Message from the Chair 8-19-16 – November Ballot Proposition & News

The State Executive Committee met on August 6, and one of the agenda items was to take positions on the November ballot propositions.
Proposition 51 – NO – School bonds
Proposition 52 – NO – State fees on hospitals
Proposition 53 – YES – Voting on revenue bonds
Proposition 54 – YES – Legislative transparency
Proposition 55 – NO – Income tax hike extension
Proposition 56 – NO – Cigarette tax increase
Proposition 57 – YES – Parole for non-violent felons
Proposition 58 – NO – Changes in bilingual education methods
Proposition 59 – No Position – Advisory vote on Citizens United repeal
Proposition 60 – NO – Condoms required for adult film actors
Proposition 61 – NO – State prescription drug purchases
Proposition 62 – YES – End the Death Penalty in California
Proposition 63 – NO – Extensive new gun control measures
Proposition 64 – NO – Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA)
(While the Libertarian Party has been a strong supporter of ending marijuana prohibition for over 40 years, this proposition does more harm than good, damaging medical availability, and creating additional criminal offenses and regulations.)
Proposition 65 – NO – Directs grocery bag money to wildlife fund
Proposition 66 – NO – Makes death penalty easier
Proposition 67 – NO – Grocery stores can’t provide plastic bags (referendum)
Aside from Proposition 63, the Legislature recently passed and Gov. Brown signed several new gun control laws that violate the right to keep and bear arms for self-defense. Libertarians are very supportive of the 2nd Amendment. A group has filed six separate referenda to allow voters to overturn these laws. They have a large volunteer signature-gathering effort, but have a September 29 deadline to collect the required number of signatures.
The petitions are now widely available at various gun stores, shooting ranges, and other businesses. Please go to this site to find out where you can go and sign the petitions (and perhaps pick up some copies to circulate in your town):


NEWLY ELECTED LIBERTARIAN: We have a newly elected Libertarian in California. Wallace Stewart filed as a candidate for the Vista Fire Protection District board in San Diego County. There are three open seats, and only three candidates filed. Thus, all three were declared elected and the actual election was cancelled. Congratulations, Wallace!
If you aren’t currently a member of the Libertarian Party of California, now is the time to join or to renew your membership. Please go to:


For liberty,
Ted Brown
Chair, Libertarian Party of California