LNC Reno 2022: Rooms, Day of Education, Hotel Map, & Local Guide
By Elizabeth Stump


The block of rooms the LNC have reserved at The Nugget have sold out.


However, they have more rooms reserved for group rates at two more hotels:


Ramada By Wyndham Reno Hotel & Casino - 1000 E. 6th St., Reno, NA 89512, as the main off-site hotel, 2.8 miles away/5 minutes by car. Rates: Weekday $99, Weekend $119 - plus taxes & fees. There will be a shuttle service between the Ramada and the Nugget. Click here to book your room

SureStay Plus by Best Western Reno Airport - 1981 Terminal Way, Reno, NV 89502. Reservations by phone only: 775-348-6370. Ask for the "Libertarian National Committee rate." Weekday $99, Weekend $149 - plus taxes & fees. No shuttle service provided.


Thursday, May 26, the day before the convention begins, is Day of Education for candidates and affiliate leaders, which is free to attend.  There are several tracks and classes to choose from affiliate and campaign finance, to membership, candidate training, managing campaigns, communications, public relations, and more.


Since many delegates and alternates coming to Reno and Sparks, NV are unfamiliar with the area, here is a local guide to coffee shops, restaurants, microbrew pubs, printing/shipping, pharmacies, grocery stores, shopping and more.  All distances are relative to The Nugget, except as noted.


Click here to read the local guide including dining options, breweries, and stores located by each hotel.


Click here to see the map of the Nugget Main Casino Floor.


Candidate Spotlight
By Jessica Tewksbury

L - R: Kelly Carden, Dr. Rodgir Cohen, Joe Dehn, Christopher R. Ganiere, Francisco Ramirez

Click on each name in blue to read the full candidate feature.

Kelly Carden - "In less than 4 weeks, many of my fellow candidates will know our political futures.  This is our chance to put our best foot forward, and so again I come back to you, our tribe. Go to all of the candidates social media pages, share our articles and appearances, and of course give."

Dr. Rodgir Cohen wants to support the Inland Empire with socially pragmatic programs through fiscally conservative measure that will develop equity and amongst all of the Inland Empire.  Focusing on healthcare, civil rights, the environment, and economic inequality, new business and economic growth for the small business with grow.

Joe Dehn is running for Congress this year to offer a radically different alternative to the failed policies of the Republicans and Democrats. He proposes: drastic cuts in the size of the federal government and taxes, ending U.S. military involvement in disputes between and within other countries, and an end to all the domestic "wars" as well, including the war on drugs, the war on guns, and the war on immigrants


Christopher R. Ganiere - "I decided to run for OC Board of Education to improve the education of students in Orange County. The OC Department of Education spending is in the hundreds of millions of dollars annually. We pay for that – either directly or in a roundabout way. Lots of students are excluded. These UHC Students should be treated like free agents to bolster and enrich OC Schools.


Francisco Ramirez - "I was born and raised in Hanford, California where I attended and graduated from local schools. I believe we should all work together to create a quality environment for safer neighborhoods. Furthermore, I plan to focus on bringing more emphasis on engaging our children, and also the elderly that have been lacking attention for decades."



Recent Affiliate Elections: Solano, Sacramento & Humboldt
On March 22, 2022, Solano County held their annual elections.  Elected to the Executive Committee are Kai Lawson, Chair; Geraldo Guinto, Vice Chair; Robert Demadura, Treasurer


On April 4, 2022, Sacramento County held their annual elections.  Elected to the Executive Committee are James Just, Chair; Janine Kent, Vice Chair; Karen Netherton, Secretary; Emily Tilforn, Treasurer; Michael Graves, At-Large.

L-R: Micahel Graves, James Just, Karen Netherton, Emily Tilford.



On May 6, 2022, Humboldt County held its first annual elections, having recently become affiliated.  Elected to the Executive Committee are Richard William Stafford, Chair; Jeff Musgrave, Vice Chair; Brianna Melise Stafford, Treasurer; Elise Rieke, Secretary.

L-R: Richard Stafford, Brianna Stafford, Rivenna Stafford (Libertarian in Training), Jeff Musgrave, Elise Rieke
Committee Highlights

By Garrison Ham

On March 22, 2022, Solano County held their annual elections.  Elected to the Executive Committee are Kai Lawson, Chair; Geraldo Guinto, Vice Chair; Robert Demadura, Treasurer


Shortly after forming this year’s committee working groups, California Libertarians are already hard at work growing the party, supporting candidates, and broadcasting our message of liberty to a state in desperate need.


The Affiliate Support Committee (ASC) is working on a handbook to help support growth and development at the county level. A rough draft is anticipated sometime after Q2. The ASC’s role is to help county affiliates grow sustainable programs that will expand the LP’s presence at the local level while assisting Chair Pro Teams find capable candidates for leadership roles. As the LPC looks to build grassroots movements to undermine and overthrow the duopoly in winnable elections, affiliate development will be crucial to future success.


The first round of LPC program planks have been confirmed in committee! These planks will enhance the LP’s national platform with issues directly impacting Californians allowing local Libertarian candidates to augment the policy positions withinin their campaigns and show the rest of the state that the LPC has pragmatic liberal remedies to some of California’s toughest problems. The committee’s goal was to find issues that aligned with Libertarian values, address important policy topics in the state, and overlap with other voter concerns throughout the election cycle. While drafts are still being written, you can expect the LPC to start messaging more around Mandates, Corporatism, Energy and Water, Defend the Guard, and Housing.


Lastly, the Communications and Media Committee is looking to focus messaging on meaningful policy analysis and constructive engagement both within the party and the broader public. We Libertarians understand challenges in the public and private space, and we’re going to communicate our solutions in a way that is both inclusive and constructive. If you would like to submit any ideas or drafts for editorials that can be published by the Comms team, please email




TJ Ferreira Resigns as LPCA Executive Director
It is with great remorse that I announce: effective May 31, 2022, I (Tim "TJ" Ferreira) am resigning as the Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of California.
During the summer, I will be moving out of state. This move is due to a series of personal, financial, health, and family circumstances that have arisen over the last 6 months. As much as I wanted to, and as much as I tried, I'm currently unable to serve the Libertarian Party of California in a manner which it deserves.
I remain a lifetime member of the state party and plan to support and attend future events. I hope the time comes that I can return to my home of California and provide the party the focus it deserves to get to the next level. In the meantime, I hope someone else steps up to the call of Executive Director to help establish a foundation for future party growth.
Chair Robson and I are working on a transition plan and I will still be volunteering for certain tasks - especially those which can be done remotely.
It has been an honor to serve this party and I hope to see it continue to grow and thrive.
Tim "TJ" Ferreira
Executive Director
Libertarian Party of California


Riverside County Election Advisory Committee
By Loren Dean
At the start of 2022, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors approved the creation of an Election Advisory Committee to offer the public a channel whereby election integrity issues could be addressed, and transparency provided. The committee includes representatives from county administration (like the Registrar of Voters) and community stakeholders. Those community stakeholder seats include a designated seat for three political party representatives: one Democrat, one Republican, and one third party seat for a representative of the third party with the largest recent vote share. Since Riverside County has a Libertarian County Supervisor, it should come as no surprise that that third party seat on the committee went to the Libertarian Party of Riverside County, and is filled by chair Loren Dean.

At the committee’s first public meeting in April, Dean reminded the committee (and the viewing public over Zoom) that Riverside County “has no majority party. No party in the county has a majority of voter registrations, and that ideological diversity pairs with the county’s ethnic diversity to create the secret sauce that makes Riverside County delicious.” LPRC member June Genis, also a member of the CalRCV (ranked choice voting) lobby coalition, spoke during the meeting’s public comment period, urging the committee (and the county government) to look more carefully at a voting method that would allow county government to better reflect the citizens’ diversity of opinion. Click here to read the full article.

"World's Shortest" Fourth of July Parade
Santa Cruz LP in Aptos - Come Join!
By Kathleen Purcell

Please consider joining the Libertarian Party of Santa Cruz County as we participate in the World's Shortest Parade, Monday July 4th, 10:00-12:00, Aptos, CA.

The Details:

  • 9am meetup at the Aptos Library parking lot: 7695 Soquel Dr.

  • 9am - 10am costuming (if you wish), organizing signs, flags, etc., and decorating the "float"

  • 10am - 12pm Parade! It may be shorter (last year it was)

  • 11am - 4pm Party in the Park (vendor booth)

This year, of ALL years, it is important to show the public that there are more of us liberty-minded folks than the media and politicians would like us to believe. If someone has a truck to supply to use as a float, we would be most appreciative! Otherwise, we'll be walking the three blocks, 0.7 miles (see parade route map).
Important: For the Parade, please don't bring signs that can be seen as political, and thus potentially problematic.  We have to be seen as NEUTRAL with regard to covid, vaccines, etc.  Be creative, keeping in mind the audience (Santa Cruz).  However , if we do a vendor booth at the Party in the Park, it will be fine to present with specific information about the vaccines, etc., that can potentially reality-check the public.
LPC at the State Fair: Info and Volunteer Sign-Up
By: James Just, Mark Hinkle & Elizabeth Stump
The Libertarian Party of California will be participating in the California State Fair, which is scheduled to take place from July 15th to 31st at Cal Expo, the State Fairgrounds, at 1600 Exposition Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95815.

The fair booth needs to be staffed every hour that the fair is open, so we'll need lots of volunteers, as in 2019, there were 426,000 attendees, some from all over the world.  Fair hours are during hours of operation are:
  • Monday - Thursday, 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM 
  • Midway closes at 11:00 PM 
  • Friday - Sunday 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM 
  • Midway closes at midnight
As in past years, we ask volunteers to do 4 hours in the booth, and then they're free to explore the Fair. The Sacramento Co. affiliate has a Facebook group for organizers and volunteers.
In addition, Sacramento Co. affiliate has a State Fair information list on their public Trello board. It is currently empty but will fill up soon enough with more information as the State Fair dates. approaches.
But to make this event a success, we need help from volunteers and county affiliates and planning. Help is needed organize, plan, design and fund what should be a valuable outreach opportunity. At the State Fair, we are in an exhibition hall surrounded by highly professional commercial booths. And in the past, our boothing efforts have looked dated and amateurish by comparison.  A complete rethink of the approach is needed.
At the booth, there will be buttons to give away, LP flyers from national, the “World Smallest Political Quiz,” and Ranked Choice Voting literature.  In addition, possibly a petition or two if any initiatives are being circulated.
Volunteers to supply county affiliate materials, bodies for the booth, production of give away materials and donations, should contact both James Just ( and Mark Hinkle (408-779-7922/
Distracted: A United People is Too Dangerous for Those Seeking to Maintain Power and Authority
By: Zack Kincaid

There is a feeling of deja vu currently sweeping through Libertarian and anti-authoritarian circles that seems to be easily attributed to the cyclical nature of modern politics and the exploitation of the tribalism and emotional responses of American voters. Whenever the hegemony is threatened, right at the moment when it seems the plurality has finally agreed that further imposition will no longer be tolerated, there coincides some new issue that refocuses the ire of the masses away from the state and back on to themselves.

Americans from across the social, economic, and political landscape are done with the pandemic response and its negative effects and consequences. Lockdowns, mandates, censorship, and inflation have grown from the topics of dinner conversation into the potential driving force in the upcoming election. Trust in politicians, the police and other social services, and the corporate media are at an all time low and continue to erode.

The similarities between this moment and the political climate during the Great Recession are almost overwhelming. Click here to read the full article.

Regional Spotlight: Kern County
By Anthony Strauss


With all the hard work the Libertarian Party has been putting in nationally, you'd be hard pressed to highlight a particular state, or for that matter a particular county. With humor and nepotism, I laughingly recommended my county and the Beacon asked me to meet just that challenge. Let’s showcase some of the activity coming from Kern County, California. 

The Spark of Liberty amongst those here in Kern is next to scorched earth, and many of the individuals who celebrate freedom hadn't felt the need to collaborate with others to lift Liberty. The term used is, "herding kittens," whereas, locally I find, "gaining the trust of jaded anarchists" has been Kern’s task.

Click here to read the full article.


📅 Save the Date: Next Ex-Com Meeting

The next LPCA Executive Committee meeting will be held 10:00am - 5:00pm, Saturday, June 18, 2022, in Laguna Hills, Orange County, CA, at The HIlls Hotel, 25205 La Paz Rd, Laguna Hills, CA 92653. 


☝🏼 Affiliate Tip of the Month
By Elizabeth Stump

Get some business cards for your affiliate printed up for each of your Executive Committee members.  When talking to new people and it comes up in conversation, you can give them your affiliate’s business card.  Even when networking with other Libertarians across the county, state and nationally, it’s helpful to have cards to share.  Printing up just 50-100 per ExCom member is a small cost outlay (or someone can donate to cover the cost) to help expand awareness in your community.


If you don’t have a logo for your county yet, LPCA Executive Director, TJ Ferreira, has them for all the counties across California - transparent and opaque backgrounds, white and gray choices, to include printing on business cards, for websites and social media.  You can find your county’s logos here.

If you are even inclined, you can have the reverse printed with the “This is not a tip” paragraph featured here, and use them when tipping your barber/hairdresser, server, bartender or other service:


In Memoriam: David J. Theroux 1949-2022
For decades, David Theroux has been a freedom fighter worthy of being called a true libertarian. As the founder of the Independent Institute, he led one of the oldest Libertarian think tanks in California and helped to spread the message of liberty from their headquarters in Oakland.
An Alameda County affiliate member, he helped to guide policy in the Bay Area by combining his scholarly rigor with effective partisan outreach that held leaders accountable and defended the people. David was a dear friend to many in our community and he will be missed by all.
To read more, click here.
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