Pandemics present serious problems for individuals and for society which must be addressed, but as with all other challenges they must be addressed while respecting individual rights, and they can best be addressed through the mechanisms of voluntary action and the market. Experience has shown that failure to adhere to these principles has led to widespread violations of rights, loss of life that could have been avoided, poor allocation of resources in addressing the problem, and severe damage to the economy and society as a whole.

We oppose actions by any level of government that:

  1. Lock down" or otherwise generally limit the freedom of movement in a geographic area.
  2. Quarantine any individuals absent specific evidence that they are contagious.
  3. Force businesses, churches, or other organizations to stop operating or limit their hours.
  4. Prevent individuals from acquiring and using medicines, vaccines, masks, or any other product that they believe may be helpful to them.
  5. Ration access to such products by age, occupation, or other personal characteristic.
  6. Require any individuals to make use of any such products or other preventive measures.
  7. Prevent private businesses and property owners from requiring protective measures they judge necessary for the protection of themselves and their employees, customers, or guests.
  8. Discriminate against certain businesses or industries by declaring them "non-essential".
  9. Require use of a government-issued internal passport or require businesses to make use of any privately-issued equivalent.