Vote for Jeff Hewitt in the Recall Election
The election to recall Gavin Newsom is afoot, and you should have received your ballot through the mail.  If you are a registered voter and have not received one, it is recommended you contact your county’s Registrar of Voters Office immediately.  All ballots must be postmarked by September 14th.

For the first part of the ballot, it will have a simple question, asking:

“Shall GAVIN NEWSOM be recalled (removed) from the office of Governor?”


The Libertarian Party of California (LPCA) endorsed the recall and recommends you vote YES.  


LPCA has also endorsed who should replace Newsom as governor: JEFF HEWITT, Riverside County Supervisor, the only Libertarain candidate on the ballot.


As Riverside County Supervisor, Jeff Hewitt has voted against the mandatory closure of small businesses and mandatory mask wearing in his county.  In addition, Hewitt currently oversees a county with a population of more than 2.5 million and an annual budget of $6.8 billion. Jeff has what it takes to do the job as Governor, in addition to addressing our long ignored aging water infrastructure, housing costs, education and school choice, and the looming state pension crisis that many recent governors have just kicked down the road to ignore!



Newsom is wrong to describe the recall as just a Republican effort
Opinion Editorial by Mimi Robson, Chair, Libertarian Party of California

(This op-ed was published in The Orange County Register, The Los Angeles Daily News, and 9 other newspapers in the Southern California News Group)


At the end of last month I was asked to write a declaration to be used in a lawsuit against Governor Newsom and the California Secretary of State, Dr. Shirley Weber, by the proponents of the Recall Newsom effort. This suit ( was regarding the Governor’s argument, to be included in the voter guide ( that will be sent to all registered voters in California for the recall election to be held on September 14th, and it alleges that the Governor has violated California’s election laws in providing false and misleading information.

Last week Superior Court Judge Laurie M. Earl decided to reject the Lawsuit stating: “As persuasively demonstrated by Governor Newson, the recall effort was clearly spearheaded by Republicans.” It appears that she didn’t give any weight to the declarations of five registered voters in the State of California, which includes me, that are clearly NOT Republicans. I am the Chairperson of the Libertarian Party of California, and although I don’t agree with many supporters of the recall effort for their reasons for recalling the governor, I truly believe that the Governor should be removed.

To read the full article, click here.

Hewitt Campaigns Around California

By Kathryn McElroy, Anthony Strauss, and Betz Stump

Clovis, Fresno County Fundraiser.  Photo by Jon Prosser.


Jeff Hewitt, Libertarian Gubernatorial candidate in the recall election, has been busy travelling around California meeting voters and fellow Libertarians at meet and greets and fundraisers.  


July 16th, Hewitt came to Castro Valley to a fundraiser hosted by the Alameda County affiliate.  The candidate for Governor mixed with about 30 supporters at Westover Winery for an evening of barbeque and fine wine, listening to concerns from attendees about the state and answering questions, before an auction, featuring wines, artwork, jewelry, and other items was held to raise further funds for the Hewitt for Governor campaign.  The catering costs were covered by a donor, and all wine costs during the evening were donated by Westover Winery owner, Bill Smyth, so all food ticket and wine sales went towards the Hewitt campaign

1. Fundraiser for Jeff Hewitt hosted by Libertarain Party of Alameda County. Photo by Betz Stump

2. Libertarian Party of Kern County and Crusaders Brewery in Bakersfield for hosting a meet up with Jeff Hewitt.  Photo by Wendy Hewitt

On August 20th, forged for the political landscape, Hewitt met with members of Libertarians from Kern County at local brewery Crusader Brewing. Anthony Strauss said about the evening, “While speaking with us he was able to gain the attention of many service members that happen to be in attendance. Jeff took the opportunity to not just to engage, but to shock them when a slightly inebriated man abrasively asked Jeff, ‘What will you do for me? And people like me?’ Jeff immediately asked him to identify who he was, by which he stated he was a poor Mexican veteran, and became even more emotional. Jeff immediately started speaking in Spanish about how he would like to improve California. He and Jeff then spoke with service members together. It was nice to see a politician be able to not only sooth a socially odd situation, but end up with a few new supporters. Being able to meet people where they are at is going to be very important for our campaign, and the Hewitts traveling our state to truly learn the lives of Californians makes me proud of them.”

After Bakersfield, Hewitt traveled up to Clovis for a fundraiser hosted by the Fresno County affiliate with about a dozen attendees on August 21st.  Supporters enjoyed an evening of Italian food and wine at Luna’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant with Hewitt. 

Kathryn McElroy, an attendee, said about the event, “It was truly a pleasure to meet Jeff and Wendy Hewitt at the fundraiser dinner. The highlight was when the group slowly turned their attention to Jeff as he was giving a bit of a pep talk about building the movement, our party, and being engaged locally. Within a few minutes, the crowd was silent as Jeff spoke - almost uninterrupted - for the next hour about his vision of liberty in our state. His thoughtfulness, experience, and integrity came through in a powerful way.”

There was a report that KMPH Fox26 mentioned the fundraiser on the 10 o'clock news that night.
EMPOWER PEOPLE, Not Government

Photo by Vertigo Event Productions.

Casino Night in Long Beach a Success

By Jessica Tewksbury

The Weekend of August 14th and 15th, saw a gathering of Libertarians from several states, as the National Party provided the Candidate and Affiliate Leadership Training they have been working so hard on, this time in our region. The attendees of the training appreciate the staff and volunteer contributions to our local parties and candidates successes to come!


Amongst all the powerpoint presentations, the weekend’s true highlight was a “Casino Night” themed fundraiser for our state party’s Candidate Support Committee, held Saturday evening. Upon arriving, each person was given five hundred dollars of play money, which was then traded in for chips to use at the various game tables. There was a silent auction and a very popular cash bar! There was a professional photographer, and prop hats to take pictures with candidates, elected officials, and friends. A DJ kept the beat bumping, and there was dancing all around, in addition to lots of laughter. There was an assortment of lovely things to eat with the aforementioned drinks -all for the cause! The decor was classy with a Vegas vibe.


Fun were the games, and funds were raised! Some gamblers tried not to go bust playing blackjack, while others learned how to shoot craps. There was ample opportunity to speak with elected officials, candidates who have announced they are running for office in 2022, and Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Hewitt, who is running for the Governor’s seat in the September 14th recall.


What a great event to come together with party members from all over the state, and some neighboring states, to celebrate and support our candidates! Some of the gamblers stayed late, listening to Hewitt talk about his time in the party and the offices he has held. He was very encouraging about the opportunities and the success to come for our candidates across the State of California, and the party as a whole at this time in history. One takeaway from that discussion was that certainly, the Libertarian Party is the one to bet on. Let’s go all in!

Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County holds Medical Freedom Protest at LA City Hall Against Mandatory Vaccine Passports

By Angela McArdle & Jessica Tewksbury

On August 11th, 2021, Los Angeles City Council voted to create an ordinance that would require proof of vaccination in order for people to enter indoor public spaces in Los Angeles. The "vaccine passport" motion was sponsored by City Council President Nury Martinez and Councilman Mitch O'Farrell. This is not the first time O'Farrell has attempted to lord his authority over his constituents. In 2013, O'Farrell co-sponsored a motion to ban food sharing with homeless people in public places. The homeless ban received considerable outcry and was never passed into law. Unfortunately, O'Farrell has yet to be ousted from his position, and he continues his assault upon civil liberties.


Libertarians in Los Angeles are fighting back against O'Farrell, again. The Libertarian Party of Los Angeles' Resolution against the vaccine passport proposal reads:


"We, the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County, oppose Los Angeles City Council members Nury Martinez' and Mitch O'Farrell's proposed ordinance to require proof of vaccination in order for people to enter indoor public spaces in Los Angeles. This proposal is a dehumanizing, gross violation of personal rights. We believe people have a right to choose what they do or do not put into their bodies, and that government has no authority to compel medical procedures upon non-consenting persons."


To read the full article, click here.


Meme of the Month

Libertarian Party of Alameda County to Hold 

15th Annual Wine & Liberty Celebration

By Betz Stump, Vice-Chair Alameda County

The Libertarian Party of Alameda County (LPAC) will be holding its 15th Annual Wine & Liberty Celebration, Sunday, October 3rd, 2021, 1-4pm at Westover Winery 34329 Palomares Rd, Castro Valley.


LPAC invites you to celebrate Harvest Season at Westover Vineyards, a boutique family winery nestled in scenic Palomares Canyon, part of the Livermore Appellation. RSVP is required by September buy your ticket today!

~ Savory & sweet treats (carnivore, omnivore, and vegan)

~ Variety of non-alcoholic beverages

~ Wines, ports, sparkling wines (for sale by glass or bottle)

~ Fundraising Raffle & Auction

~ Meet Libertarian leaders and activists

~ Fun and Games: Ping Pong, Croquet, Pool Table....and more!

~ Stroll the vineyard, feed the chickens, enjoy conversation by the waterfall

~ Family and dog-friendly (bring games for kids, leashes/treats for doggies)


You can purchase tickets through the link here:


Ticket pricing (all tickets include food):
Student/Youth: Free

Student (over 21) with wine tasting tickets and commemorative glass: $15

Adult, no wine tasting: $10

Adult with wine tasting tickets and commemorative wine glass: $25

VIP with wine tasting tickets, commemorative glass, barrel samples & t-shirt: $50


Optional Wine Tasting:

Westover is renowned for award-winning handcrafted, small lot wines.

Create your own tasting from a variety of ports, red, white and sparkling wines.

Includes commemorative stemless glass and seven tasting tickets.

VIP Tasting also includes liberty t-shirt and barrel sampling with the winemaker


Raffle tickets, wines, additional tasting tickets, t-shirts and commemorative glasses sold at the event (cash/credit card).


Raffle Donations/Volunteer/Questions

Michelle Ellison, or (707) 280-4569.



We have a large, private outdoor patio and lawn with plenty of room to 'socially distance' as you prefer. Food will be 'individually packaged.' Hand sanitizer provided. The winery tasting room will be open to other visitors, so please bring a mask for use in 'public areas.'


The Scott Horton Show: 8/17/21 Matthew Hoh on the Systemic Failures Behind America's Loss in Afghanistan

Scott interviews Matthew Hoh, the Marine veteran who blew the whistle about the doomed Afghan Surge. Hoh lays out what led him to resign in protest and go to the press with the truth about how hopeless the military’s counterinsurgency mission really was.

Hoh then explains that, while he is upset that few listened to him back then, he is more disappointed about how many of his colleagues agreed with him, but kept their agreement quiet. Scott and Hoh go through the history of the Obama surge and observe how the pundits and generals who were the most wrong tended to get rewarded with promotions and fame. Finally, Hoh talks about resources available to veterans who are struggling and opens up about how those resources have helped him. Click here to listen.



Next State Executive Committee Meeting


The next Libertarian Party of California State Executive Committee meeting will be held Saturday, September 25, 2021 at Courtyard Marriott in Old Town San Diego, 2435 Jefferson Street, San Diego, CA 92110.  The meeting will begin at 10:00am and go until 5:00pm. 

There is an additional fee for parking on site.

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