Convention in Long Beach, California | Dave Smith at the LPC Convention Reception

The Ron Paul r3VOLution Returns to California
By Zach Kincaid, Yolo County


Liberty was alive and well in Long Beach over President's day weekend as the Libertarian Party of California convention brought freedom lovers from all over the Golden State and some from across the nation. The impressive attendance, and equally impressive slate of speakers and events, were not nearly as impressive as the overall feeling of cooperation, especially when compared to the infighting plaguing other state organizations. California's unique Party culture, a reflection of the size and diversity of the state itself, allows for the individuals in the party to work on issue coalitions, with people alternating between voting together and against each other, oftentimes item to item or amendment to amendment. Though not completely without incident, the majority of disagreements were respectfully debated and resolved, ultimately setting the tone for the members working together to achieve liberty over the upcoming year.


Dave Smith kicked off the event on Friday night, driving home the importance of cooperation in the battle against the encroaching state and encouraging bold, honest messaging, and was followed over the weekend by author and “lunatic farmer” Joel Salatin, former Congressman Justin Amash, writer/commentator and activist Hannah Cox, LNC Chair Whitney Bilyeu, and 2020 Libertarian Candidate for President Jo Jorgensen. Click here to read the all of the event details.

😷 Liberty Unmasked: LNC National Convention in Sparks, NV May 26-29, 2022
By: Jessica Tewksbury, Secretary, Riverside County

The Libertarian Party Invites YOU to come be a part of the 2022 National Convention in Sparks, Nevada. It starts with an optional “Day of Education” on May 26th, with twelve free tracks to choose from. Friday starts the three days of Business, where the over 1,000 Delegates who are sent on behalf of their state affiliates, will be voting to make changes to the platform and bylaws, elect the new 2022-2024 Libertarian National Committee, and other business items, such as resolutions.

There are registration packets that include meals and speakers Tom Woods, Scott Horton, Larry Sharpe, and Marshall Burt. There is also a Gala Saturday night hosted by REASON Magazine’s Senior Editor Elizabeth Nolan Brown, which will be held in the Celebrity Showroom at the Nugget, a historic and elegant event space. Click here for all of the event details.

In the News: Hanford City Council appoints Kalish Morrow new mayor

By Eric Gill, Hanford Sentinel


Vice-Mayor Kalish Morrow (District A) has been appointed as mayor of Hanford (Kings County), replacing Mayor Diane Sharp (District C).


“Sharp submitted her letter of resignation as Hanford mayor on March 9 following a series of occurrences that prompted City Council members to criticize her leadership and move to reorganize the council.”

Link to the full article here
💉 L.A. City Medical Vaccine Mandate: Anatomy of an Initiative
By Rachel Nyx, Vice Chair, Los Angeles County

LA Libertarians mourn the loss of their once-beautiful city. Prior to the “pandemic”, LA was facing rising crime and homelessness rates, a housing squeeze, and many other problems. But it was still the city we loved; a city of tourism, artist communities, eclectic dining, and a thriving entertainment industry with Hollywood and the best hard rock & electronic music scenes in the country.

All of that changed with the lockdowns. In a matter of months, thousands of small businesses shuttered their doors for good. Restaurants, coffee shops, and concert venues ceased to operate. Panicked entrepreneurs burned through their savings, took out loans, and gave up hope.

Mayor Garcetti kept the city in a perpetual state of emergency with lockdowns and mask mandates, but the City Council didn’t feel enough “safety” restrictions were in place. Click here to read more.

The Most Important 2A Lawsuit That You've Never Heard Of
The Hope of Constitutional Carry in California
By: Zach Kincaid
Constitutional Carry has been getting some National attention since Alabama became the 22nd state to adopt it and gun control related Supreme Court cases usually generate quite a bit of fervor and attention in the media and in the public dialogue, so how has this case from California managed to go relatively unnoticed? I have been following along for a few years, but finally had the opportunity to send in a few questions to Charles Nichols regarding his lawsuit. He was kind enough to respond, so instead of editorializing, here are his responses.

Twelve Questions Regarding my California Open Carry lawsuit with Charles Nichols

1) What is your lawsuit, and what do you hope to achieve with its success?

That is a two-part question.


My Federal lawsuit seeks prospective injunctive and declarative relief against California laws that prohibit me from openly carrying loaded and unloaded firearms outside the interior of my home. Specifically, I am prohibited from openly carrying loaded firearms for the purpose of lawful self-defense in the curtilage of my home, on my private residential property, in and on my motor vehicle, and in non-sensitive public places. My lawsuit claims that is a violation of the Second Amendment. I also challenge a California law that says that my refusal to consent to the search and seizure of my person and property so that police can inspect my firearm to see if it is loaded is probable cause for an arrest.


It is well-established law that asserting one's Fourth Amendment right is not probable cause for an arrest, nor does it create a reasonable suspicion that someone is engaged in criminal activity.

Click here to read all 12 questions and answers.

How can you affect local policy without getting elected?
Join a city or county board, commission, or committee!
By: Elizabeth Stump
Looking at this meme, you may be wondering, “Yeah, why can’t this guy paint his own shed?”  It is usually because some local city or county commission, committee or board decided it would be a “good reason” to create such a regulation or law, which usually involves a permit fee or added tax to your property taxes.

How can you fight back the onerous and insidious growth of local government, which creeps in and entangles us in our daily lives, like a bad case of blackberry brambles or English Ivy?  Join one or more of these boards, commissions or committees, or BCCs as we’ll call them, and push back and question why the city needs another regulation to control the minutiae of people’s everyday lives.  It is often these BCCs that recommend adding more taxes to pay for the growth of more government.  If you join a BCC, you can help slow, stop and hopefully reverse this trend of more regulation, fees and taxes.


To read the full article, click here.

To go directly to the database of open positions in all 58 counties in California, click here.
Regional Spotlight: San Diego County
By Garrison Ham
Picture #1 from Left to Right: Gardner Osborne, Don DeAngelo, Joseph DePaul, Kara Smith, Garrison Ham, Joe Corbett, Jesse Thomas, and Conner Farrell. Picture #2 Loren Springer

The San Diego County affiliate hit the new year running with its local convention in January that saw the election of its new executive committee. The SDLP is proud to introduce its new leadership team:

Loren Springer – Chair

Raquel Lester – Vice Chair,

Kara Smith – Secretary

Terri Cekovik – Treasurer

Gardner Osborne – At Large

San Diego Libertarians were also proud to send a delegation to the California State Convention in Long Beach that saw Mr. Springer elected to the state Judiciary Committee.

Click here to read more.

Alameda County Launches Scholarship Program
By Elizabeth Stump
On March 1st, Alameda County launched its first scholarship program, designed to reach out to 11th and 12th graders, in which the Libertarian Party is entirely skipped over and ignored in most U.S. Government/Civics classes.  Information about the scholarship program was sent not only to every public and private high school in Alameda County, but to homeschooling networks in the county/region, and History/Social Studies Departments at these schools as well.
The scholarship program has entrants either write an essay or make a video on the topic: How should a Libertarian government respond to a local or state political controversy of your choosing?

There are four awards: First Place essay $1,500, First Place video $1,000, Second Place essay $500, Second Place video $300.


Elizabeth Stump, the scholarship program founder, is documenting the scholarship program process in a handbook, and once the kinks are worked out, will be sharing the program with the state and other county affiliates for opportunities to launch their own scholarship program.


All the details about the scholarship program can be found at the Alameda County website here: 


☝🏼 Affiliate Tip of the Month
By: Elizabeth Stump

Your county affiliate should partner up with other organizations that have similar goals and objectives.  Create a liaison between them, share on your social media platforms when those groups are having meetings, and they will usually reciprocate as well.  Some recommended organizations you should reach out to are: 

  • Your local county Taxpayer’s Association
  • Young Americans For Liberty Chapters at your local colleges
  • Youth Libertarian Caucus Chapters
  • Anti-Mandate Groups

If there are other groups you think that would also be open to and align with Libertarian principles, reach out to them.

📅 Save the Date

Libertarian Party of Santa Cruz participates in Aptos’ “World’s Shortest Fourth of July Parade” and are in need of other Libertarians and freedom loving people to come and help add to their parade group.  If you live near Santa Cruz County and would like to support a sister county affiliate, come join in the Aptos Fourth of July Parade.  More details to come in May’s issue of The Beacon.


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