No person has any special right to make arrest greater than that of any other person. The government monopoly on police protection puts the power of violence in the hands of society’s dominant groups, a practice which inevitably harms minority groups. We note with alarm the increasing numbers of individuals shot by police, as well as growing police harassment and brutality. We therefore call for decentralization of police protection to the neighborhood level whenever full privatization is not possible. We oppose the expansion of federal police forces anywhere, and particularly into California.

We oppose police officers using unnecessary force on the disorderly or the criminally accused or handing out what they may consider to be instant punishments on the streets. We further deny that police have such inherent authority. Instant-punishment policies deprive the accused of important checks on government power, juries and the judicial process.

Laws must ensure that peace officers are prosecuted if they violate peoples’ rights, and if local prosecutors fail to indict, then the office of the state Attorney should investigate the incident.