What's Next for the Libertarian Party After Jo Jorgensen Got 1%? 

Reason spoke to many party insiders about what they think went right and wrong in 2020, the LP’s internal divisions, and the strategies for the future. Leaders Angela McArdle, Chair of the Los Angeles County Libertarian Party and Joe Bishop-Henchman, Chair of The Libertarian National Committee agree that the best use of the national party is to inspire activists and candidates to work at a state and local level.


But in order to grow, where should the party focus? Alex Merced and Joe Bishop-Henchman believe it’s about bringing in the centrists that feel they don’t align with their own parties, whereas Angela McArdle believes those centrists will never truly align themselves with the party.


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Winners Tell All! What it's like to be elected as a Libertarian 
By Peter Moulds, LPC, February 2021 

Wendy Hewitt, Bob Karwin, and Kalish Morrow speak out about winning, challenges, and the future of libertarianism in California.


Last November, California led the country in electing Libertarians for office. Although California has the largest population of any state, our achievement of six elected Libertarians is well beyond the expected statistical results. What are we doing right? What are the winning candidates doing right? What is working in our campaigns? The Beacon spoke to three of these newly elected office holders to find out more of what it’s like to win an election and what they can pass along.


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California State Memberships Rise 

Peter Moulds, LPC, September 202

As of the end of January, our statewide count of central committee members has reached 1,175 which is most likely a record for the past decade! That's up 12% from a year earlier, and 23% from two years ago.

The graph to the left shows membership growth since 2017. The darker blue line represents central committee members (CCM).

Central committee members are registered Libertarians who are current with payment of their minimum $25.00 annual membership dues. Technically, there are several other ways for an individual to be a central committee member, but this isn’t important for our discussion here. The green line represents all contributors (donors) including individuals who are not registered Libertarians. The difference is that the CCM count includes only people who signed the LP non-aggression principle and who are not registered with another party.

The lighter blue line shows the number of dues-paying national members who are registered Libertarians in California. This has also been trending upward over the past couple of years. Note that while in California state and county membership are combined – a single dues payment qualifies you for both – national LP membership is separate.

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This year’s convention will be held at the Visalia Marriott at the Convention Center in Visalia, CA from the 14th to the 16th of May.

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