Message From The Chair – 12/3/16 – Your Support Is Needed To Promote Liberty!

This is just a short message during the holiday season, along with an earnest request for some help. The Libertarian Party of California doesn’t have special interest groups financing it. We depend on freedom-loving individuals like you to help us get our message out.


Our recent presidential candidate, Gov. Gary Johnson, brought a lot of new people into the Libertarian Party, and I hope that we can turn them into party activists. We have a new “Grow the LP” Committee that is working to bring in new members from wherever they are expressing interest. Your support can help us with that effort.

There is not enough liberty in the news. We want to change that. Jennifer Imhoff of Santa Clara County has signed on as our new Communications Director, with the goal of promoting Libertarian activities and viewpoints throughout California. More information about her program will follow. Your support can help us get the word out.

Elections happen all the time, and we need to be ready for the next one. U.S. Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Los Angeles) has just been nominated as the next California Attorney General. Once he resigns from the House, there will be a special election in Spring 2017. I am actively working to have a Libertarian candidate in the 34th Congressional District race. Your support can help him or her with his filing fee or candidate statement or to promote the campaign.

Some exciting Libertarian events are coming up in 2017. The Southern California Regional Conference is February 25 in Santa Fe Springs, and it will include some great speakers. Stay tuned for more information. The 2017 Libertarian Party of California State Convention details are being finalized. We expect to have a San Jose-area location in late April, the first convention in the Bay Area since 2009. More information is coming soon, including the opportunity to buy “early-bird” discount packages for speakers and meals. Your support can help us plan a great convention.
Some members have asked if they can keep track of what our State Executive Committee is doing. You can sign up to view some of our e-mail communications (although not participate real-time in the discussions). Just send a request to to be included. Some of our subcommittees (like the Bylaws Committee and the Grow the LP Committee) hold meetings either in person or by phone conference, and these meetings will be listed on our web site’s events page at:
Please help the Libertarian Party of California promote liberty with your most generous contribution. You will be glad that you did.


I certainly hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday season, and a healthy and prosperous New Year!