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Jo Jorgensen Tours the U.S. 
YouTube channel: Jo Jorgensen for President 2020
"Everywhere I go, what I hear is 'The old way just isn't working'. We need real change and that's why I'm asking you to vote for me for President of the United States."

"Our criminal justice system does not treat people equally. While Black Americans are less than 14% of the population, they represent 40% of the federal drug offenders and total federal prison inmates. This is despite the fact that Black and White Americans use drugs at the same rate."


Follow Jo's daily bus tour vlogs on the YouTube channel:  Jo Jorgensen for President 2020


Recommended video: Bus Tour Highlights Day 4 


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On The Road with Spike Cohen
By Brandon Nelson & Pete Moulds, LPC, September 2020

This past week, California had the pleasure of hosting 3 of Spike Cohen's stops on his Vice-Presidential tour of the country. Spike's convoy held events in San Diego, Huntington Beach, and Oakland, California.


The Oakland stop included an event at Empowerment Park and a fundraising luncheon that raised approximately $6,000 for the campaign.


At the main event, candidates James Just, Nickolas Wildstar, and Starchild spoke to the audience before Spike took the stage where he gave his stump speech and fielded questions from attendees. Watch a recap of the Q&A session on the Spike Cohen Facebook page.

  Listen to Spike Cohen's Interview on Radio KMJ with Aaron Abeytis. Click here to listen to the clip. 
Featured Articles
My Thoughts on the Myth of the "Wasted Vote"
By Joe Dehn, Santa Clara County Chair, September 2020
Every four years we hear the advice about voting for president -- don't waste your vote! What does this really mean?
The starting point in answering this question has to be: What is your vote for? Is its main purpose to say which candidate you prefer? Is it to help decide who gets elected? Is it to "send a message" in favor of a particular viewpoint, or in opposition to the current political system?
As I see it, for anybody living here in California, the answer is the same regardless of which of those considerations is most important to you: The only way to NOT waste your vote is to vote Libertarian!
Click here to read the full article.
The COVID-19 Lockdown: A Gray Area for the Non-Aggression Principle? 
By Marvin Byrd, LPC, September 2020
One of the most important guiding principles for Libertarians is the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP). This principle is often used as the highest authority for guiding our ethics and morals. For anyone that is not familiar with the NAP, it is the idea that an individual is free to live their life how they wish until they impede on someone else's freedom to do the same.

In general, this philosophy seems to work remarkably well, but there are a few key places where the NAP falls short. The most notable one is abortion, which causes heavy debates among even the purist of libertarians. But a new gray area of the NAP has arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic. Let's analyze the principle and how our society copes with the virus and its inherent risks. Click here to read the full article.   

Meme of the Month
The Latest on California Campaigns
California Candidates
By Betz Stump, LPC, September 2020

Beacon readers met many of our candidates in our May issue. In this issue, we'd like to introduce you to additional candidates that you haven't met and update you on the ones you met before.


Click here to see the candidates and read their statements.

Podcast of the Month
Jo Jorgensen discusses COVID
With Larry Sharpe, LPNY, July 2020
Presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen discusses COVID, the economy, and how she would have handled the pandemic if she were president.
Click here to listen to the 40-minute clip.
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