Government welfare programs violate the individual rights of two groups: those who have their property coercively taken from them and given to others, and those who receive this stolen property and whose economic lives are, thus, extensively controlled by the State. The need of one person is not a claim on another, and we therefore urge an end to government welfare programs.

We believe that ending government interference in the economy will greatly decrease the need for welfare.

The current oppressive burden of taxation and government provision of welfare impair and stifle the ability of people to make donations to meet the needs of those who cannot support themselves.

We also recognize that there exists a large group of oppressed people whose very survival is currently dependent on welfare programs. This group was largely created by State action. Many groups in our society are subsidized with tax money, but only the poor are blamed for it, even though their potential jobs are destroyed by minimum wage and licensing laws and their homes are destroyed by Community Redevelopment Agencies.

We advocate the development of private voluntary programs to aid the dependent and oppressed to become truly independent, self-supporting, productive individuals. We therefore call for:

  1. An end to participation by the State of California in the Food Stamp, school lunch and Medi-Cal programs.
  2. The end of State aid to families with dependent children, State aid to the disabled, and general relief programs.
  3. The privatization of state, county, and district hospitals and other government-funded health services.
  4. The privatization of government-funded job training, retraining, and employment development programs.
  5. The privatization of state-supported child care.
  6. The non-adoption by the State of California of welfare programs terminated by the federal government.