Taxation is government’s confiscation of property of its citizens. Because of its nonvoluntary nature, it cannot be justified, regardless of the purpose for which the proceeds are to be used. Therefore, we oppose taxation of any kind. To that end, we support any and all initiatives to cut or abolish any tax, and oppose any initiatives to increase taxes or add new ones. We call for:

  1. The repeal of all income taxes.
  2. The repeal of all sales and use taxes, including special taxes on so-called sinful activities.
  3. The repeal of all corporate and business taxes and fees, including special burdens on business inventories and out-of-state business firms.
  4. The repeal of all gift and inheritance taxes.
  5. The repeal of all property taxes.
  6. The abolition of all tax-collecting agencies, including the Franchise Tax Board and Board of Equalization.
  7. The rejection of any national sales tax or value added tax (VAT).

We oppose all suggestions to split the owners’ property tax rolls in order to increase the burden on business property, and to increase revenues.

We oppose all efforts to repeal or undermine existing laws requiring greater than a simple majority vote to raise taxes.

We further oppose any compulsory withholding of any taxes or fees from the paychecks of California workers.

We advocate that so-called “public services” be funded in the same manner as private organizations―through voluntary contributions and charges for services for which the user has voluntarily contracted.