Government welfare programs violate the individual rights of two groups: those who have their property coercively taken and redistributed to others, and those who receive this stolen property and whose economic lives are controlled by the State. The need of one person does not lay claim to the property of another, and we therefore urge an end to government welfare programs.

The least oppressive solution to ending poverty is through voluntary means. The current burden of taxation and government provision of welfare impairs the ability of people to make donations to meet the needs of those who cannot support themselves. We advocate the development of private voluntary programs to aid the dependent and oppressed to become truly independent, self-supporting, productive individuals.

We believe that individuals know what is best for themselves. The government cannot fully understand the needs of the individual. In the process of attempting to address the needs of the poor, the government creates additional problems such as welfare dependency, loss of jobs through minimum wage and licensing laws, and increased rent prices through zoning and land use regulations. Ending government interference in the economy will greatly decrease the need for welfare.

We therefore call for:

A. The privatization of government-funded services, such as hospitals, health services, job training and retraining, employment development programs, and childcare.

B. The end of State aid to families with dependent children, State aid to the disabled, and general relief programs.

C. An end to participation by the State of California in the Food Stamp, school lunch, and Medi-Cal programs.

D. The non-adoption by the State of California of welfare programs terminated by the federal government.

We oppose any government-funded "universal basic income" schemes and government sponsorship of any privately-funded programs that would implement such schemes; we recognize the right of private individuals to provide financial assistance, without government involvement, to anyone they deem deserving.