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Presidential Campaign News 
Our Presidential Candidate Jo Jorgensen Visits California
By Peter Moulds, LPC, November 2020
On Sunday October 11th, Dr. Jo Jorgensen campaigned in California by holding meet-and-greet with supporters in Anaheim in the morning, followed by an evening rally in Roseville. Jorgensen hoped to reach out to more voters eager to hear her campaign’s hopeful message of “Real Change for Real People.” 

The Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen ticket appears on all 50 states’ ballots as well as D.C.’s. This makes the Libertarian Party the only party other than the Democratic or Republican parties to have complete ballot access.


Much of California is still on lock-down and some schools are being forced to use distance learning. At its events, the Jorgensen campaign encouraged people to wear masks and employ social distancing, and encouraged those not feeling well to stay home.


At the rally, Jorgensen said, “People don’t need to be forced by the government to take the coronavirus seriously. People naturally want to protect their own health and the health of the elderly and those with preexisting conditions. While I believe wearing masks is a good idea, the government should not force individuals to wear masks against their will. However, private organizations and private property owners should do what they think is necessary, of course, to protect their customers, employees, and constituencies. That may include requiring masks, social distancing, or other measures.”

 🎙️ Listen to Jo's Interview on Radio KMJ with Aaron Abeytia. Click here to listen to the clip. 
Meme of the Month
California Election News 
California Voting Guide
By Peter Moulds, LPC, November 2020

The Libertarian Party of California announces its positions on the State of California's 2020 Propositions. These positions were recently endorsed by the Libertarian Party of California Executive Committee. 


Mimi Robson, Chair of the Libertarian Party of California stated, "In this important year of election, the people of California are being bombarded with complex propositions loaded with tax hikes, the reduction of free marketing and liberty stifling policies. Please consider the Libertarian position when voting next month. The Libertarian Party of California wants to stimulate a vibrant economy and greater freedoms for all citizens."

For detailed explanations of the Party's positions on the 12 propositions click here

Libertarian Party of California Candidates 2020


James Just - State Assembly District 7

Jamie Dluzak - State Senate District 9

Starchild - State Assembly District 17


City, School District, County

Wendy Hewitt - Calimesa, City Council

Scott Schmidt - Los Rios, Trustee

Azadeh Weber - Saratoga Union School District Board of Trustees

Kate O'Brien - Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District Board of Directors

Ricky Estrada - Menifee, Mayor

Kalish Morrow - Hanford, City Council District B

Bob Karwin - Menifee, City Council District 1

Samuel Ulloa - Rancho Santiago, Community College District Trustee Area 5

Brian Holtz - Purissima Hills, Water District Board President

Michael Noguera - Atwater City Council District 1


Click here to see the candidates and read their statements.
Featured Stories
Ben Swann's Interview about the Debate Blackout of Jo Jorgensen
For the last two Presidential election cycles, the Libertarian Party is the only party other than the Democratic and Republican parties with ballot access in all 50 states. Yet, the Libertarian Party's candidate, Jo Jorgensen, is not included in any Presidential debates.
"The problem for the Libertarian Party, I would say is an even bigger problem for the American people because they're not given a choice. They're given what we call '#fakedebates' where we've got two people on stage, both of whom think that you shouldn't be able to spend your own money. That politicians and bureaucrats in Washington can spend it better than you can. Both candidates want to make decisions for you. Neither one has any answers to the crushing healthcare costs and neither one wants to bring the
troops home. So you're not getting any real choice," states Jo Jorgensen.
Click here to watch the full interview.
An Interesting History of Presidential Debates
By Joey Marra, LP, September 2020
A new FCC ruling extends "equal time" provisions to presidential debates. As a matter of practicality, this largely necessitates presidential debates to be hosted by a neutral third-party. 
The nonpartisan League of Women Voters (LWV) steps in to be that neutral party and to ultimately host the first televised presidential debate in nearly twenty years. They go on to host debates through 1984 with the goal of informing the American voter via a nonpartisan platform utilizing lively debate formats and inclusion of third-party and independent candidates. 
In opposition to their inclusion of an independent candidate, President Carter declines the LWV's invitation to the second debate of the year. Despite the lack of appearance by the sitting president, true to its principles, the LWV goes on with the debate, honoring their invitations to Ronald Reagan and independent candidate, John Anderson. Jimmy Carter goes on to lose the election to Ronald Reagan, with Carter's absence at the debate noted as a major factor in Reagan's success. The Democratic and Republican parties get their first taste of the influence of the relatively new, neutrally hosted, televised debates. It is also apparent that the presence of an independent candidate is what kept the debate alive, even when a sitting president chose to opt-out. Simply declining to participate is not a viable option. 
Click here to read the full article.
Podcast of the Month
Virtue Signaling Won't Save Lives or End Racism
Kibbe on Liberty YouTube Channel, October 2020
Matt Kibbe and Jo Jorgenson talk about the performative nature of politics, where Democrats and Republicans are more interested in putting on a show for their base than in actually fixing problems. Jorgensen then goes on to describe how FDA regulations stood in the way of cheap, readily available testing for COVID-19 that could have slowed the spread of the virus.
Click here to listen to the full podcast.
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