The government monopoly on policing grants special privileges and the power of violence to a few appointed individuals – this can lead to abuses of power and violations of individual rights. We believe that when people or governments seek to maintain law and order, individual rights must be protected; no person or government is entitled to special privileges or immunities when they violate people's rights; decentralization, privatization, and voluntary association are preferable to centralized, government policing; and the proper role of law enforcement in a free society is to help protect people from violence, property crimes, and fraud.

Therefore, we support:

A. Clear and strict standards, and training, on the use of force by police and consequences when excessive force or instant punishment is used.

B. Policies that reduce confrontations and minimize the need of the public to have formal interactions with police.

C. Full accountability and transparency for misconduct and wrongdoings committed by police officers and other government agents.

D. The repeal of all civil asset forfeiture laws.

E. Ending the legal doctrine of qualified immunity.

F. The decentralization of police protection to the neighborhood level whenever full privatization is not possible.

In addition, we oppose:

A. The use of "no-knock" warrants, which often result in tragic encounters with police.

B. The transfer and use of military equipment and tactics by local law enforcement.

C. The use of tax dollars to satisfy judgments against police officers.

D. The expansion of federal police forces into California.