Libertarian Brian Holtz Shares Wit and Wisdom 
By Peter Moulds, LPC, April 2021 
Are the duopolistic-types worried about the Libertarian Movement? Were Brian Holtz’s Libertarian election signs vandalized by liberty-fearing Republican or Democrat neighbors? Watch the YouTube video!

Meet Libertarian candidate Brian Holtz, who is serving his fourth term on the Purissima Water District Board of Los Altos Hills, CA. In an interview with The Beacon, Holtz shared learnings from his past experience and advice for Libertarians running for office in today’s political climate.

"I enjoyed answering candidate surveys and the few press interviews that I had. The candidate forums involved nervous anticipation beforehand, but then something like a runner's high when you take the stage,” Holtz said of his time as a Congress candidate. “Your Libertarian instincts will guide you in answering questions, so the only tricky part is remembering your talking points for the opening and closing statements. I tip my hat to Eshoo; she attended every forum, and always stayed on her anti-Bush message, completely ignoring what was said by me or the Republican and Green candidates."


In addition to serving on the Water District Board, Holtz was a three-time candidate for US Congress in the 18th District, running against now 28-year incumbent Anna Eshoo. 


Holtz shared a point from military science that he thinks Libertarians should take to heart: “Don’t pay for the same hill twice.” He feels that Libertarians involved in the Party spend way too much time reinventing the wheel; one set of leaders builds out an initiative in one term and the leaders in the next term feel the need to completely replace it. The new initiative is most often only slightly different and not necessarily an improvement to the previous one. 


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Are the Wheels Coming Off of Government-Mandated COVID Relief?

By Trey Van Dyke, LPC, April 2021

Howard Iten is a retired auto-mechanic and Marine Corps veteran who served in Vietnam. After nearly three decades of serving the Lawndale community with his auto-mechanic business, he likely never thought he’d be in a Federal legal battle at the forefront of government overreach.

In Howard Iten v. County of Los Angeles, currently on the docket of the Central District of California Federal Court, Iten is fighting for property rights against the “emergency powers'' that have befallen California during this pandemic.

After retiring from the auto-mechanic business, he leased his auto-shop building to a franchisee in order to supplement his and his wife’s savings and Social Security income. In March 2020, the City of Lawndale and Los Angeles County enacted moratoriums on commercial lease evictions, a circumstance that his leasee took full advantage of starting the next month. Despite being in full operation as an “essential business” the entire time, the leasee has fallen behind over $30,000 in rent.
This rental income is a significant portion of Iten’s monthly income. Iten is also unable to collect any late fees or interest on this back-rent, so he has essentially been stuck providing a free loan to his tenant for the last year and will be forced to do so for the foreseeable future as well. The Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) has taken up the case pro-bono and is assisting Iten against the encroachment of LA County on his right to freely contract and use his property how he wishes.
"Hi, I'm Stuart. I'm a Libertarian because I see my country headed in the wrong direction. I see the Libertarian way as a saving force (if I can use that term 😁). We enter office owing no one anything. Free to move forward with little to hinder us!" 
With 8 brand-new elected Libertarians this month, it is a great time to be like Stuart and join the Libertarian Party. 
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The Keynote speaker will be Marshall Burt, Wyoming House District 39 Representative, the first Libertarian to win a state-level seat in the Party’s history!

Last year’s election results set a record for the Libertarian party nationwide, and Burt’s state-level election is one of those great successes. We are honored to have Burt come to our convention and share his thoughts on how to repeat his success here in California.


More than 10 other speakers will be on the schedule, including Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen – our 2020 Presidential ticket – as well as our LNC Chair, Joe Bishop-Henchman.



Infrastructure Delusions

Richard Epstein of the Hoover Institute is interviewed about the Biden Administration's infrastructure initiative. Is the Biden Administration attempting to redefine the entire progressive agenda as "infrastructure"?

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