State of the Libertarian Party of California Address

By Adrian F Malagon, Chair of the LPCA 



LPCA membership (both State and National) has been in significant decline (~20%) for the last couple of years. Much of the public and private conversations surrounding this topic have been mired in wild speculation, with some even crafting malicious narratives. The reality of the situation is much more complex and multi-faceted, and we would be wise to take note of basic realities that are likely contributing to this downward trend in membership.


First, a significant number of liberty-minded people have fled the State of California due to its tyrannical response to COVID-19. Who among us could blame them?


Second, a fair number of people have recently had to reallocate their formerly disposable income to recent increases in taxes and inflation, job losses and transitions, or in some cases, more than one of these factors. Many expired members contacted have cited those as reasons why they could not renew their membership at this time. That those experiencing economic hardship would prioritize necessities over luxuries, should again, not come as a huge shock. Furthermore, the key benefit of County or State Central Committee Membership is the ability to vote for leadership positions and/or business at either level. If an individual isn’t involved in their local affiliate, or doesn’t believe they’ll be able to attend the Annual Convention due to budgetary constraints, it stands to reason that they likewise couldn’t justify the cost of keeping any particular level of membership active.


Third, while Libertarians are known to disagree, often vociferously, Mises Caucus members never imagined their libertarian siblings would rather walk away from the Party they helped build, than serve alongside them after they gained power.


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Adam Schiff is Not Fit to be the Senator of California
By Patrick Nicholson


Adam Schiff is the congressman from Burbank. Adam Schiff is now running to represent California in the Senate.  Adam Schiff is an inveterate liar and not fit for public office.  Libertarians must do what we can to prevent him from being our senator. Californians cannot allow this pathological fraud to represent us. 

As Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, he had a particular civic duty to be honest because he had access to classified information that no one else had. Yet, he deliberately chose to deceive the American public. 

When Schiff’s lies were exposed, he doubled down, even when faced with overwhelming evidence.  He contorted reality to promote a feckless case and has refused to acknowledge his mistruths. Quite the opposite.  When he announced his bid to become the next U.S. senator from California, Adam Schiff promoted himself as a fighter against lies and corruption.  “I’ve always believed that right matters, that the truth matters”, Schiff said when he launched his campaign. The impudence of his performance is exceeded only by its absurdity.

Adam Schiff’s trail of distortion, weaponization of the law for political gain, and egregious abuse of government authority makes him unfit to be our senator.

Trump’s Election Stuns Democrats

Former reality TV show star Donald Trump stunned Democrats in 2016 when he became the first person without government or military experience ever to be elected president of the United States.  Democrats hate Trump.  They view him as vulgar, consider his coarseness unpresidential, and think that he makes us look bad to other nations. They consider it a disgrace the way he treated some women, and that he lacked constraint because he is rich - which he revels in and does not feel the need to apologize for. He never learned to keep his opinions to himself because he never had to. They detest that Trump never learned to be embarrassed, and that he has no ideology.  And Democrats completely disagree with his bluntness that America is exceptional, and especially hate his slogan ‘make America great again’.

Democrats viewed Trump as an existential threat to democracy and someone that had to be stopped. They saw it as their moral imperative to oppose Donald Trump and they were going to contest his every effort, at every level, and thus fashioned the resistance movement.

After the 2016 election, ‘Resist’ rallies were held in Democratic strongholds across the nation and ‘Resist’ bumper stickers were everywhere. The Democrat’s goal was to force Trump to step down.  Democrats saw any and all resistance to Trump as acceptable.  If facts were sidestepped, so be it.  The destruction of Trump was worth any means necessary.

The Resistance Strategy

To counter Trump, Democrats needed to develop a strategy wherein the Trump administration would waste their time and resources fighting off Democrat’s accusations - rather than enact legislation that Democrats viewed as evil.  Democrats planned to afflict Trump with a constant barrage of damaging charges and shocking exposés, that he would be forced to defend against.  And thus, Democrats crafted “Russian Collusion” during the 2016 presidential campaign to frighten and alarm, sow division, and toxify civil discourse related to Trump. 

Adam Schiff as Resistance Leader

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff saw himself as the protector of our democracy and in so doing fabricated himself into the ‘Trump Slayer’.  He played the lead role in the implementation of the narrative that Russians colluded with the Trump campaign. Schiff’s goal was to insure that from day-one, the Trump administration would exhaust their time and resources fighting off his accusations.  Adam Schiff brazenly spread Russian collusion accusations for Trump’s entire term in office. 

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BART Boondoggle
By Marc Joffee

With Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) and other California transit districts on the hunt for more tax and toll money to subsidize their losing operations, the Libertarian Party of Contra Costa County organized a public event on June 13 to discuss the situation at BART.

LPCCC member Marc Joffe, who is also a policy analyst at the Cato Institute, opened with observations about ridership patterns, noting that passengers had started to abandon the system well before the March 2020 COVID-19 lockdown. He recommended that BART stop working on unnecessary projects like the proposed second tunnel under San Francisco Bay, switch to driverless trains to allow more frequent service without driving up labor costs and eliminate retiree health benefits to save money without impacting service.

The featured speaker at the LPCCC event was Debora Allen, a politically independent fiscal conservative who is often the only voice of reason on the BART board. Debora discussed problems with BART’s budgeting policies including its failure to consider any operational savings and its decision to pass a two-year budget that was not balanced.

About 20 area residents attended the event, many of whom were connected to the Contra Costa Taxpayers Association, and they asked a wide array of questions after Marc and Debora concluded. A video of the two presentations has been posted on the LPC YouTube channel. Click here to watch.

LNC Region 4 Representation Update

On May 18, 2023, Carrie Eiler, who was the elected LNC Region 4 Representative for California, resigned.

At the May 18, 2023 Operations Committee meeting, which is viewable here, the LPCA Operations Committee voted to appoint Adrian F Malagon as the Libertarian Party of California's ("LPCA") representative to the Libertarian National Committee ("LNC").  The justification for this action was that, in light of the resignation of Carrie Eiler as the LPCA's LNC representative, and the need for the LPCA to be consistently represented in the LNC's proceedings, a new LNC representative needed to be appointed without delay.
Membership Drive

It’s already July!  Which means October is right around the corner.  October 31st is when the LNC will be tallying national membership, and if California retains a minimum of 10% of national membership with the LNC, our state will continue to be the only region not required to share regional representation on the LNC Board for Region 4.  

The benefit of joint membership at the state and national level means that you qualify to be nominated as a delegate for the national LNC Convention, which will be held Memorial Day weekend in Washington D.C.  2024 is where we will be voting in person, at the convention, for our Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate.

Delegates from California will be picked during our state convention, which will be held in February 2024.  Location and exact dates are unknown at the time of publication of this newsletter, as contract negotiations are still ongoing.

So if your membership for California and national have lapsed or is close to expiring, you can renew your membership for both at the convenient link provided.

Renew both at the same time here:

If you are already a member of LPCA, the state party, but not a member of national, you can join here:

California Libertarian Candidates
By Elizabeth Stump


2024 will be a busy year for the Libertarian Party at the local, state, and national levels.  In addition to the presidential race, many of California’s political offices are also up for election. These offices range from local boards at the city and county level to positions in the California State Legislature and U.S. Congress.

If you will be, or are interested in running, as a Libertarian candidate for any office in California, whether partisan or nonpartisan (i.e. school board), the LPCA Candidate Support Committee (CSC) wants to hear from you as soon as possible.

The CSC provides more than just funding for candidates. We also have resources to help keep your campaign on track and avoid common pitfalls like missing application deadlines.  The CSC is looking to help candidates run their best campaign possible with tutorials and recorded webinars covering everything from recruiting volunteers, forming a public relations campaign, writing press releases, pitching stories to the press, fundraising, and more.

Don’t wait until the last minute.  Reach out to the CSC today at: 

Recent County Executive Committee Election Results

Sacramento County: election held 5/7/23

Chair: Mr. James Just

Vice-Chair: Mr. Michael Graves

Secretary: Mr. Tyler Janke
Treasurer: Ms. Gale Morgan
At-Large: Mr. Rodney Austin

Humboldt County: election held 5/26/23

Chair: Mr. Richard Stafford

Vice-Chair:   Mr. Jeff Musgrave

Secretary:    Ms. Elise Rieke

Treasurer:     Ms. Brianna Stafford

Merced County: election held 6/24/23

Chair:         Mr. Michael Noguera
Vice Chair:     Mr. Adam Conour
Secretary:     Ms. Vanessa Papineau
Treasurer:     Mr. Miguel Soto

☝🏼 Affiliate Tip of the Month:

The Affiliate Support Committee (ASC) is creating a series of webinars to help county organizations become more effective.

So far, the ASC has recorded webinars on Recruiting and Public Relations 101.

For access to the recorded webinars available to far and notification of future webinars, please contact the ASC at: 

Upcoming webinars in the future are:

  • Talking to Politicians, Wednesday, July 19, 2023 at 7:00PM
  • County Board Vacancies, Wednesday, August 9, 2023 at 7:00PM
  • Rhetoric, Wednesday, August 16, 2023 at 7:00PM
  • Press Release & Media Alerts, Wednesday, September 6, 2023 at 7:00PM
  • Candidate Development, Wednesday, November 8, 2023 at 7:00PM
  • Media Lists & Pitching, Date TBA, 7:00PM

Come to the webinars, as the presenters will take your questions and answer them live, via Zoom.  These webinars are also helpful for candidates considering to run, especially the County Board Vacancies webinar, coming up on August 9th.

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