, Rachel Nyx has stepped down as vice chair of the LPCA. The Executive Committee voted for Adrian Malagon to replace her. Mr. Malagon’s previous role as Northern Area Coordinator will be filled in the coming weeks. 


Thank you, Ms. Nyx, for you hard work, dedication, and leadership as the LPCA Vice Chair. We would also like to congratulate Mr. Malagon on his new role and wish him success filling some pretty big shoes.



📅 Save the Date: Next Ex-Com Meeting

Next Executive Committee Meeting: September 24, 2022


The next Executive Committee Meeting will be held at the Hotel Mission de Oro, 13070 CA-33, Santa Nella, CA 95322.


Watch our Facebook page and the September issue of The Beacon for hotel group rate information and the fundraiser to be held that evening.

☝🏼 Affiliate Tip of the Month
By Elizabeth Stump


Opportunities to host a booth or participate in a local event sometimes pop-up suddenly, and you don’t want to pay rush production fees and overnight express shipping charges from the printer.  Get them printed up with plenty of time to double check and proofread for any mis-spellings or omitted info.


Make sure the banner has your full county affiliate name, a logo (county or national), web site, Facebook and Twitter page (with the social logos) - if you have those set up already.  If you don’t have a website yet, then use the state party website URL:  


Be sure to use party colors of gray/silver, yellow, black and white.  Your county may design its own unique logo with your own color choices, but gray, yellow, black and white are the recommended colors.  YELLOW/GOLD FOR CERTAIN, as we use the hashtag #VoteGold in the promotion of candidates on social media.  You can even include a slogan such as “Minimum Government, Maximum Freedom” or “All Your Freedoms, All the Time” or some other such slogan you think will interest your local voters.


It is recommended you have a 6 ft x 2 ft  (72” x 24”) banner for mounting on the front of a 6-8 ft table.  Most tables are about 28”-29” in height and you don’t want your banner dragging on the ground.  You can mount your banner to the table with either clips/clamps or painters tape, DO NOT USE DUCT TAPE.  


If you have a 10 ft x 10 ft pop-up gazebo tent, you can also order an 8’ x 3’ banner for mounting across the back of your tent-booth set up, which also serves as a sun/wind break, or can be mounted above the front entry to your tent.  


Be sure to include grommets for the option of using twine or zip ties to hang your banners from your set-up, tent or between trees.


If you have classic car cruise nights or parades in your county, be sure to order a pair of banners for both sides of the vehicle.  2 ft x 3 ft is the recommended size for normal-size cars.  Flatbed truck sizes will vary, but be sure your banner is not so wide as to drag on the ground.

Be sure to check out the Affiliate Tip of the Week that posts Wednesdays on the LPCA’s Facebook internal business group page HERE for more tips.


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