Transportation and Mass Transit

We recognize that transit service has become a major problem in many areas. This problem can be solved properly only through voluntary action in the free market. Governmental interference in transit services has been characterized by monopolistic restrictions and gross inefficiency. We therefore advocate the following:

  1. The repeal of all laws restricting transit competition, such as the granting of taxicab and bus monopolies and the prohibition of ridesharing or private jitney services.
  2. The repeal of the blanket restrictions on the use of bicycles, skateboards, inline skates, roller skates, motorized scooters, and similar non-or minimally-polluting transportation alternatives on public streets and thoroughfares.
  3. The repeal of Clean Air Act rules that require auto trip reduction. These rules fine employers who do not force their employees to participate in car pools, take mass transit, bicycle, walk, work four-day weeks, or telecommute.
  4. The privatization of all public roads, freeways, waterways, and publicly-owned transit systems, and until such time as the roadways are privatized, the contracting out to private enterprise of the functions of the Department of Motor Vehicles, Caltrans and other transportation agencies.
  5. An end to government financing of mass transit projects.
  6. An end to government regulation of private transit organizations and to government favors, including subsidies and access to powers of eminent domain.
  7. The transfer to private ownership of airports and air traffic control.
  8. Allowing foreign transportation service companies to offer commercial service in the United States.
  9. The privatization of Amtrak and the end of government regulation of and subsidies to railroads.
  10. The abolition of state and local agencies such as the California Public Utilities Commission, the California High Speed Rail Authority, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the California Department of Transportation, the Bay Area Rapid Transit District, the Metropolitan Transit Authority, and various other local and regional transit authorities.
  11. The repeal of laws mandating that manufacturers or vehicle owners install seat belts, air bags, or other restraints. We also oppose laws requiring the use of such devices.
  12. The repeal of laws mandating motorcycle, bicycle, or all-terrain-vehicle helmet use.