Licensing Laws

We advocate the repeal of all licensing laws, whether for the purpose of raising revenue or for the purpose of controlling any profession, trade, or activity. No individual should be legally penalized for not possessing certification, including laws requiring persons holding elected public offices, such as judge or Attorney General to be lawyers, sheriffs to be law enforcement officers, or county treasurers to be certified public accountants. No consumer should be legally restrained from hiring non-certified individuals.

Certification of competency can best, and should only, be provided by the free market. Examples of free-market certification are adherence to voluntary professional standards, and bonding by those organizations or individuals who would accept financial responsibility for the actions of the bonded party. In their own best interest, indemnitors would determine the competence of a particular professional before certification, bonding or insuring against malpractice.

We oppose issuance of state driver’s licenses and the requirement that individuals must obtain a license to drive on public roadways. Private certificates of competency could be issued by insurance companies as a means of loss control. Any driver, whether certified or not, would still bear financial responsibility for any damages caused while driving.