Message from the Chair – 9/4/18

With the November General Election fast approaching, there are a lot of exciting things happening in the Libertarian Party of California that I want everyone to be aware of.  Since the beginning of the year the number of registered Libertarian’s voters has increased by 1.2% while the registered Republicans have decreased by 1.2% and the registered Democrats have decreased by 0.5%.  And the Libertarian party is ONLY party that has experienced growth this year out of ALL the parties!  So now is the time we really need to support our candidates.

We have five Libertarians that will be on the November ballot of State Assembly seats: Brandon Nelson in the 4th Assembly District, Justin Quigley in the 21st Assembly District, Chris Stare in the 51st Assembly District, Autumn Browne in the 69th Assembly District, and I’ll be on the ballot for the 70th Assembly District.  We also have candidates for other local races throughout the state, and Jeff Hewitt came in a very close second in his race for Riverside County Supervisor in the June Primary and is running the most exciting and promising race for a Libertarian in the county!

So now is the time we all need to help these candidates get our message out to the voters and win!  The Libertarian Party of California Candidate Support Committee has already helped each of the Assembly candidates get there Candidate Statement on the sample ballots so their message will go out to all the registered voters in those counties; but there’s a lot more we need to do, so please consider donating generously.  You can make a donation here.

In other news, the Executive Committee will be holding their 3rd Quarter meeting in Orange County, where we will be filling the two vacant At-Large seats, electing members to several of our working committees and taking positions on the November Ballot initiatives.  If you’re interested in getting more involved in the State Party, or just curious how we hold these meetings, all members are welcome to come!  The meeting will be on Saturday, September 8th and will start at 10:00 a.m. and be held at Mimi’s Café in Fountain Valley:

18461 Brookhurst Street
Fountain Valley, California 92708

Following the Executive Committee Meeting there will be a Meet and Greet with our Candidates, which will feature most of the candidates listed above and more!  It will be just a few blocks away from the ExCom meeting at the Claim Jumper Restaurant in Fountain Valley:

18050 Brookhurst Street
Fountain Valley, California 92708

This should be a really great event with opportunities to bid on amazing auction items, and you’ll feel good knowing that all the money raised will go directly to candidate support!  You can purchase your tickets here.

And finally, we have started planning our 2019 Convention which will be held in Concord California at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and early bird packages as well as discounted room pricing are available now!  In addition we’ve decided to do something fun; we are letting the members decide on what the theme of the Convention will be.  You can buy your tickets and vote on the theme you like best, or add your own at the 2019 convention page.

That’s all for now, but I will be announcing more in the very near future, so please stay tuned.

Yours in Liberty,

Mimi Robson

Chair, Libertarian Party of California