Victimless Crimes

To commit a crime, one must infringe upon the rights of another. The only crimes we recognize are: 1) crimes of violence or threat of violence, 2) property loss, and 3) fraud. Victimless "crime" laws are a legislative attempt to forcibly limit the lifestyle choices of individuals. We therefore support the following:

A. The repeal of all laws restricting the voluntary exchange of goods or services.

B. The repeal of all laws restricting or controlling any form of gambling.

C. The repeal of all laws which control or prohibit any consensual sexual activity, or soliciting such activity, including homosexuality and prostitution, among consenting adults.

D. The repeal of all laws restricting or controlling the production, transportation, sale, possession, or use of any food, food supplement, or drug.

E. The repeal of laws that create so-called crimes of intent, such as standing on a corner, driving by a location more than once, or other activities deemed "suspicious."

F. The end of court injunctions that criminalize otherwise legal acts such as wearing certain colors or using cellular phones, or restricting the rights of individuals for actions that have not violated anyone's rights.

G. The immediate pardon and release, if incarcerated, of all persons convicted of any victimless "crime" not involving a violation of another's rights. The expunging of all arrest and conviction records related to such victimless "crimes," in addition to the nullification of the laws defining such acts as "crimes."