Money and Banking

Because money is so important and the government has a historical tendency to abuse it, we call for ending government definition of and control over money. Individuals and businesses should be free to use gold, cryptocurrencies, or any other medium of exchange, store of value, or unit of account as they choose, without being subject to additional taxation or reporting requirements.

We favor deregulation of the financial industry by ending the following:

A. Restrictions on banks providing other services or on other entities providing services traditionally provided by banks, or government definition and chartering of different classes of banks.

B. Requirements that transactions be reported to the government.

C. Regulation or manipulation of interest rates.

D. Policies that require lenders to meet quotas for making loans to demographic groups or geographic areas, or to make loans to borrowers who do not meet their standards of creditworthiness.

E. Laws and regulations controlling or prohibiting the raising of funds or the sale of securities, or "protecting" ordinary people from buying them.